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Welcome to ScoreHero Leagues! FAQ Thread - READ ME FIRST!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:52 pm    Post subject: Welcome to ScoreHero Leagues! FAQ Thread - READ ME FIRST! Reply with quote

Welcome to ScoreHero Leagues! FAQ Thread - READ ME FIRST!
This post is intended to serve as the FAQ/Rules for the League.

Last Update: 12/25/2010 by singemfrc

What is this all about?
The ScoreHero leagues are the brainchild of Javman158. In late 2006, he came up with the idea of expanding on ScoreHero rivalries and creating a league where multiple players can compete. Many of us on ScoreHero are competitive, but we are all geographically dispersed. It would be nice to be able to have tournaments against each other, but that is not quite feasible. The league serves the purpose of a tournament type competition for guitar hero, but can be done on your own time and your own home.

In a nutshell, the leagues run on seasons, with each season being a grand total of about 6 weeks. Four of these weeks are for the regular season, and the remaining two are for the playoffs. How the weeks/playoffs work are detailed below. Each week, you play the 4 songs that have been randomly chosen for you league, and you submit your scores at http://www.scorehero.com/leagues. The commissioners then tally up the score, assign points, and post the results.

The main focus of the league is to motivate you to have a bit more fun with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and hopefully boost some of your scores while you are at it. If you win or do well, you also get some bragging points.

What kind of commitment am I looking at if I sign up?
Seasons will normally comprise of 4 regular weeks for all players, followed immediately by 2+ weeks (depending on the size of playoffs) of playoffs for those who secure a playoff spot. During the 4 regular season weeks, you will be asked to submit a score for a total of 4 songs for each solo league and 2 songs for each team/coop league. Songs you do not submit a score for will net you 0 points. You are not obligated to send a score for every song, but we'll be less inclined to continue with future seasons if we can't run leagues that maintain interest. PLEASE do not join a league unless you intend to complete it! If you cannot pass a song, enter a score of 0 with the percentage that you fail at. For details on the playoffs and its commitments, see the playoffs question below. By the way, when we refer to a league 'week' we mean a real calendar week..so a regular season takes a month to complete.

Which platforms can i use?
For GH1, GH2, GH80s, GH3, GHA, GHM, GHWT, DJH, GHWoR, RB1, TBRB, GDRB, and RB3 you may use any system available. (PS2, PS3, 360, WII, PC)
For GH5, BH, and RB2 you may use any system available in leagues consisting only of guitar and/or bass. For leagues of these games which include vocals and/or drums, PS2 unfortunately cannot be used due to differences in scoring possibilities. (Except of course in PS2 exclusive leagues when available)

Do you use the DLC songs for the Leagues?
Only in leagues specifically marked as a DLC league. In these leagues, players must either already own all DLC, or be prepared to purchase any songs that are selected. Normally, this will not include imports of other titles due to the high costs involved. If a DLC song comes up that someone doesnt have, its $2. If the song that comes up is from something like the AC/DC pack, you would have to buy the whole disc.
For all other leagues, only on disc songs will be used.

How do you ensure fairness? Is proof required?
The league generally runs on the honor system, similar to ScoreHero.
However, due to past caught cheaters in the leagues, the comissioners reserve the right to challenge any score you submit and ask for picture proof. If you are an honest player, you should not be worried. If you are a dishonest player, or find that you probably should have been in a higher league (if your scores are legit), be prepare to be challenged on your submitted scores. We have a very good idea of what is/is not possible in a given division if you have been placed right. If you post scores that we feel you should not have been capable of obtaining, be prepared to back it up. We do catch cheaters, and the punishment can be as extreme as a full ban from ScoreHero.

PLEASE NOTE: If your score is an obvious typo, and proof is included, commisioners have the ability to look at your proof and change the score to the one in the proof; however this will only be done in cases where we are 100% sure what the correct score should be, so if you do not include proof, the score will instead be deleted. This is good reason to always include proof even when not required. It can save you from getting a 0 due to a simple typo. So it is better to include proof all the time, even when it is not required, just to cover your ass!!

