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BobDole's Guitar (Rock Band 4 58/65 before practice mode)
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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 4:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 8:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would think you're capable of Time Bomb, the part you're having trouble with doesn't seem THAT bad if you slide the red & green.
That said, I'll be going for it when I get RB3
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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 12:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The-B.O.D. wrote:
Hooray! Someone else is good at this song!

Awesome FC BDole

I was gonna say, that makes two people who aren't terrible at it. Nice work bobdole, that was pretty quick.
I'm back I suppose
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 3:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for all the nice comments; here's the video as promised.

Also I played the new DLC today and here are the (rather unimpressive, especially compared to Skalocaust) results:

418. Bombtrack
419. Sleep Now in the Fire

Killing in the Name has too many troll lanes for me to waste my time on it.

174. The Plot to Bomb the Pandandle
175. Nemeses
176. A Bullet in the Head

The two I didn't get are both entirely possible; I hit the hard parts of both shortly after sightreads but just didn't feel like grinding either one of them out.

Some other videos:

The hard part of Do Your Thing (a song that I SRFCed; probably my best SRFC ever)
Time Bomb ascends FC--now it's mostly consistency issues; there are multiple tricky parts in the solo and it's hard to hit them all in one run.

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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 3:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

keep up the good work
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 5:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Congrats on Skalocaust! That song looks like balls on guitar

And nice job on those 2 Powerman5k sections, gogo full song FCs
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As some of you may know, my PS3 went YLOD on me near the end of the summer...this is why I haven't played Rock Band recently. I finally fixed my PS3 and re-downloaded my DLC in December (it took almost a week--you do NOT want to have to re-download the entire Rock Band library at this point, trust me...), but didn't play any Rock Band then. Only just now am I starting to buy the DLC that I've missed and sightread it.

By the way, before my PS3 died, I had some new FCs from sightreads that I had yet to post in this thread. None of them are impressive (at least I don't think any of them are...it's been so long I might have forgotten if some of them were tricky). Here they are:


420. The Only Exception
421. Brick by Boring Brick
422. Ignorance
423. Infinite Dreams
424. Your Betrayal
425. Tears Don't Fall
426. Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)
427. Dog Days Are Over
428. Power and the Passion
429. Drive

Now that I think of it, I believe that Tears Don't Fall was a solid FC. Other than I don't think there was anything worth noting in this set.


177. Younger Lungs
178. Song for the Broken
179. Ocean Floor
180. No Holy Man
181. Kitty Fight Song
182. Thug Love
183. Amazing Horse
184. Valleys
185. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach)
186. Half Cab
187. Apology Rejected
188. In a Hurricane
189. The Devil's in the Details
190. Riddle Me This
191. Examination
192. Weevil Bride
193. Dodgin Bullets

Dodgin Bullets was a semi-fun song that also happened to be the last Rock Band song I would play for a long time. After I FCed that song, I left and did something else (don't remember what) while the game was still on. When I came back, my PS3 was dead.

Other mentions from what I can remember:

Toccata and Fugue didn't have a guitar part so I FCed bass...I know keys is the lead line but if a song doesn't have guitar I will allow myself to FC any other part and count it (not for the rivalry, just for my personal numbers...I'm uncomfortable with leaving songs out for not having guitar parts). Also the song is 8 minutes long and the hardest part is near the end (on keys). So basically I just bitched out and FCed it on bass rather than deal with grinding keys. I may still go back and go for it later though if I feel like it.

I think I have videos of Riddle Me This and Dodgin Bullets that I never posted...they're not great FCs but I may still post them. I posted a pretty bad FC earlier today anyway (more on that further down).

And now for the FCs I've actually gotten recently:


430. The Adventure
431. Fireflies
432. In My Head

Yeah, I've only done one week worth of DLC so far. I've been spending most of my time just having fun with older songs and working on Blitz. All 3 of these are really easy.

RBN 2.0:

194. Goodbye, Mr. Personality
195. Farewell to Good Days
196. Ghostly Echoes

Same as above. Goodbye, Mr. Personality was kinda tricky since it's ska and has that annoying upbeat-focused rhythm pretty much throughout, but I somehow managed to SRFC it anyway. I'm glad I did, because I really didn't want to play that shit again. Ghostly Echoes was an easy Amberian Dawn song with a ridiculous keys solo...seriously wtf at keyboard solo B.

The 2 non-FCs were Reap (Radio Edit) and Field of Serpents. Reap has a strum lane solo with fret changes, and I have very little patience for that kind of bullshit...so I made no attempt to FC it after I missed on sightread. The song also has a questionably charted part where all 3 notes are strums (it's like a grace note kind of thing; i.e. a situation where the first orange should obviously be a hammer-on) that I hit on sightread both times it appeared...didn't matter because of the lane BS though.

Field of Serpents is an Amberian Dawn song with a guitar solo...enough said. Something kind of funny (and unrelated to the difficulty) happened during that song though...I comboed a strumming part under a lag spike. Those lag spikes don't happen much now but I still get them every so often. Anyway, I guess they ARE possible to combo through, just very disruptive...wish I would have gotten a video of that because it was pretty shocking.

And now, my (for now) unimpressive Blitz FCs with comments on some songs:

Rock Band Blitz:

1. Pumped Up Kicks--didn't realize how dark this song really was until recently; I thought it was just a party song about nice shoes lol
2. Raise Your Glass
3. One Week
4. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)--actually one of my favorite songs on the setlist; /guiltypleasure
5. These Days
6. Moves Like Jagger--goddamn this riff was annoying; the song itself is kind of annoying too which doesn't help
7. We Are Young
8. Always
9. I'm Still Standing
10. Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)--I uploaded a video of this just to get a video up; it's not that great of an FC but it's my 2nd-best in this game so far and it's pretty fun
11. Jungle Boogie
12. Kids in the Street
13. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
14. Shout
15. So Far Away
16. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)--if we disregard an early BS lag spike miss, I SRFCed this, and it's my best Blitz FC for now; too bad I didn't get it on video; chords near beginning are a lot of fun and the solo seemed pretty tricky

I have been awful at sightreading recently; I'm inconsistent because I haven't played rhythm games at all in a solid month (no CRTs at my parent's home and didn't want to deal with the lag on HDTVs). Only got 5 SRFCs out of all of those (well, actually 7 if you count the 2 in which my only miss was due to a lag spike).

The following were SRFCs:

One Week
I'm Still Standing
Jungle Boogie
Kids in the Street

The following should have been SRFC, but were sabotaged by lag spikes. Honestly I think they should still count as SRFCs though because lag spike misses (even if they are technically avoidable as alluded to by what happened on Field of Serpents) are bullshit:

These Days
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)

Notes about the ones I failed to FC (note that I am far from done with this game...16/25 is shit)

Spoonman and Give It Away--I literally just found out that these got updated charts and therefore count as new songs (I had been counting them as imports, but I discovered that they both have trill lanes now...god fucking damn it). Really though both new lane sections seem pretty easy so I should be able to knock them out without too much trouble

Jessie's Girl--basically I just forgot to come back to this one after I missed on sightread...it actually is harder than everything I FCed besides maybe Diamond Eyes though because it has a trill lane in the solo

Shine--I almost got it on sightread, but missed right at the end of the solo...a few more tries yielded nothing; it's not hard though

The Wicker Man--slightly harder than Shine; everything up to this point should go down with short practice sessions

Cult of Personality--this is doable...obviously needs practice though

Sing--strum lane nonsense in the solo with fret changes...fuck this bullshit

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)--more lane BS, but this time with trills...I kinda hate the fact that we don't really get legitimate trill and fast strum sections anymore because they're always covered by this stupid broken lane mechanic; the section of BS lanes in this chart was actually really fun to play in GH80s (in the beta chart that included that solo).

Once Bitten, Twice Shy--I heard about how ridiculous this was and I held off on watching videos...having now seen it, I agree with all the talk; I can barely hit this shit on 70% speed; hardest RB disc song by far

So yeah, I've left quite a few doable ones on the table which I will likely get in the near future (if I'm not too pre-occupied with sightreading DLC). The only ones I would say that I can't get are Sing, Bang Your Head, and Once Bitten...well ok I could get the first 2, but it will be hard to make myself even attempt them because I hate motherfucking lanes. I might at least play Sing every so often though because it seems possible to just kinda get lucky on that song.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm only really working on sightreads for numbers right now, so no FCs of anything that takes more than 2-3 tries. A few solid SRFCs here and there though, the best and most surprising of which was probably Still of the Night. This is what I've done gradually since the last update.

