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Drum Trainer MIDI Info

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:19 am    Post subject: Drum Trainer MIDI Info Reply with quote

While not necessarily the most useful information, I was researching it for various reasons and figured I may as well post this information since I have not seen any other such posts.

For starters, the MIDI files for the drum trainers can be found at:
- RB2/LRB: <arkfile>/drum_trainer/songs/xxx/xxx.mid
- TBRB/GDRB: <arkfile>/ui/drum_trainer/songs/xxx/xxx.mid

where xxx can be freestyle or beats for all the games, fills for rb2/lrb, ringo for tbrb, and band_drummer for gdrb.

beats and fills correspond to the beat and fill trainer for rb2/lrb (and seem to be the same for both games).
beats correspond to drum lessons for tbrb/gdrb (and seem to be the same for both games).
ringo corresponds with beatle beats for tbrb.
band_drummer corresponds with tre's greatest hits for gdrb.

Aside from the freestyle.mid, which I did not investigate, the MIDIS have the following tracks:
0 - sync trac, named whatever the midi is named, seems to only set 4/4 time and an initial tempo that doesn't matter
1 - PART DRUMS, seems to only contain drum animations and possibly some random notes in the regular gem range with no apparent purpose
2 - PART BASS, contains the actual drum notes in the easy range (midi notes 60-64)
3 - VENUE, didn't investigate
4 - EVENTS, has some new drum trainer specific events

The interesting text events in the EVENTS track are as follows:
[start_drum_trainer_beat xxx]
Marks beginning of a particular beat where xxx is an internal name for the beat. The sections of the fill trainer are still marked by this event.

Marks the end of a particular beat.

[start_drum_trainer_fill 0.0]
Marks beginning of a fill section within a beat. The rb2 trainer files seemed to always have 0.0 but I didn't check every occurance. In gdrb and tbrb the event was simply [start_drum_trainer_fill] with no number. This is primarily useful for the fill trainer but beatle beats and tre's greatest hits also had them.

[end_drum_trainer_fill 0.0]
Marks the end of a fill section within a beat. Again 0.0 seemed to be the same for each in rb2, no number was present in tbrb or gdrb.

[set_sample # xxx.cue]
Presumably changes the drum sounds (event might not be exclusive to drum trainer, didn't really look into it).

[bpm ###]
Marks a tempo change. Only seen in the beatle beats and tre's greatest hits, i.e. where the goal is to hit the beat at 100%, the bpm indicates what the bpm at 100% is.

The bpm event does not necessarily start on the same tick as its corresponding start_drum_trainer_beat event, however there is one bpm event per start event and a given drum beat's bpm is determined by the bpm event that starts at the same or greater tick as the beat's start event.

i.e. the bpm event of a particular beat may start at the same time as the start event or some time after the start event (but before the beat's end event).

There was one case in tbrb where a bpm event was [bpm_###] with an underscore instead of a space.

For whatever reason they decided to use these text events instead of using standard midi tempo change events and using midi notes 120-124 to indicate a fill section.

I've generated charts that represent all the drum trainer beats/fills in this thread in the drum technique section.
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