How do I submit my score? What needs to be submitted?
Starting with Season 8, we have improved yet again the method by which we take scores. Participation in the leagues now works through and interface that runs directly on ScoreHero and features many integrated features. HUGE thanks to Deimos for setting this up and providing maintenance and troubleshooting for this. The leagues interface is located here: http://www.scorehero.com/leagues/

Once you register, you'll see a list of events on the main page. Click the signup button for the league(s) you are competing in. If you are confused on which one, refer to the season league thread, or PM a manager.

Any leagues you are signed up for will display in a special section titled 'My Leagues'. This section will contain the links that you need to submit scores/etc as you get them. This paragraphs will be fleshed out more once we have more experience with exactly how this interface will look in a runnign league.

Any problems you have with submitting your score, please don't hesitate to PM a league manager.

How many leagues and which league should I join? Do I specify which league I join?

For a typical title the leagues are divided by difficulty. These leagues are then divided into divisions and subdivisions to get the actual number of participants in each subdivision down to a manageable level. Some of these divisions are 'open' meaning you can sign up for them and we won't question you being there. Others are 'qualify' leagues, meaning we must first review your current SH scores to ensure you are not too good for the league. Finally some are 'placement' only leagues, in that you can specify that console/difficulty, but you do not get a choice on which division/league you are in - that is determined by us.

Based on a combination of your feedback and what we feel might have enough interest to run as a league, we have come up with an initial list of leagues. The list will undergo two cuts over two weeks before it is finalized and then real league signups begin.

Below is a quick description for each of divisions and the available leagues:

Expert - AAA (Open/Placement League) - Players in this league are amongst the best ScoreHero have to offer. You will always play all songs on expert for the league. Players in this league are usually veterans of ScoreHero and have a high rank. You can and will squeeze to obtain the best possible scores. Typically, you are not happy unless you get one of the top scores on a song. You have a number of expert Full Combos under your belt. If you play a song on hard, you almost feel like you are cheating. AAA1 is an open league, if you want to be here, you can specifically sign up and ask for it. We will not deny you. You will also be placed here if your scores are very strong compared to most.

Expert - AA (Placement) - Players in this league are very good at the game. You will always play all songs on expert for the league. You may be capable of getting one of the top scores on some moderately difficult songs. Many of the harder songs (excluding songs such as TTFAF or Visions) are very difficult for you to consistantly 5-star, if you can do it at all. You are probably capable of full comboing some of the easier expert songs, and you may even be able to score well on those songs due to starting to learn 'squeezing'. You look at the scores of some of the top players and realize you'll never achieve scores that high - or even close on the harder songs. This is a placement only league. You cannot ask to be put in this league. Placement is determined by SH submitted songs and week 1 performance.

Expert - A (Placement) - Players in this league want to play on expert difficulty level, but in your own words 'you suck' at it. Specific songs may get dropped down to hard difficulty for purposes of the league (ex: TTFAF or Visions), but by and large, they will be played on expert. The thought of 5-starring some of the expert songs is unreal. You may not even be able to pass some of the expert songs yet (and not just TTFAF or Visions). You generally cannot even full combo expert songs...unless you get lucky..and the song is real easy. This is a placement only league. You cannot ask to be put in this league. Placement is determined by SH submitted songs and week 1 performance.

Note: For clarity, if you sign up for expert, unless you know you want to be in AAA1 league (playing against the best), you DO NOT get to ask for a league/division. All expert leagues are placement only. You sign up, we look at your submitted scores (both week1 and SH DB) and place you were you will be most competitive. The descriptions above are generic guidelines on skillsets you can expect of most players in those divisions.

Hard - B (Qualify) - Players in this league find expert difficulty too much to handle. For purposes of the league, all songs will be played on hard. You've tried expert (or maybe not) and cannot even pass the higher tier songs, much less get a good score on them. You can pass any song on hard difficulty. You should have problems 5-starring difficult songs on hard. Note, if you can FC more than a small handful of the songs on Hard, or exceed our internal threshold of scores for certain songs, you will be bumped up. This is a qualify league. You must post all your hard scores to SH for review. If we feel you will be overly competitive in this league, we will bump you to the OB league (see below). Those who may be in over their heads will NOT be bumped down to medium....though we may warn you.