Rock Band 3 DLC new FCs:

433. Before He Cheats
434. Cowboy Casanova
435. Good Girl
436. Gonzo
437. Happy? -- SRFC, annoying chordfest
438. Satellite --SRFC, another annoying chordfest
439. It's Not Over
440. No Surprise
441. Crawling Back to You
442. Love Shack
443. My Body
444. Helena Beat
445. Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)
446. Under Cover of Darkness
447. The Arms of Sorrow
448. Starting Over
449. (I Just) Died in Your Arms
450. Crawling in the Dark --took 3 tries; chords are kinda tricky
451. Still of the Night --solo was easier than expected; still kinda surprised to get it on sightread

Rock Band Network 2.0 new FCs:

197. Anubis --surprisingly easy for a band called "septicflesh" (the tier 2 rating kind of gave it away though)
198. Surface
199. I --SRFC, tier 4 chords; had a crazy lag combo in this (i.e. comboed lag that looked like it should have made me miss)
200. Je Collectionne des Canards (Vivants) --4th straight SRFC, after Happy?, Satellite, and I)
201. Hey There Mr. Brooks (RB3 Version) --lag caused "choke" within 5 notes of end...fortunately this is an easy song so I had no problem fixing this
202. Hapless --SRFC; my notes say this was a solid SRFC but I don't remember anything about it
203. Reckless and Relentless
204. I Don't Want to Hear About Your Crappy Boyfriend
205. Gamers Unite --medium-length strum lane section in this one, fortunately it's near the beginning
206. Deny
207. Mystery Train
208. Death in the Garden
209. Wish I Was Dead
210. This Gigantic Robot Kills
211. Dear Insanity --annoying lanes at the end; for whatever reason I was to hit them consistently with gallops though
212. Collide
213. Coming Undone
214. Reson-8-R (Pts. I & II) --SRFC; worst goddamn guitar song ever...for those unaware this is 10 minutes and over 3000 notes of a slow trill with two variations, neither of which are interesting; was SO happy that I SRFCed and therefore minimized the suffering
215. (I'm the One That's) Cool
216. Romancing the Ordinary --lag started to kick into high gear on this song...I had 7 total runs ruined by lag misses before I FCed, and not one legitimate miss
217. From the Blue/Point of No Return --I FCed the whole medley in GH so I figured this would be easy; wasn't wrong but kinda surprised that I was able to have a whole run on it without lag in order to FC it after what happened with Romancing the Ordinary

I have a fair amount of videos; not sure how many of them I'll actually post. I'll definitely at least post the Still of the Night one.

Comments on some songs that I failed to FC:

By Your Command: I can hit the fast part in the first solo more consistently than the slower part after it for some reason...never was able to hit both parts together but I hit each one separately multiple times. Also the ending of this song is brutal...even if I never missed anywhere else I doubt I'd be able to FC it just because of that.

Heroism: Fun chimneys in solo; I find the descending triplets kind of annoying though because I can't do the (31)42 alt-tapping pattern above 80% speed and even then I usually can't do it...I can do it at 90% with standard tapping though.

Until I Feel Nothing: I very nearly got this...-1 in the last few seconds of the final strumming part. It kind of reminds of Six from GH2 but with longer strumming parts and no solo. I don't know if it's faster or slower than Six but it definitely seemed more tiring overall.

My total FC count currently stands at 2379; subtracting 15 for the non-guitar FCs makes it technically 2364. I feel like I may be able to get to 2500 by the time I finish sightreading songs...I may be overestimating how many songs are available though. Then again because they keep releasing more songs every week, the potential should be there soon enough if it isn't there already.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

New FCs since the last update, these go through September 2012:


452. I Want to Know What Love Is -- this is bass because there's no guitar part; this is my 16th FC of this nature
453. Waiting for a Girl Like You -- there was some weird annoying part with YB-YO and YO-YB chord shifts in it
454. Amaranth -- got a lot of lag on this one; according to my notes it lagged on every single one of my 3 runs, including the FC run; no legitimate misses so SRFC (from now on I won't even acknowledge lag misses as having occurred if I would have otherwise SRFCed...I'll just call it a SRFC and pretend the bullshit didn't happen)
455. Tighten Up
456. Howlin' For You
457. Lonely Boy
458. Breaking the Habit
459. Shadow of the Day
460. New Divide
461. Burn It Down -- Linkin Park pack (this and previous 3) was an incredibly boring full pack SRFC
462. Bent
463. How Far We've Come
464. She's So Mean -- Matchbox Twenty pack (this and previous 2) was another pack SRFC...slightly more interesting than Linkin Park but still boring
465. Days Go By
466. Can't Get Enough of You Baby
467. Why Can't We Be Friends? -- this was actually interesting and fun; kinda of ska-ish; it kicked my ass on sightread but then I FCed it within a few runs
468. Oh Love -- surprisingly tricky solo for a tier 1; still SRFCed though

Note: I FCed every single regular RB3 DLC song released in September 2012...though that's not saying much since the hardest song was Why Can't We Be Friends? (and that was the only song that was even remotely difficult). Only 2 of them weren't SRFCs (the two Smash Mouth songs...one was the tricky one that I mentioned, the other was easy but I made a stupid mistake).


218. Ashes -- almost got a lucky SRFC of this; FCed it after a few minutes of practice; stragely this song is tier 5 while the other two Strikken songs are tier 4...yet this is the only one I FCed; of the other 2 one would be easy with a bit of practice and the other probably won't happen because it has like 15 lanes in it
219. Grace Kelly -- my notes say that this song was "odd"; apparently it wasn't memorable though
220. I Like Trains -- now this one I actually remember...annoying little ska song
221. War in Heaven -- it's a long Amberian Dawn song...but it's actually really easy since only keyboard plays solos; the keys solos are nuts though
222. Don't Ever Change
223. Hurricane -- SRFC, has little bits of random strum nonsense here and there, including at least one example of what I call a "backwards grace note" (this is when you have two notes close together like a grace note, but with a hammered first note and a strummed second note...makes no goddamn sense at all); I did note that I liked the music itself
224. Radiant Light -- pretty decent SRFC; weird strumming part in solo
225. Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)
226. To the Stage -- it seems like every single Asking Alexandria song is overtiered by like 2 tiers...this is tier 4 but it's really, really easy
227. Everything I Hate About Myself -- very solid SRFC, strumming solo
228. Alone at Home -- surprisingly tricky chords for a Jonathan Coulton song (though it was tier 4, so it's not like I wasn't warned)
229. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On -- annoying swingy shit (I like swing in music but it's annoying in RB, much like ska)
230. Built to Grind -- very good SRFC, solo is kind of like an easy version of the second half of Get Clean's solo
231. Wasted
232. Say Sayonara (Japanese Version) -- solo has strumming leading into simple zigzags; tripped me up on sightread but it wasn't hard to FC
233. Pain I Feel
234. End of the Rope
235. By the Grace of the Grill -- solo has quintuplet strumming that starts with a pick-up note and doesn't even end on the beat (lol wtf?) and some of the riffs are annoying, but it's not that bad; notably the song is not nearly as fun as Cheat on the Church
236. Broken Bones
237. Keep the Lights On
238. Flesh and Blood

Some random notes on songs I failed to FC:

Circus Black -- this probably wouldn't take a ton of effort; I tech FCed it pretty easily; in general though I'm trying to be efficient with my sightreading, so I'm not really FCing anything besides SRFCs, easy songs that I make stupid mistakes on and FC second try, and songs that take 5 or less minutes of practice to get good at.

Sampo -- much harder than Circus Black; I did manage to tech FC it but an actual FC is unlikely

In the Wake of Evolution -- it's not difficult, but it's 10 minutes long and has multiple annoying parts near the end...I almost SRFCed it but made a few mistakes near the end...decided not to bother with it for now

This is the Album You've Been Waiting For -- solo has a part that reminds me of He's Alive from Slash Guitar Battle in GH3...it's not as long but it looks to be about the same speed and it's really hard; maybe I'll go for it in the future (the song itself is relatively fun and pretty short) but not now

Skinny Seventeen -- this song should be easy, but the triplets in the solo at the end are incredibly sloppy and charted as such...I don't feel like wasting my time learning to replicate bad guitar playing perfectly on RB

Bland Street Bloom -- so many weird rhythms (I don't think I've ever seen so many quintuplets in one song)...this is a pretty rough one to sightread; there's actually nothing super-hard in it, but lots and lots of just regular old hard; would take good consistency to FC

Overall notes:

I have either 2417 FCs with my non-guitar stuff (songs without guitar parts that I FC on something else, usually bass or keytar) or 2401 FCs if you remove those. Either way I have over 2400 FCs on guitar...and since DLC is officially ending soon, it looks like 2500 will be the ultimate goal. 3000 will be completely impossible* since there won't be that many songs on PS3 (by my count it looks like it will end in the high 2800s). After 2500 (which I think I'll be able to get...I still have October, November, December, January, February, and March to look forward to for more FCs) I guess I'll just kinda get as many as I can. Not that this isn't what I've been doing the whole time anyway.

