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Accomplishment Forum Guidelines

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 5:13 am    Post subject: Accomplishment Forum Guidelines Reply with quote

Welcome to the Accomplishments forum! In here, you are free to post topics about your personal RB accomplishments! Given ScoreHero's intensely competitive nature, it's only natural that there would be a section for people to boast about their recent endeavors. We welcome accomplishments of many kinds, and very few topics are locked or frowned upon. Whether you 5-starred everything on Easy or FC'ed a difficult song on Expert, you are welcome to talk about it here! As always, here are a few rules in place to keep order.

II: Rules to follow

Rule 1: Do not flame. It is not your place (or anyone's place for that matter) to decide what a "worthy" accomplishment is. Do not flame someone who posts a score you consider to be simple. Anyone caught doing this will receive a one week ban.

Rule 2: Joke/Photoshop topics are not allowed. These topics will be deleted immediately and the topic creator will be reprimanded.

Rule 3: If you have been working hard lately and have been achieving multiple goals, then it's better for you to create one thread and update it, rather than make a thread for every accomplishment. This will save space and prevent unnecessary threads from being created.

Rule 4: Everyone's accomplishments are important, and it is very difficult to say that a certain accomplishment is any less important than another. However, making a thread like "ranked 666, 420, 9001, etc. in X song!', or any other useless number is not allowed. Just because the number has some humorous or palindromic connotation does not mean it's a good accomplishment.

Just follow these very simple rules, and everything will go smoothly. Good luck with your endeavors, whatever they may be!
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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Recommendations originally compiled by 11yearoldkid. These aren't part of the forum rules per se, but they are useful things to keep in mind to make the most out of your thread.

- Stay organized.

Most important IMO. No one is going to want to sort through a bunch of jumbled mess just to find some accomplishments, then congratulate you. We're way too lazy. Putting down dates of accomplishments, creating an FC list with links to photos on every song, adding some color coding (couldn't hurt), and the like might be some good starters. This is a good way to reduce your OP's size. Also, if you're finding it difficult to organize all your accomplishments, you may want to think about taking down some less important pictures, long posts, any clutter-related things that you don't feel are your best accomplishments, etc. Staying organized is the best thing you can do for yourself and your thread.

- Ask yourself: If I was not me, would I enjoy reading/posting in this thread?

This is a very good question. If people don't like your thread, they won't come back. Something you may want to do is look around at other people's threads and see which ones you like vs. which ones you don't and why that is. Another important factor in this is how well you write. Better writing means better organization which means better aesthetics which means a better thread in the long run. Take 10 seconds before every post/edit you do to make sure you're posting what you want to. Just do it. Having an introduction never hurts anyone either.

- Set goals or challenges that people can track.

If people can track you and watch you grow as a player, they're more likely to do just that. It's a win-win situation. Your thread does great and gets you lots of encouragement, fueling more success - the spiral of win. Having a ton of amazing FCs scattered about without even telling people how many you have in total, where THIS proof of THIS FC is or simply not telling people what FCs you do have, doesn't amount to much. Even if you're not as good as some of the best players, you can still get attention by making your accomplishments trackable and fun.

- Be creative.

Don't just have a plain old boring thread. Spice it up! Add color, bold, quote boxes, and whatever else you fancy. But, BE SURE NOT TO OVERDO IT!!! Too much of it can be very annoying and scare away the reader. Also, instead of the usual "*insert name here*'s Acc.: *insert mediocre accomplishment here*, try to make something more creative like: *insert name here*'s, "FC Factory", "GS Gallery", "Drum Disease", "Guitar Galaxy", "Bunch o' Bass", or "Rox your sox Vox", etc. (as you can see, I'm not very creative myself). There's so much that you can do in this department to make your thread more enjoyable. The more original, the better. See what you can do.

- Get your fans involved.

As well as being my favorite, this is also one of the hardest ones to integrate into your thread, but it's the most rewarding. The simplest form of this is just replying back to your posters. Try asking and taking requests for songs to FC and ask your fans what they want. When this is applied correctly, your thread will rise to the top.

- Challenge yourself.

Don't just go for those really easy accomplishments that you know you'll be able to do right when you set them. Pick something that you would never dream you could get and work for it. Showing that you work towards your goals, no matter how small, will get you a lot of respect. Trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better in the end.

- Don't waste your bump.

I'm a culprit of this myself. First, let's ask "What's a bump?". A bump is a post that you post in your thread in order to bring the thread back to the top of the forum, so that people will be more likely to see it than if it was lower in the forum. Now, there are three goods ways to bump your thread: 1) Post an accomplishment that you would have in the OP. 2) Post replies to people who have commented in your thread. 3) A combination of both. Option 3 is usually the best being as it provides a lot of information in a quick and directed manner. But, all three are all viable options. Never. Under any circumstances. Waste. A bump. This includes just saying "Bump", "This is a bump for my thread", "OMG BUMPITY BUMP BUMPSAUCE", etc.. If you don't have any new accomplishment and have already replied to everybody, then there should be no reason to bump. Accept the congratulations that you get and don't ask for more.

- Congratulate others.

When you congratulate others, they're more likely to return the favor. Simple.
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