Hard - OB (Open) - Players in this league are too good for the normal hard league and normally qualify for an expert division. However, they don't enjoy playing expert and prefer playing hard. It will not be uncommon to see the top ScoreHero ranked hard players in this division, and the top scorers for each week very may well get a full combo on all four songs with near optimum levels of squeezing. This is an open league so anybody can ask to be in it. Players too good for normal B league automatically get bumped into this league, but may find better competition in the expert leagues as they will likely be seeded into the lower divisions of those leagues.

Medium - C (Qualify) - Players in this league are new to the game, or just can't get the hang of hard/expert. For purposes of the league, all songs will be played on medium. You've tried hard (or maybe not) and cannot even pass the higher tier songs, much less get a good score on them. You can pass any song on medium difficulty. You probably have problems 5-starring some of the difficult songs on medium. Note, if you can Full Combo all of songs on medium, you will be bumped up to hard. This is a qualify league. You must post all your medium scores to SH for review. If we feel you will be overly competitive in this league, we will bump you to the Hard league (see above). (Sorry, there are no medium leagues in Season 11.)

Based on the number of signups, there may be more than 1 division for each league (e.g. AA1, AA2, etc). This is to further breakdown the competition to ensure you have a decent chance of making the playoffs. In the previous example, AA1 players are those who qualified stronger than AA2 players...so it is the 'harder' league.

Can I complete in more than one league?
Your league sign-ups will be restricted to 10 songs per week. Solo and One-Man Band leagues amount to 4 songs per week, and Co-op/Band leagues will be 2 songs per week. You can mix and match your selections given those limitations. Creating multiple accounts to bypass this restriction will result in punishment, so don't try it.

How do I know which songs to play?
When the season starts, each commisioner will start a new, appropriately titled, thread. In the first post of this thread will be all the info you need to know to play/compete in your league - including the current schedule of songs/deadlines broken down by week, who to PM (the commish of that league) if you have questions, the roster, etc.... Watch for it. In addition, once a league starts if you are signed up for it, in the 'My Leagues' section of the league interface it should tell you the current songs that you can submit for. The 'Running Leagues' section will list the runnign leagues and provide links to any reults that are available.

When is the deadline for submissions?
Submissions are due by 11:59pm ET on the last day of the round. We reserve the right to bump things around in extraordinary circumstances. The league interface and the thread for that league will list the exact deadline for each week of scores.

What happens if I don't submit my scores by the deadline?
We do not, under any circumstance, accept late scores. Once the deadline passes the software that runs the league submission will no longer let you add scores, it is an automated process. Remember that you can submit scores at any time in the week to this system, and if you get a later score you can just submit again and it will take the higher better score, so there is almost no excuse for not being able to submit at least some scores in the week. Once results are posted, no late scores are accepted - no exceptions. By now, we've heard all the excuses in the world. While we feel many of these are tragic and due to bad luck, we cannot validate those who have legitimate excuses from those who simply make them up. Therefore, we have to take the hard line on late scores. Since we don't accept the late scores, you get a zero scores that are late. Since there is no commitment, you are not penalized (other than getting the zero), or dropped from the league. It is entirely possible for you to miss a week (everybody has lives, we understand), and still win the division if your other weeks were strong. However, since the scoring system encourages submissions, even playing the song once and submitting a crappy (for you) score is better than nothing. Note that if you do not submit a score during the playoffs, you automatically forfeit in your bracket.