*Actually if I get a 360 and start buying their RBN songs...it would be possible. I seriously doubt I'll do that though; even if I did, I would rather buy hard/fun songs that aren't on PS3 than buy hundreds of low-tier songs solely to increase my FC count.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

always good progress
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Updating for October 2012 sightreads. I currently stand at 2450 total FCs (2434 without the non-guitar FCs) so either way I think I stand a decent chance at reaching 2500 without having to reach out and FC any new hard songs or anything.

Here's the new FCs with comments where my notes have comments (I actually played these like a month ago, so my memory of the songs is limited):


469. Down -- a decent SRFC, tricky-ish chords and random gallops near the end
470. Beautiful Disaster -- didn't realize this was from GHWT until I heard it, then recognized it
471. Amber
472. I Ran (So Far Away) -- interesting and somewhat strange charting changes when compared to GH80s version
473. Everybody Wants You -- one of those songs that makes you grateful for properly working HOPO chords
474. The Stroke
475. Animal I Have Become -- "oh that song" moment when I sightread it (and again now after scrolling over it in the menu)
476. All I Wanna Do -- sounded vaguely familiar
477. Come On Eileen -- by far the best FC I got; really annoying ska rhythms in the first 2 verses and choruses; it's not Skalocaust-hard, but it's pretty rough; took 10 tries
478. If You Leave Me Now
479. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
480. Make Me Smile -- 2nd hardest, has kinda tricky strumming solo and annoying lanes at the end
481. What I Got
482. Wrong Way
483. Santeria

Notably, I didn't miss a single FC from the October 2012 regular DLC, which marks the second month in a row in which I've done this. This isn't some great accomplishment or anything, but at least this time there were actually a few decent FCs, namely Come On Eileen and Make Me Smile.


239. Move Your Body -- little repeating solo noted as "kinda fun" despite easiness/repetitiveness (not quite sure why I thought this)
240. That'll Be the Day -- decent SRFC (didn't note the reason why...can't remember)
241. Adonai -- good SRFC (again didn't note reason, but I think I put up a video of this one)
242. Sticks & Bricks -- short but annoying trill lane part at the end of verse 2...notably the trill in question is 6 notes, but the first note is excluded from the lane for some reason
243. Into the Black Light
244. From the Ground Up
245. Clawmaster
246. Under a Raging Moon
247. Into Your Hands -- "really really easy" for tier 5; it ends with a solo that you expect to be hard given the tiering/how easy the rest of the song is, but it's mostly just one slow, easy pattern repeated ad naseum
248. Not Fade Away
249. Slander -- I noted that this was "like a tier 5 Asking Alexandria song" despite the fact that it's tier 3; the point here is that Asking Alexandria songs seem to be consistently overtiered on guitar
250. Break Free From Your Life
251. Brains Out
252. Galileo
253. Ode to a Centipede -- really slow for the most part, but has 2 random fast-ish sections that contain a lion's share of the available points...after the intro quads (first fast part) you have 3 stars, and then shortly after the solo (second fast part) you have gold stars despite only being 4 minutes into a 6 minute song; as for the actual difficulty, it was a bit tricky but not too bad, there's one slow trill lane in the solo which I strummed GH1-style
254. The Monster Stroll -- kind of a goofy song, kind of reminded me of the Electric Slide; also it has 2 solos, which I found interesting/funny
255. Majesty -- OD lasts an incredibly long time in this song, I got the achievement for having OD active for 60 seconds and I didn't even know that there was an achievement for that
256. Things That Make You Scream

Some notes on songs that I failed to FC:

This Round's On Me -- several sections with TWiE-style burst strumming, but faster; one of these is right near the end; sightread gold on the last note

Dash -- super annoying Bumblefoot solo...it goes like and over and over...one of my least favorite hard parts ever; I'm not complaining about the charting itself, it's just really, REALLY not fun to play; doesn't help that the rest of the song is boring as fuck

Solar Winds -- many strum lanes at the end of a 10-minute long (boring) song = FUCK no I'm not even going to try FCing this stupid shit

I will finish sightreads eventually, but right now my game is still lagging pretty bad so I don't feel like playing any new songs today...this will probably always be a problem, but I'll find the motivation to finish out playing every song one of these days.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Plugging along, I see.

RB accomps: 1 BILLION PS3 POINTS! 1st w/1B on 2 consoles!
Old Youtube, New Youtube|
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I see you've updated. I dunno if you still play much, but I just wanna say that the dedication required to not only play every song but also fc nearly all of them is very impressive. Good job sir.

If you do still play, I hope you reach 2600 FCs soon.
I [mostly] play drums and GH Live.

Guitar Hero + Rock Band Expert Drums Dual FSFC - September 21st, 2017
Proud lefty who conformed to right-handed mode... show some respect! ;)
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have now (finally) played every song available in Rock Band on PS3. In a very interesting coincidence, it turns out that there were exactly 2952 songs released on PS3 (the RB3 song limit) though this accounts for songs that aren't possible to play in RB3, such as the 3 non-imports from RB1 and the entirety of TBRB and its DLC. Anyway, I ended up with 2595 FCs, well over my goal of 2500. These are all expert guitar FCs, with the exception of 18 songs that do not have guitar parts. Those songs were all FCed on something else (expert of course) because I was (and still am) adamant about including every song that has been released. Here are the 18 PS3 songs without guitar parts; parenthesis indicates what instrument I FCed and what game/category the song is from.

Dawn Patrol (bass, RB1/2 DLC)
Song of the Century (vocals, Green Day Rock Band)
Imagine (bass, RB3)
The Only Time (bass, RB3 DLC)
LoveGame (bass, RB3 DLC)
Make Some Noise (bass, RB3 DLC)
Bed Intruder Song (feat. Kelly Dodson) (bass, RBN2.0)
Piano Sonata No. 11 - Ronda Alla Turca (Mozart) (keys, RBN2.0)
Bagatelle No. 25 - Fur Elise (Beethoven) (keys, RBN2.0)
Piano Sonata No. 14 - Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) (keys, RBN2.0)
Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie) (keys, RBN2.0)
Toast (Live) (drums, RBN2.0)
Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov - Piano Version) (keys, RBN2.0)
The Entertainer (Joplin) (keys, RBN2.0)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach) (bass, RBN2.0)
I Want to Know What Love Is (bass, RB3 DLC)
Fur Elise (Beethoven) (keys, RBN2.0)
Great Balls of Fire (bass, RBN2.0)

I never failed to FC a guitar-less song on something, but I did fail to FC one of them on the instrument I wanted - Toccata and Fugue should have been done on keys. Ultimately I decided that I was ok with the bass FC though.

With that out of the way, I will now list the new FCs that I got from playing the final months of DLC. These songs were played slowly over the past several weeks; I don't remember exactly when I started. The main haul was 45 RB3 DLC FCs and 92 RBN2.0 FCs, but I also got 2 RB3 FCs and 6 Blitz FCs. I did not get any videos because my video camera is broken; I could have used my webcam, but the quality would have been so bad that it just wasn't worth it. And I didn't feel the need to buy a new video camera just so that I could FC songs.