One special case is week 1. We typically get a lot more signups than we have participants, and we use week 1 scores (along with past SH scores) to place people into divisions. Therefore we use the submissions in week 1 as a gauge of who is actually serious about participating in the league and we only give out assignments for those people who signed up and submitted week 1 scores (it would be a big waste of our time to try and give assignments to the hundreds of week 1 no shows), we assume that anybody else signed up but was not interested in participating. Therefore for week 1 only if you do not submit scores you will be dropped from the league by default. If you cannot submit week 1 scores for some large reason that you know in advance (for example you happen to be on vacation that ENTIRE week) then you can get a special exception to this policy if you tell us in advance (before week 1 scores are DUE). However you will get 0 for all scores for that week and will start out at a significant disadvantage, so it is greatly in your interest to at least try and get a run or two on each song even if they are crappy to turn in for that week. Advance permission (PM us) for missing week 1 will be the ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule, everybody else is out of the leagues if they do not turn in week 1 scores.

Do I just play the songs once and submit?
You get as many tries on that song as you want throughout the week. Play it one time, play it 500 times, we don't care. Since we have now moved to an automated score collecting system (integrated into SH as of Season 8) you can submit scores at any time, and continue to submit scores for that song any time you get a higher score. The system will keep the highest score and that will be your score for that week.

I played the song during the week, but I kept failing due to the difficulty. What do I do? [/u][/b]
Note down your highest % failure for the song. You will still get credit for submiting a 'score' - chances are, if you failed to pass the song, others may also fail to pass the song, and all of you will see your results sorted to the bottom of the list of scores, with the people with the highest fail % at the top. For some of the known tougher songs, the commish may at their discretion implement a tie-breaking system. These are rare, but would be announced/explained as needed in the weekly thread.

How does the weekly point system work?
In season 6, we changed the old point system and adopted a new one. Read this thread for an explanation of the new points system.

The player with the most combined points at the end of the regular season league is the points winner and earns the top (#1) seed in the playoffs.

How do the playoffs work?
Playoffs will be a single-elimination, seeded bracket-style tournament, similar to those used by many competitive sports. The size of the playoffs will be determined by the commisioner based on the # of active participants in the league. However, since this is a seeded bracket system, the playoff size will typically be one of the following: 6 (3 bracket rounds), 12 (4 bracket rounds), 24 (5 bracket rounds), or even numbers very close to that (10 and 14 occasionally pop up, and 16 or 20 are not out of question). Generally, we will decide the size the playoffs to involve half of the active participants, where an active participant is considered to be someone who submitted a score in week 4. As a rule, due ot the number of drop outs we get as a season goes on, only players who submit in week 4 will be considered eligible for playoffs, witht he only exception being people hwo notify us in advance that they will have to miss week 4 for some reason or another but will be available for playoffs (should they qualify on the basis of only three weeks of points). Seeding will be determined by regular season final points standing.

The top X players from the regular season earn the right for a bye in the first round of the tournament to ensure they do not get eliminated immediately.

The number of weeks or rounds in playoffs will vary depending on the size of the league and number of players qualifying for the playoffs. In most cases between 2-4 weeks. Each bracket face-off is given 3 days, and one of these days will always be a weekend. Typically the first playoff round will start Thursday at midnight and end Sat Night/Sun Morning at midnight. The second round would start Sunday morning at midnight and end Tuesday night. The following round would start again on Thursday, and repeat that pattern if necessary. There will be only one song chosen for each bracket face-off.
PLEASE NOTE: For "One Man Band" leagues, playoffs will include all four instruments, just like in regular weeks.

Here is a quick (12 man) bracket playoff example.

Round 1
Seed #1 - bye round
Seed #2 - bye round
Seed #3 - bye round
Seed #4 - bye round
Bracket 1 - (Seed #5) vs (Seed #12)
Bracket 2 - (Seed #6) vs (Seed #11)
Bracket 3 - (Seed #7) vs (Seed #10)
Bracket 4 - (Seed #8) vs (Seed #9)

Round 2
(Seed #1) vs (Winner of Bracket 4) - loser ranked #5 overall
(Seed #2) vs (Winner of Bracket 3) - loser ranked #6 overall
(Seed #3) vs (Winner of Bracket 2) - loser ranked #7 overall
(Seed #4) vs (Winner of Bracket 1) - loser ranked #8 overall

Round 3 (semi-finals)
(Seed #1 vs Bracket 4 winner) vs (Seed #4 vs Bracket 1 winner) - loser ranked #3 overall
(Seed #2 vs Bracket 3 winner) vs (Seed #3 vs Bracket 2 winner) - loser ranked #4 overall

Round 4 (Final)
Winner of Semi-finals for league championship - loser ranked #2 overall

Unlike some sports/competitions, there will be no reseeding after the first round of the tournament.