RB3 (2):

79. Antibodies
80. 25 or 6 to 4

RB3 DLC (45):

484. Ants Marching
485. Mercy
486. So Much to Say
487. I'm Alright
488. Footloose
489. The Weight (Live)
490. I Melt With You
491. Closer
492. Jessica
493. Cold
494. Call Me Maybe
495. Sex and Candy
496. She Talks to Angels
497. Sometimes Salvation
498. Remedy
499. Tyler
500. Possum Kingdom
501. Away
502. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
503. The Bitch is Back
504. Helena
505. Teenagers
506. Party Hard
507. Tonight Tonight
508. Don't Talk to Strangers
509. I've Done Everything For You
510. Walk This Way
511. Legendary Child
512. Dream On (Live)
513. Back in the Saddle
514. Lover Alot
515. Sweet Emotion
516. Love Hurts
517. Tainted Love
518. Glory of Love
519. Keep on Loving You
520. So Far Away
521. Got You (Where I Want You)
522. Silent Lucidity
523. It's Been Awhile
524. Weird Science
525. Face to the Floor
526. The Red
527. Send the Pain Below
528. American Pie

RBN2 (92):

257. Gemini
258. The Triangular Race Through Space
259. The Greys
260. Planet Smasher
261. Color Your World
262. N9
263. Let's Write A Song
264. Our Time
265. Corporate Control
266. Drained
267. Superficial
268. I Can Swing My Sword (ft. Terabrite)
269. The Consequences
270. 77345_018
271. New Solution
272. Lonely
273. Rampage of Kronos
274. Still Young
275. A Death
276. For the Kids of the Multiculture
277. Jumping Ship
278. Controller
279. No Ghost
280. 28 Days
281. Trenches
282. On the Run
283. All Bodies
284. Fight the Rain
285. Sweet Rain
286. So High
287. Fur Elise (Beethoven)
288. The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part I
289. Cold
290. These Voices
291. Giant Bombstep: Reloaded
292. The Age of Betrayal
293. Animal
294. IndoctriNation
295. Cody
296. This War Will Never Start
297. Queendom
298. Inheritors
299. Monday Night Football
300. Fragments
301. A Bridge That Will Burn
302. The Distance
303. How Do You Do It?
304. Reaping Tide
305. You, Me, & the Boatman
306. Gold Teeth on a Bum
307. People of the Deer
308. No Surrender
309. Don't Tell What to Dream
310. Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part Two: Don't Die)
311. St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)
312. Charnel's Ball
313. Mannequin
314. Go
315. Naughty Naughty
316. My Little Girl
317. A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman)
318. Keep on Running From My Love
319. Angels and Demons
320. Dozing Green
321. Reaching Down
322. Black Rose
323. Political Bum
324. Rock the Halls
325. Familiar
326. Jasmin W. Knows How to Mosh
327. Cross Over Attack
328. Heart of a Child
329. Last Call
330. You Get What You Pay For
331. Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods
332. Fragments
333. Superfn Bananendate
334. These Days
335. Break Away
336. Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami
337. Endless Sky
338. Never Trust the Hazel Eyed
339. Pearls; The Frailty of Matter
340. This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!
341. Discord (EuroChaos Remix)
342. King of Those Who Know
343. More
344. Great Balls of Fire
345. Impossible Landscape
346. Ordinary Objects
347. Parasitic Twins
348. The Living End

Rock Band Blitz (6):

17. Give It Away
18. Jessie's Girl
19. The Wicker Man
20. Shine
21. Spoonman
22. Sing

And now, because of the finality of this post (not necessarily my last FCs, but the final "hey look, tons of random DLC FCs" kind of post), I will do comments in a somewhat more detailed way than I have before. I will post each week of DLC as a quote, then comment on both the individual songs and the week as a whole. This promises to be a long, boring post that nobody will read, but I think that I will have fun writing it anyway. I just like to give opinions about the songs. Note that I usually only mention the fact that I SRFCed a song if I thought it was a decent SRFC; most of the easier ones that I may not even comment on were SRFCs too. I won't hesitate to say that I'm an extremely good sightreader (must be all the experience) and I hardly ever make stupid mistakes on sightreads.

Because I FCed the majority of the available songs, I will bold all of the non-FCs.


Crazy Train
Caught in a Mosh
Rainbow in the Dark

25 or 6 to 4

I attempted 4 of these 5 songs and got 2 of them. Antibodies was seriously just one run--no practice and hadn't played the song in probably a year or more. I wasn't going to spend long on it, but I decided to go for it shortly after I FCed Jessica--the annoying chord comping in that song reminded me of Antibodies and the fact that I hadn't yet FCed it. I pretty much just had a staring contest with the notechart and I won. 25 or 6 to 4 was done as my "special" 2500th FC. This is the best FC in this post and I took a picture of it for that reason:

(The score is so bad because my good TAC adapter broke, leaving me with the one with glitchy OD activation. As far as I can tell, it's all but impossible to find a new TAC adapter these days. So I just don't activate OD anymore at all.)

It's an ugly picture, but again...all I have is my webcam. I wish I had a video, but a video of that quality would be unwatchable. Anyway, I got a really good method for the fast part early in the 2nd solo, to the point where I completely eliminated it as a miss point (I did not miss there at all on my FC attempts). I also developed medium consistency on both trill lane sections and surprisingly after only 3 tries, that was enough to get me the FC.

As for the other 2...I got decent at Crazy Train's trill lanes, but wasn't consistent enough on the tapping. I found it interesting that playing the trills accurately actually seemed to work; I even went so far as to use HOPOs in some of the transitions. Most trill lanes don't accept such logical methods. Also, I was actually really close to FCing Rainbow in the Dark a couple of times--I've hit everything in practice multiple times and if I worked on it a little more I could probably get it more easily than I could get Crazy Train (the lack of lanes removes the BS factor, though the strumming early in the solo is not very nice either). I didn't really attempt Caught in a Mosh because it's stupid, though I did play it once because I like the song.

(Rock Band Blitz)

(Bang Your Head) Metal Health
Cult of Personality
Give It Away
Jessie's Girl
Once Bitten Twice Shy
The Wicker Man

Basically, I knocked out everything except the really hard ones. Give It Away came easier than expected...it's just a few trill lanes but I've always had trouble with that bullshit. Jessie's Girl wasn't bad, as expected--I just strummed every note for that stupid little 4-note trill lane in the solo and it worked. I got to wondering, while I was playing that song: are there even legit trills in any RB3-era charts? I know there are some, but they seem so rare. Even short little trills like that tend to be lane-d, same with any kind of tremolo strumming, even if it's ridiculously slow (Falling Away From Me anyone?).

The Wicker Man was essentially a SRFC, as I had no recollection of the chart whatsoever. I know that I played it before, I just didn't remember any of it. It wasn't terribly hard, but it would have been a sick SRFC if it had really been one. Shine took one try and I didn't practice it, though I did kind of remember what the solo looked like. In fact at this point, I had 4 consecutive FCs: Give It Away did take a few tries, but once I got that, Jessie's Girl, The Wicker Man, and Shine all followed smoothly (I had already practiced Jessie's Girl before I played Give It Away).

Spoonman was kind of annoying, but not too bad once I realized that the trill lane starts on the high note. Sing was definitely a surprise; I played it once just to scope it out and got 100% overstrum, with the overstrum being at the very end of the strum lanes. Then, without stopping to practice, I played it again and FCed it. Either it's easier than it looks or I just got really lucky.

11/6/12 releases

Mercy by Dave Matthews Band (O)
Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band (OX)
So Much To Say by Dave Matthews Band (O)

An Endless Sporadic The Triangular Race Through Space ($0.99), Prog
Devin Townsend N9 ($0.99), Metal
Devin Townsend The Greys ($0.99), Metal
Devin Townsend Color Your World ($0.99), Metal
Devin Townsend Planet Smasher ($0.99), Metal

I came into the regular DLC with a 2-month FC streak, and I held onto it here. The Dave Matthews songs were a bit annoying though, especially Ants Marching. That one consisted of pretty much nothing but 2 very annoying riffs and variations on them. One of the riffs was reminiscent of Rusty Cage's irritating riff (Rusty Cage is GHWoR DLC).

As bad as that was, the RBN was even worse. TTRTS was a SRFC (pretty fun song, but not as fun as GH due to lack of keys on guitar) and The Greys was pretty easily solved, just one short trill lane in an end solo. However, the other 3 would prove troublesome. I probably spent more time on this week of songs than on any other, so I'm glad I came away with all 5 FCs. Planet Smasher (surprisingly) has some pretty fast non-lane strumming that is really fun; unfortunately it also has some strum lanes too. The 2 fastest strumming parts seem to be in the 16-17 NPS range, so this song would have been extremely hard in RB2. Color Your World was probably the worst, as it has a long strum lane section with many fret changes. There's also about 7.5 minutes worth of boring shit after that part...and I basically had to FC it twice because the first time that I would have FCed it my game lagged after the strum lanes. N9 was the last one I got, but it might be the easiest of the 3; I don't think it had any lanes. What it did have was a section of very fast gallops with HOPOs mixed in (such that you are forced into awkward strumming patterns) and that took me awhile to hit on a run.