Sometimes people do not submit for the playoffs, so to handle that case in addition to the braketed people there will typically be 'alternates' (depending on the size of the playoffs) chosen. Any users who submit scores for all four weeks may be marked as an alternate. These alternates are the people who missed the playoff cut based on the total points listing for the regular season, and they may submit a round one score and if so they will be added (in order of preference based on their position in the final regular season standings) to replace bracketed players who fail to submit. In this case, after seeing the total submissions, the bracket for the first round may be reseeded based on who dropped out and who submitted.

For example in the example above say that as seeded above #7 and #12 both fail to submit, but the alternates are #13 and #14, but only #14 submits a score. in that case everybody originally seeded into the playoffs would move up spots to fill the gaps and #14 would be placed at the bottom. The new roudn #1 would look like:

Round 1
Seed #1 - bye round
Seed #2 - bye round
Seed #3 - bye round
Seed #4 - bye round
Bracket 1 - (Seed #5) vs bye
Bracket 2 - (Seed #6) vs (Seed #14)
Bracket 3 - (Seed #8) vs (Seed #11)
Bracket 4 - (Seed #9) vs (Seed #10)

and the results would be posted and proceed from this point. After the first round the playoffs typically will not be reseeded/altered though in some very rare cases some extraordinary changes may occur as needed.

How many people make the playoffs?
This varies 100% based on the season and size of the league. The managers strive to get roughly half of the top half of active (as of the last week) players into the playoffs. However, there are certain sizes that we must shoot for (even numbers for starters) that make more sense than others when it comes to playoffs (divisions of 4 for example). The bottom line on playoff size is that it becomes the judgement of the manager - who will make that decision as the regular season ends.

When can we expect results?
As of Season 8, results will be posted automatically exactly 24 hours after the submission deadline and should be available under the 'Running Leagues' tab in the league interface. This allows the commishes to go over the resutls and check for obvious errors/problems and will allow for a fixed and expected time for everybody to check results, rather than in the past when they were dependent on how fast a commish got to doing them, or whether or not that commish was out of town/etc.

What do you mean by twist songs, and what are they?
NOTE: In the current season, twists are not being used, so you can ignore the following. But im leaving it up for sake of historical completeness and in the possibility that they come back at some point. - Barfo

To keep things fresh and exciting, every week, there will be a twist to one of the four songs you need to play. Twists are different ways to play the song to make it a bit more challenging, such as playing the song on performance mode, or with no sound. The song chosen is random, as is the twist. For a list of all the twists and their explanations/rules, please see the offical twist rules thread: http://www.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14651

If you have suggestions on twists you don't see listed, please let one of us know.

How are songs chosen?
We have a nifty utility that randomly chooses them. The utility takes into account songs that have already been played by that division to ensure they do not get chosen again. The utility has also been modified to ensure a diverse selection between generally easy and generally hard songs, so you won't be asked to play all top tier songs one week. All songs are basically grouped into 4 sets of difficulties - easy, fairly easy, fairly hard, and hard. Each group of difficulty has the same number of songs, so if a game has 40 songs to choose from, the songs will be broken down into 4 groups of 10. One song is then randomly drawn from each group. Which difficulty group a song is placed in is determined by looking at SH data and comparing the average spread in score vs top place. Those songs with a smaller spread are easier songs, while songs with a large spread are considered the harder songs.

What is the deal with the poll?
NOTE: As of about season 5, polls were dropped in favor of 4 100% random charts. Leaving old info up for historical reference - Rabies

Each week, a poll of random songs is published for each league. The list of songs is comprised of songs yet to be played by that league for the season. Each week, every player can (but are not committed to) vote on these songs. Each player gets two positive votes and one negative vote to be distributed accross 3 seperate songs (You cannot use 2 positive votes on one song). The results of the poll are compiled along with the score, and the winner of the poll is automatically placed on the list of songs for the week. The other 3 are randomly chosen. It is 100% possible that a song that was on the poll, that did not win, also makes that weeks song list - even those that had a net negative poll result.