11/13/12 releases

I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins
Foot Loose by Kenny Loggins (OX)

Amberian Dawn Cold Kiss ($1.99), Metal
Halcyon Way Our Finest Hour ($0.99), Metal
Una Jensen Lets Write a Song ($1.99), Pop-Rock
The Buffalo Joe Band Our Time ($0.99), Classic Rock
Sunny Side Up Corporate Control ($0.99), Reggae/Ska

I'm Alright had a surprisingly hard solo at the end, but I managed a SRFC anyway. Foot Loose was a different story...I spent over an hour on that song. It's actually pretty hard; there's tons of fast grace notes in the end solo. There's also an incredibly random double strum in the last chorus before the solo (that's not such a problem when you know about it...but it's just so random, I couldn't not mention it). I ended up FCing it twice (I found it really fun so I kept playing it often even after I FCed the first time) but it's still definitely among the better FCs in this post.

Our Time had lots of trills, making it a decent SRFC. Corporate Control took a few tries...it was kind of a pain in the ass due to the ska rhythms. It's kind of like an easy version of Welcome to the Skalocaust (it's by the same band). Cold Kiss and Our Finest Hour were both a bit too hard to bother with at the moment, though I don't think either was totally out of my range.

11/20/12 releases

The Weight (Live) by The Band (OX)
Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band (OX)
I Melt With You by Modern English (O)
Closer by Nine Inch Nails (O)
Cold by Crossfade
Cry Thunder by Dragonforce (O)

Vangough Drained ($0.99), Prog
X-Y Superficial ($1.99), Rock
Chaotrope Entropy/Extropy ($0.99), Metal
Mystakin The Consequences ($0.99), Prog
Toby Turner I Can Swing My Sword (ft. Terabrite) ($0.99), Novelty

The singles were pretty cool; I recognized most of them. The only notable FC there is Jessica, which is hard despite lacking the trill from GH2 (it's covered by a Big Rock Ending). This is because the piano solo (which was absent in GH2) is included, and the guitar comping under it is just so random. It's very similar to Antibodies, as I mentioned earlier when I talked about my Antibodies FC. Cry Thunder broke my FC streak as expected. I had one run of the solo in which I hit everything except for the fast trill lanes, but I NEVER hit those fast trill lanes. And I tried quite a few times.

My notes mention that Drained was a solid SRFC due to a random transition to gallops that "almost got me" and also the solo "is moderately hard at one point." I'm drawing a blank as to what the chart actually looked like though. I also have down that The Consequences was a 2nd-try FC due to a random strum in solo 2; don't remember that song either. The other 2 FCs were probably easy and I didn't even pass Entropy/Extropy.

11/27/12 releases

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (O)
Sex And Candy by Marcy Playground (X)

The Bunny The Bear Lonely ($1.99), Metal
The Minotaur Project 77345_018 ($0.99), Prog
The Minotaur Project Rampage of Kronos ($0.99), Metal
SHIROCK New Solution ($1.99), Alternative
SHIROCK Still Young ($1.99), Alternative

Another one where I FCed everything; this happened occasionally and it was always nice when it did. Sex and Candy was super-easy as expected but Call Me Maybe actually had a bit of trickiness to it: each chorus contained repetitions of this: or something like it at a moderate speed.

As with the previous week, I tend not to remember the RBN songs very well, so I'm just going off my notes with my descriptions. Lonely was a good SRFC due to the presence of a breakdown with "tricky strum rhythms and HOPOs". 77345_018 is long, boring, and has missable strumming at the end, though I noted that it hardly seemed worthy of tier 5. I also noted that I thought I heard an uncharted guitar solo that would have made the song a lot harder, Shacker's Revenge-style. Rampage of Kronos was said to be somewhat hard, but still unworthy of tier 5 IMO.

12/4/12 releases

She Talks To Angels by The Black Crowes (OX)
Remedy by The Black Crowes (O)
Sometimes Salvation by The Black Crowes

Within the Ruins - "Controller" ($1.99), Metal
Lich King - "Act of War" ($0.99), Metal
an Unkindness - "A Death" ($0.99), Alternative
Sonic Boom Six - "For The Kids of the Multiculture" ($1.99)
Counterparts - "Jumping Ship" ($1.99), Punk

Somewhat Salvation had a tricky solo and some randomness near the end; good SRFC there. Other than that, I have no notes, so I assume it was standard boring crap.

I expected A Death to be some super-hard metal song based on the song and band name, but it's actually a tier 2 alternative song. Jumping Ship was, I noted, a bit easy for tier 5, but a solid SRFC nonetheless. I didn't write down anything about Act of War and I don't remember what specifically was hard about it, but I remember it being way beyond my abilities.

12/11/12 releases

Possum Kingdom by Toadies (X)
Away by Toadies
Tyler by Toadies

The Haunted - "No Ghost" ($1.99), Metal
The Haunted - "Trenches" ($1.99), Metal
Musica Diablo - "Betrayed" ($0.99), Metal
Emerald - "On the Run" ($1.99), Rock
Mafia Track Suit - "28 Days" ($0.99), Alternative

The Toadies stuff was a lot more interesting/difficult than I expected. All 3 songs were fun and I would play them again. Possum Kingdom was a SRFC, but it was much harder than what I remember from GH2. It was also my 500th RB3 DLC FC and (coincidentally) was also in line to be the 2500th overall FC, but before I played it I stopped and FCed 25 or 6 to 4 for that milestone. Away was the hardest of the three songs, as it has both strum and trill lanes. I actually hit the strum lanes on sightread, but missed the trill lane right at the end of the song. At that moment I thought I might not FC it at all, but it turned out to not be that bad.

No Ghost sounds like it's played in a really low tuning. That's not really relevant to Rock Band gameplay, but I thought it was interesting. On the Run has a very long, but not particularly difficult solo that it totaly unworthy of devil tier. It was tricky enough that I used practice mode after missing on sightread...but that was also just because it's tedious and the harder parts are towards the end. Betrayed brought back memories of playing Thrasher for the first time...my sightread was terrible, but I did much better on my 2nd try--FCed the solo and managed a 5-star without overdrive (as mentioned before, I didn't do that on purpose as a challenge--I pretty much can't use overdrive with my current equipment).

12/18/12 releases

The Bitch Is Back by Elton John (O)
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On me by Elton John (O)
I'm Still Standing by Elton John (O)

Between the Buried and Me - "All Bodies" ($1.99), Metal
Scratching the Itch - "Fight the Rain" ($1.99), New Wave
Weeping Buddhas - "Sweet Rain" ($1.99), Pop-Rock
Lee-Leet - "So High" ($1.99), Alternative
Magnefora - "F Elise (Beethoven)" ($0.99), Classical

I'm Still Standing was already FCed as part of Blitz. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me was really boring, but The Bitch is Back made up for it. Very fun song and a solid SRFC.

All Bodies was an ordeal...not because it's particularly hard, but because my game/console seemingly did not want to let me have it. Here's what happened:

SR - was FCing, game lagged and stole my FC shortly before the first strum lane; to be fair I also missed in the strum lane, but that could have been out of frustration and I think it's fair to say that I probably would have SRFCed; it would have been a very good SRFC

2nd run - no lag, but I somehow missed the 5th note of the song without noticing. Played the whole run, wrote down the FC in my document, and then looked back to see 99% on my screen. Was dumbfounded at first; thought (hoped?) it was a glitch. Quickly discovered that it wasn't. You see, the song starts with a moderate speed with the second yellow a strum obviously. Based on my notestreak and notes hit, (and the FC streak, though I didn't know that for sure at the time) I missed that second yellow.

3rd and 4th runs - would-be FCs ruined by lag. In one of them, the lag held off until very close to the end.

5th run - Finally FCed, though it's worth noting that the game was extremely laggy throughout this run and I was very VERY lucky. I actually lost count of the number of lag spikes, but I estimate that it was at least 7 or 8. Honestly, it's incredible that I FCed it under the circumstances that I did.

In terms of actual difficulty, All Bodies has a somewhat tricky gallop section and some sweeps with fast in them; neither part is extraordinarily difficult, but it's a respectable FC. The lag continued on Fight the Rain, but I still FCed it on sightread easily because it's one of those songs where you only actually play like half of the time, and the lagging occurred during rests. Lag completely disappeared when I played Sweet Rain, which I also SRFCed. It is a decent SRFC because of some random strums. One in particular that I noted was on a pattern. I think it repeated 4 times, but on one AND ONLY ONE of the repetitions, the green is a strum. For no particular reason that I can see. Fur Elise (a keys FC; song has no guitar part) took a few tries but wasn't bad. I don't remember anything about So High but I think it sucked.

12/25/12 releases

Helena by My Chemical Romance (O)
Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (OX)
Sing by My Chemical Romance (O)

RBN went on Christmas hiatus, so it was just regular DLC for a couple of weeks. Sing was part of Blitz, so I only had 2 songs to play here. Helena was very annoying (alt-strumming chords with offbeat fret changes and somewhat random rhythms), but thankfully I only had to play it once because I got it on sightread. Teenagers took a few tries because of unexpected lanes in the solo (again, do we REALLY need lanes for "trills" that slow? this kind of overuse/abuse of lanes annoys the hell out of me, though fortunately slow trill lanes tend to be very easy to hit by simply strumming every note).

12/30/12 releases

Party Hard by Andrew W.K. (O)
Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae (O)
Raise Your Glass by Pink (O)
We Are Young by fun. featuring Janelle Monae (

More hiatus for RBN. Raise Your Glass and We Are Young are Blitz songs, so just two again. This time they both suck. In fact, I hated Party Hard so much that its existence reminded me of the "delete song" feature that is so nicely included in RB3. Party Hard was not the only song that I would delete immediately after SRFCing, but it was possibly the worst IMO. Tonight Tonight is admittedly a bit catchy, but I still don't really like it, and it happens to have an extremely annoying notechart as well--lots of alt-strummed blues with offbeat BO chords thrown in every so often. It's actually quite painful on the pinky to play the entire song from 2nd, so I was happy that I SRFCed it and therefore only had to suffer through it once.

1/8/13 releases

Pumped Up Kids by Foster The People (O)
These Days by Foo Fighters
Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera (O)

Chaotrope - "The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part I" ($0.99), Metal
Chaotrope - "The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part II" ($0.99), Metal
Christina Marie Magenta - "Cold" ($1.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Deception of a Ghost - "These Voices" ($1.99), Metal
Halcyon Way - "Inversion" ($0.99), Metal
Halcyon Way - "The Age of Betrayal" ($0.99), Metal
Halcyon Way - "IndoctriNation" ($0.99), Metal
The Hamster Alliance (ft. The Giant Bomb Crew) - "Giant Bombstep: Reloaded" ($0.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Kink Ador - "Animal" ($1.99), Rock
Pythia - "Just a Lie" ($1.99), Metal
Steve Pardo - "This War Will Never Start" ($0.99), Indie Rock
Sweethammer - "Robots" ($0.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Tina Guo - "Forbidden City" ($1.99), Metal
We Set The Sun - "Cody" ($1.99), Metal
B.et.a and The Neon Panthers - "Queendom" ($1.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic (delayed to January 16 in Europe only)

The regular DLC is all Blitz, but these week they gave us triple RBN to make up for the 2-week hiatus. The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part I is just the easy intro to the song basically, which is why I was able to FC it. I failed Part 2 and in fact, I don't think that anybody's FCed it. Inversion was pretty rough, but I believe it was FCable (Halcyon Way songs always seem to be that way) but I was very happy to FC the other two Halcyon Way songs, so I just let it go. Giant Bombstep was dubstep crap with an annoying riff that I missed the last repetition of on sightread. After FCing it on my 2nd run, it was immediately deleted. Animal had a 666 notestreak. Cody was a weird, fun song and a decent SRFC (some strumming riffs, moderate sweeps in solo). I don't really remember Just A Lie or Robots specifically, just that they were hard. I do remember Forbidden City being very hard, with tons of trill lanes, some extremely random shredding, and a couple of quite fast strumming sections (I'd say around 17-18 NPS). I later found out that Forbidden City is on the top 100 hardest guitar FCs list.

1/15/13 releases

Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield (OX)
I've Done Everything For You by Rick Springfield (X)
Don't Talk To Strangers by Rick Springfield (O)

Serianna - "Inheritors" ($1.99), Metal
Serianna - "Fragments" ($1.99), Metal
Moving Picture Show - "A Bridge That Will Burn" ($0.99), Pop-Rock
Drugstore Fanatics - "The Distance" ($0.99), Alternative
John Parr - "Monday Night Football" ($1.99), Rock

Jessie's Girl is a Blitz song. I've Done Everything For You is very similar to Jessie's Girl, in terms of the awkward placement of the solo (it seems to come later than it should and in the middle of a section) and the fact that solo contains a trill lane. In this song though, the trill lane begins the solo, which made it harder, but it still wasn't too awful.

Inheritors had some annoying strumming and took a few tries. Fragments was probably harder than that, but I think it only really had one bad part, and it was close to the start. Monday Night Football would have been a SRFC if not for all the bullshit in the chart...lots of random strums and very awkward stuff. There's also a strumming section with HOPOs on the fret changes (I HATE that). I took me several tries to FC the song, but once I did, I started to really enjoy it in spite of its weirdness. I've played it quite a few times since just for fun and I've FCed it literally every time since the original FC.

1/22/13 releases

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson (O)
Cult Of Personality by Living Colour (X)
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) by Quiet Riot
Spoonman by Soundgarden (X)

Quiet Company - "You, Me, & the Boatman" ($0.99), Indie Rock
Quiet Company - "How Do You Do It?" ($0.99), Indie Rock
Mile Marker Zero - "Reaping Tide" ($1.99), Prog
Francisco Meza - "Rage and Pain" ($1.99), Metal
Chaotrope - "Chiasm" ($0.99), Metal

The regular DLC is just Blitz stuff, though I still noted my non-FCs among those songs just because.

You, Me, & the Boatman has an odd strum lane section where there are regular notes in between different strum lanes. I took this to be trolling at first, but after spending some time in practice mode, I realized that it actually was easier than normal strum lane sections without those intervening notes. It seemed that I could simply strum naturally and my combo would not break. So maybe it was actually an intentional workaround to make strum lanes behave in a less-broken manner. Rage and Pain is a really fun song, lots of cool solos and whatnot. A bit too hard for me to FC, though I was able to hit solo 4B (the fast Cliffs of Dover-like part) in practice mode and I got 99% on solo 3 in a real run (only missing in the strumming). Chiasm I failed, obviously.

1/29/13 releases

Walk This Way by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99)
Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99) (X)
Back In The Saddle by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99)
Dream On (Live) by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99) (OX)
Legendary Child by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99)
Lover Alot by Aerosmith (160 MSP/$1.99)

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Gold Teeth on a Bum" ($1.99), Metal
The Trews - "People of the Deer" ($0.99), Rock
Taproot - "No Surrender" ($1.99), Rock
God Forbid - "Don't Tell Me What to Dream" ($1.99), Metal
Giraffes? Giraffes! - "Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part Two: Don't Die)" ($1.99), Indie Rock

The Aerosmith pack was sick, except for Legendary Child; that song sucked. And some of them were annoying to FC. Walk This Way was actually easy because the trills aren't charted, but I missed on sightread anyway because I suck. Of course I didn't mind playing that one again though. I SRFCed Legendary Child (somewhat tricky solos for SR), Dream On (Live) (somewhat harder than GH3, but still super easy), and Back in the Saddle (just like Walk This Way, no fast trills = easy). Lover Alot and Sweet Emotion were the problem songs. Lover Alot has an odd strumming solo and an annoying chorus riff; once I learned the pattern of the strumming it wasn't so bad though. Sweet Emotion was incredibly annoying...not only does it have the expected trill lane at the beginning (which is WAY harder to hit than it should be) but it has two more trill lanes in the end solo. To make matters worse, these two RY trill lanes look very similar, but are actually different, one having 5 notes and the other 6. There's also another YB trill in the same solo that is not a lane for some reason. Not that I want it to be a lane; it's just that the lack of internal consistency annoys me.

Gold Teeth on a Bum was a decent SRFC, that probably would not have been a SRFC if the charters hadn't been nice enough to chart their strumming parts without HOPOs on the fret changes (I'm not being sarcastic, I really do appreciate when charts are done that way). People of the Deer I had to mute to FC...not because the song is particularly awful (though I didn't really like it that much) but because there is one section of the chart that I swear is out of sync with the music. No Surrender has an interesting strummy bridge that I was very lucky to SRFC; noted that I was glad because I didn't like the song. Werewolf Grandma with Knives took a few tries because it has a fairly long ascending quad section that I needed to tap most of (most of the quads are stretchy). I didn't really like the song, but it did have some fun riffs in the early parts, which made it relatively painless to play repeatedly until I hit that quad section.