Can I use the Hyperspeed or Breakneck during league play
Activating HyperSpeed or Breakneck speed is not considered a cheat on ScoreHero. Thus, activating hyperspeed in league play is not considered a cheat. You can choose to activate it or not. Your choice.

Can I use the dualshock/xbox360 controller?
The leagues are intended for players using the guitar controller for their platform. Alternative controllers are generally frowned upon. You will need to notify your league manager if you are not playing with a standard controller...and it will be up to their discretion if they allow you to play or not. You must have a very good reason for why you are not playing with a guitar controller. You cannot, under any circumstance, cherry pick which songs you use which controller for. If you are accepted to play using the dual shock..you must play ALL songs using the dual shock and vice versa.

What are the rules for posting in this forum?
1. Do NOT start any new threads. Threads are only to be created by the managers. Any new thread will be dealt with swiftly. There is a thread out there for anything you might want to bring up/talk about. If not, PM a league manager.
2. While the season is in progress, you are NOT allowed to talk about your scores. This includes any very strong hints to as to what your score might be (I got 300,xxx on song so and so!). Posts of this nature will be dealt with quickly.
3. You may talk about/share strategy for songs/sections, ask for help on a song, rant about a song/twist, etc.
4. We do not tolerate flaming or otherwise confrontational posts. These will be dealt with quickly. If a player continues to flame/make personal attacks on other players after being warned, they will be kicked from the leagues - and possibly be banned from the site altogether. This is a friendly competition - keep the threads civil.

Are we allowed to post scores we get during the season before we submit them?
We cannot stop you from doing this, but we very much prefer if you do not. It is all too easy for somebody to simply browse your scores and see what they need to do to beat your score. In short, you are not doing yourself a favor by publishing your score prior to the deadline.

Sounds fun, how do I sign up?
Roughly a week before each season starts, an official signup thread will be posted with any season specific info that you need to know, and inside the SH leagues interface ( http://www.scorehero.com/leagues/ ) you will see the available leagues added to the "League Accepting Signups section". Simply make sure that you are logged into ScoreHero (you will not be able ot view the interface otherwise) and click the "Sign-up" button for whichever league(s) you wish to join.

I see some users are sporting cool league related user bars. Where do I get one of those?

Any questions not addressed here, please feel free to post below, or PM one of the league commissioners.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You mention that using regular (thumbstick) controller instead of a guitar controller is generally frowned upon. What is the ruling on using different guitar controllers? I know many people only have the Rock Band disc without the Stratocaster and only have the X-plorer and/or Les Paul. Can we use any guitar controller for the guitar/bass leagues in Rock Band?

I ask because my strat works perfectly, but I perform better on the LP and even the X-Plorer for fast songs. I assume any unmodded HMX/RO first party guitar is fine, but I want to hear the officially ruling before I assume anything. And for those with third party guitars, are there any that feature contraban technology (star power/overdrive buttons, etc.) ?

Thanks. Everything above is very well written and easy to read and follow.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Any unmodded HMX/Red Octane guitar is fine.
Even any third party guitar controllers on the market is fine. There are none on the market I can think of that significantly change the gameplay (like the standard controller does).
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A small issue. For vocals, on the ps2 there are differences in gameplay. The ps2 tambourine/cowbell hits give points multiplied also by your current multiplier, giving them a guaranteed win for the exact same performance in any song which contains these.

In addition, ps2 'talky parts' are easier. Much easier. This could give an advantage to these players that would seem a bit unfair.
crazymonkey841 wrote:
Lol nub go plae a reel vocal chords next time

I'll be streaming here:

This is my Youtube thing, you will find various videos there.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just a question , if you where to do better then the scores you already have. Can you upload it then useing the manage score thingy , or just use that seanon 8 upload for now and wait till the end of the week to update it on the regular scoreing sheet.
Rexisfed wrote:
Go into practice mode and play the section "Vocal Break". It has one note. A BO chord.