2/5/13 releases

So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)
Once Bitten Twice Shy by Great White (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)
The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden (160 MSP/$1.99) (OX)
Death On Two Legs by Queen (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)

John Parr - "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" ($1.99), Classic Rock
Brian Kahanek - "Gemini" ($1.99), Blues
Amberian Dawn - "Charnel's Ball" ($1.99), Metal
Dance for the Dying - "Mannequin" ($0.99), Pop-Rock
Kari Kimmel - "Go" ($1.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic

Regular DLC is just Blitz, though in the name of correctness I noted my lack of a Once Bitten, Twice Shy FC. On a random note, I took that song into practice at one point and managed to hit the hard part on 80% speed. Can't touch it on full speed though.

GEMINI! I had actually already played and SRFCed it earlier, because I just couldn't wait this long to play it. It's kind of tricky I guess, but it's significantly easier than GH2 because it doesn't have the X. It does have those sweeps at the end though, and they're charted similarly I think. Anyway, by the time I got to this week, I had already FCed Gemini multiple times due to constantly playing it for fun/warmup. Regardless, I played it (and FCed it) again when I got to this week. Charnel's Ball is among my better SRFCs, as it is an Amberian Dawn song WITH a guitar solo. I usually don't FC those at all. Admittedly, it's quite an easy solo for AD, but it was good to hit on SR I though. There was also a quick little run before the solo that was probably harder than anything in the solo (which was simple moderate-speed shredding). Mannequin I SRFCed too, but it was harder than a tier 2 pop song should be--there were some gallops, as well as awkward 3-note chordage from 2nd position. It should have been at least tier 3, maybe 4 IMO. Notably, I SRFCed all 5 RBN songs this week.

2/12/13 releases

More Than Words by Extreme (160 MSP/$1.99) (X)
Love Hurts by Nazareth (160 MSP/$1.99)
Glory Of Love by Peter Cetera (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)
Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)
Tainted Love by Soft Cell (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)

John Parr - "Naughty Naughty" ($1.99), Pop-Rock
Anarchy Club - "A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman) ($0.99), Metal
Melissa Otero - "Angels and Demons" ($1.99), PopRock
Danny and the Lost Souls - "Keep on Running from My Love" ($0.99)
Jerry Naylor - "My Little Girl" ($1.99)

In stark contrast to the Aerosmith pack, I was absolutely miserable while I was playing these five songs. These five terrible, TERRIBLE songs. Well ok, not terrible...I mean I can enjoy slow, ballad-type songs occasionally. But I do not want to play them in Rock Band. When I call them terrible, I'm really saying that they are terrible for Rock Band guitar. I'm under no illusion that this pack was supposed to be fun for guitarists, but I'm giving opinions here anyway, and I'm not going to pretend to like this pack. More Than Words was apparently supposed to be a bit of a treat for guitarists, but it's seriously not that fun...the solo (which pops up in a kind of random spot near the end) is just stupid sweeps that speed up rapidly, then a Black Sunshine (GH3)-esque run down the frets. I actually SRFCed the sweeps, but lost it on those descends. I could not bring myself to play the song again because a) after practicing it, I was not all that consistent with the solo and b) the song is on the long side and the rest of it really REALLY sucks to play; annoying, slightly painful chords throughout. The only other song in this group that I have anything to say about is Glory of Love, which was a good SRFC due to the presence of not one, not two, but three of what I call "sightread killers." These are parts that are sufficiently random as to be very difficult to hit on sightread, even though they may not actually be hard once they are known. The first SR killer is this pattern which is fast turn that occurs several times. The tricky part of it is that the RO is a HOPO but the RB is not. It's easy when you're prepared for it, but it looks weird. The second SR killer was a slow RY trill lane; lanes in general have a tendency to ruin sightreads. The third SR killer was "a tricky little run with a few random strums in the middle in the end solo" according to my notes--I don't remember exactly what I thought was "killer" about it, but it must have been kind of hard to sightread. I did not that none of those 3 parts would be hard on subsequent runs, but hitting them all on sightread was good/lucky.

A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman) exemplifies a tiering tendency that I find a bit annoying, and that is that lack of variety = low tier. Even if the one/two riffs you play are actually kind of tricky, as they are here. I know tiers aren't based on FC difficulty, but I still think that a tricky riff repeated ad naseum should not be tier 0/1. Other than that song, there really wasn't anything notable this week, other than how easy it was. A Single Drop of Red was probably the hardest song actually. It was another full week SRFC and possibly the easiest RBN week ever.

2/19/13 releases

Dir En Grey - "Dozing Green" ($1.99), Metal
Icon & the Black Roses - "Black Rose" ($0.99), Alternative
Active Knowledge - "The Fractal Reason" ($1.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Psychostick - "Political Bum" ($1.99), Metal
Order of Voices - "Reaching Down" ($0.99), Prog

The news page doesn't have any regular DLC for this week; maybe it was just Blitz stuff. Or maybe actually nothing. Either way, The Fractal Reason gave me my first non-FC from RBN since Rage and Pain and Chiasm, which were released on 1/22 (a month ago). It didn't really have anything impossible as far as I recall, but it was chock full of difficult/annoying riffs. Big-time consistency song. As for the ones I did FC, Dozing Green had some odd rhythms and random (awkward) HOPOs, making it a decent SRFC. Reaching Down had a part with 2 green HOPOs in a row, very strange. It occurs halfway through the bridge section and appears to be an accidental charting mistake. It's not particularly disruptive, since it's slow and you can just strum the second one, but it is possible to HOPO both greens if one is so inclined. Political Bum was an extremely fun song, and funny too. Missed on sightread but did not mind at all. The riffs (in some parts) are kind of reminiscent of Rob the Prez-O-Dent, but a lot less annoying.

2/26/13 releases

Got You (Where I Want You) by The Flys (160 MSP/$1.99) (X)
Silent Lucidity by Queensryche (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)
It's Been Awhile by Staind (160 MSP/$1.99)
So Far Away by Staind (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)

Richard Campbell - "Rock the Halls" ($0.99), Rock
CyLeW - "Familiar" ($1.99), Alternative
Emmure - "Cross Over Attack" ($1.99), Metal
A Plea for Purging - "Heart of a Child" ($0.99), Metal
His Statue Falls - "Jasmin W Knows How to Mosh" ($1.99), Metal

I had an "oh that song" moment on Got You (Where I Want You), which was also an ok SRFC due to PITA chords in the second half of the song. It seems like the theme for this week was soft/radio rock, which is ok with me. A bit boring, but not nearly as awful as the Valentine's stuff. There were a lot of awkward-speed HOPOs in these songs though. You know, the kind that are a bit fast to comfortable strum, but too slow to comfortably HOPO? I hate that. I usually end up strumming them.

Rock the Halls is fun, but kind of annoying to FC due to all the fast crap. Fortunately the strumming (which is a SR killer if the didn't get you) is easy once you look at it in practice. Familiar was a good SRFC, harder than your average tier 2 chordfest. It had some 16th-note HOPOs (single notes) between chords, which is always awkward, as well as some unexpected strumming at the end. Cross Over Attack has some intimidating strumming riffage to start, but it never comes back, making the song fairly easy to FC; it took me a few tries though. I didn't like Heart of a Child much at all; I noted that the guitar rhythms all sounded "jerky" as if the guitarist was stuttering. But he's doing it on purpose. And it sounds horrible. It also makes the song somewhat tricky and the rhythms got a bit random, so this is a decent SRFC.