Gotsmack wrote:
did you fc it?
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:03 pm    Post subject: Re: Welcome to ScoreHero Leagues! FAQ Thread - READ ME FIRST Reply with quote

rabies wrote:
As of Season 8, he integrated league interface will take note of your scores and after the deadline is past it will automatically post your scores up into the main scorehero database for you,

Is this still the plan? I don't mind (re)submitting my scores manually, but if it was going to be automated, that would obviously be easier...
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wasn't sure where to post this and I felt that creating a thread in this forum would be bad, so here it is.

Why is the scoring system for the leagues so fundamentally different than the scoring system for ScoreHero? I've seen various suggestions in the SH website discussion forum for ways to "balance" score tracking and ranking (this one, for example) and the consensus is that combined score across all songs is the fairest way to rank people. Why use a different ("weighted?") ranking system for leagues, then?

I went through the top 8 of the Ex Guitar league and calculated combined score and came up with this:

Name              Total    Weighted score

1. Sully          622893   388.14
2, Krim           622717   386.17
3. Javman         596996   361.78
4. Thurman        608248   351.48
5. Brockbfball    618067   351.18
6. Revelus        619548   350.51
7. Morkai         599430   342.17
8. backinblack    610139   339.72

Where the SH ranking system treats each point as equal (1 point in Yes We Can = 1 point in Jordan), the league system seems to more greatly reward those who squeeze out a few more points on an "easy" song. To further illustrate- for Celebrity Skin, 60 points separates 5th place from 1st, and the 5th place player gets 6.87 fewer "weighted" points (100 vs 93.13). But in Dani California, the score difference is almost 1500 points between the weighted scores of 100 and 93.01. Is this intended?
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Where can I find info on division's B, BB, BBB and how do I find out which one I'm in? The results pages don't separate the divisions.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sully wrote:
...good post on league scoring system

Sorry I did not see your post till just now Sully...

Honestly the points system came about originally completely due to 'twists'. When the leagues were concieved, every week we originally had a twist on one song to shake things up. This was dropped a couple seasons ago....but before then we had devised the point system that we have today.

The reason a point system was needed with twists was because, clearly, you could not just sum up the scores..especially when one of the twists was 'low score' wins.

...and even without twists, yes, the system was designed to be a weighted average. What we did NOT want was a person who could...say..put up extremely high scores on the toughest songs to win each week. Under the combined score system, it is easy for a person who can score 750k or more on TTFAF to put in the lamest attempt on the other three songs if he knows that score will beat everybody else by over 200k or so. The league system was designed to showcase each song you compete on as an equal....so in the end, yes, for leagues like expert bass, this is almost completely going to showcase who is the best squeezer of the lot.

..otherwise, we would just be duplicating SH. If we want to know who the overall best on GH3 is, ...well... you can just look up the top rank on SH.
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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 12:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This FAQ seems a little out of date...
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Goron40 wrote:
This FAQ seems a little out of date...
This FAQ has now been made up to date in anticipation of the shortly upcoming season
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

singemfrc wrote:
Goron40 wrote:
This FAQ seems a little out of date...
This FAQ has now been made up to date in anticipation of the shortly upcoming season


EDIT: So will there be PRO modes for in this season?

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HerbieHero wrote:
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DarthFizz wrote:
So will there be PRO modes for in this season?

As long as those leagues get enough signups to run.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Will there be Pro leagues for other difficulties other than Expert?
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hobo111 wrote:
Will there be Pro leagues for other difficulties other than Expert?

woozerkristen wrote:
As long as those leagues get enough signups to run.

Also, if there turns out to be a regular keys league (which I am almost positive there will be), will playing keys on the guitar be allowed in it? If the answer is no, then how will you be able to determine whether somebody cheats and uses a guitar instead of being truthful and playing it on keys?

Thanks for the fun times Scorehero, I will never forget you.
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