3/5/13 releases

We Butter The Bread With Butter - "Superfn Bananendate" ($1.99), Metal
The Minotaur Project - "Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods" ($0.99), Metal
an Unkindness - "Fragments" ($0.99), Alternative
Jason Charles Miller - "You Get What You Pay For" ($1.99), Country
Sworn to Oath - "Last Call" ($0.99), Rock

Yeah, I think they were alternating Blitz songs every other week at this point and I guess we just no longer considered Blitz weeks to be news thread-worthy. Anyway we've got some interesting RBN songs here. Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods is not nearly as hard as that title makes it sound, but it is a solid SRFC and I noted that I thought it should have been tiered at 4 dots instead of 3. Fragments is...not the same as that other song called Fragments that was released only a month and a half ago. At least they didn't release them in the same week; that would have been really confusing. This Fragments is a 7-min alternative song, which made me cringe, but it wasn't so bad (though I wouldn't exactly jump at the idea of playing it again). The one notable part about it was a long-ish slow trill section in the middle which was reminiscent of Reson-8-R, which is possibly the least fun guitar chart in the history of rhythm games. Fortunately the trill (which I believe came back once or twice) abated before it became too annoying, and thankfully none of it was lane-d. Speaking of lanes, Superfn Bananendate had a short strum lane section that I had to practice briefly. I noticed as I was going through all these songs that I'm actually getting fairly good at FCing lanes of both kinds, though I still consider them to be broken/unfair gameplay elements and I hate them for that reason.

3/12/13 releases

Weird Science by Oingo Boingo (160 MSP/$1.99) (OX)
Rosanna by Toto (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)

Dir En Grey - "Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita" ($1.99), Metal
Vegan Black Metal Chef - "Make the Sauce" ($0.99), Metal
Memory of a Melody - "Break Away" ($0.99), Rock
Rusty Cooley - "The Duel" ($1.99),
Astra Kelly - "These Days" ($0.99), Pop-Rock

I remembered people raving about Rosanna and Weird Science when they were released, so I was kind of expecting some difficulty in the guitar department. I was still a bit taken aback at just how hard these two songs are though. I mean, they're not exactly Constant Motion, but they're both pretty hard. I FCed Weird Science pretty much by pure luck, and if I had not had that one really lucky run on it, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. I had already practiced it, so I knew about the hard parts, and I did (kind of) have methods. But I was so bad at the first little fast part (which confused the HELL out of me for some reason) that I didn't even think I was ever going to get past that, much less hit the other fast run and the outro weirdness in the same run. I was just playing it for fun on the run that I happened to FC it. Rosanna I thought would be the easier song after I had sightread both, but that part with the grace notes is just so goddamn hard. I don't think I ever managed to hit it on full speed.

Concerning Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami (thank you copy-paste), I could have sworn the second half of the chorus was broken, as I seemed to be missing there far more often than I should have been. Some runs in practice seemed to confirm that it wasn't broken, so maybe I'm just bad at the pattern. Regardless, I had to strum every note in that part to FC. Make the Sauce is mostly fun triplet-based strumming (although I found the song itself highly annoying to listen to) but it also has a very long and difficult strum lane section that includes both single notes and chords. I suspect that single note strum lanes and chord strum lanes behave differently after some of my experiences with this section. It seems that stopping early at each fret change is absolutely necessary to combo the single-note ones, but the chord ones want to be strummed more accurately. I don't know if this is true or not, but that's what seemed to be happening to me. The Duel is...well, stupid. I probably failed it, but at this point I had turned on no-fail mode to reduce annoyance from these random god-tier songs that I'm not skilled enough to really enjoy. I don't really care about legit passing them anyway, and no-fail obviously have any affect on FCing songs, so it's whatever.

3/19/13 releases

Jungle Boogie by Kool & The Gang (160 MSP/$1.99)
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) by Shinedown (160 MSP/$1.99) (X)
Shout by Tears For Fears (160 MSP/$1.99)

I See Stars - "Endless Sky" (160 MSP), Metal
Psychostick - "This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!" (160 MSP), Metal
Hopes Die Last - "Never Trust the Hazel Eyed" (160 MSP), Metal
The Burial - "Pearls; The Frailty of Matter" (80 MSP), Metal
Deadlock - "The Brave/Agony Applause (RB3 version)" (160 MSP), Metal

Regular DLC is Blitz. Pearls' The Frailty of Matter was a decently hard strummy song that took several tries to FC. Had some parts that would have been limit-breaking in RB2. There's nothing really impossible in it, it's just a bunch of tricky riffs that take consistency to hit all in one run (and it has one really slow trill lane--strum it). The final riff is particularly strange; I'm not sure I ever really understood the rhythm of it. I mean, I could read it well enough to hit it, but I was still kind of confused by it, even on the FC run. I hit all of the tricky stuff in This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich! on sightread, but a stupid miss caused me to have to play it again. It was a pretty fun/funny sandwich, but the intro riff is really annoying. I don't remember exactly why I didn't FC The Brave/Agony Applause; I think it had a shreddy solo or something.

3/26/13 releases

Send The Pain Below by Chevelle (160 MSP/$1.99)
The Red by Chevelle (160 MSP/$1.99) (X)
Face To The Floor by Chevelle (160 MSP/$1.99)

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey - Discord (EuroChaos Mix) ($0.99), Pop/Dance/Electronic
Cynic - King of Those Who Know ($1.99), Metal
Down June - More ($0.99), Rock
Van Friscia - Rise Above ($0.99), Prog
Freen in Green - The Final Battle ($0.99), Prog

The Chevelle pack was not, as I expected, just three easy radio-rock songs. It was actually a masterwork of trolling. All three songs had strum lanes. The Red even has a solo that is entirely strum lanes! (and it's not even tremolo picking!?) To make things worse, when you practice The Red's solo, the first strum lane "breaks" and becomes regular notes. This seems to be because there are pick-up notes in the previous section. The result is that you have to suffer through the boring chorus to get a run at the lane-solo. As I mentioned before I'm actually pretty good at lanes...as evidenced by my full pack FC here...but I still seriously hate them.

Discord (EuroChaos Mix) has some fun strumming riffs and was a solid SRFC. King of Those Who Know was also a good SRFC--the first solo was a bit tough and the second solo was weird (but not hard); there were also quite a few random strums scattered throughout the chart. More I recognized as being a menu song; it wasn't hard at all but the solo was surprisingly fun (rest of the song is boring though). I had a good sightread of Rise Above--hit basically everything except the No One Like You-esque RYY part--but it wasn't meant to be. It's hard to be consistent enough to hit everything and most of my subsequent runs were not as good. Also it turns out that RYY part is pretty damn hard, though I did hit it in a real run once. The real deal-breaker (as far as my willingness to grind it) is the double-trill lane (with 4 different frets involved too) that occurs after the tough RYY part. On a note unrelated to the song's difficulty, the intro riff reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean. The Final Battle was also a pretty good sightread; 94-97-100-100 on solos. As that makes clear, solos 1 and 2 have all the hard stuff--some fast runs/tapping stuff that I can hit, but not consistently. Solo 3 is slow/easy stuff and solo 4 is just a short TTFAF-style trill to end the song (that same trill pattern occurs earlier in solos 1 and 2 as well). The song has one trill lane, and also at least one legit trill that doesn't look like TTFAF's intro (that kind of charting inconsistency always annoys me). There is a fun strumming riff near the end that would make me really nervous if I ever got to it with an FC (lots of HOPOs to overstrum).

4/2/13 releases

American Pie by Don McLean (160 MSP/$1.99) (O)

Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire ($1.99), Rock
Children of Nova - Impossible Landscape ($1.99), Prog
Dance for the Dying - Ordinary Objects ($0.99), Pop-Rock
Ava Inferi - The Living End ($1.99), Metal
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Parasitic Twins ($1.99), Metal

Closed out strong with a full week FC across the board. Nothing was really hard though. American Pie was probably the hardest of these six and I SRFCed that (just as I did in Band Hero). It is a chordfest, but it's fully worthy of its tier 4 ranking; there's lots of random little fills and stuff to trip you up (and of course, its ~8.5 minutes long); it's a solid SRFC.

Great Balls of Fire was a surprise no-guitar song, so I played bass. I also played keys out of curiosity, but I did not FC keys (it's trill lane city). Ordinary Objects is tier 1 and a chordfest, but I think it's undertiered; I would rank it tier 3. Parasitic Twins has lots of rests and is a very boring chart overall. The Living End I played last (of the RBN, I of course ended the session with American Pie) and it was, coincidentally, kind of an epic-sounding song. I almost had the full-week SRFC, but I missed on this song. It has lots of triplet strumming that can be hard to hold time on due to what the other instruments do...one part in particular gets confusing and I just totally lost the beat on sightread and that caused me to miss.

And now, because I have all but lost the motivation to grind hard songs, and I have nothing left but hard (for me) songs...this thread likely won't see another post unless I get some random lucky FC. As such, here is a long list of all of the songs that I haven't FCed, broken down by game/category:

Rock Band 1 (1 song)

Green Grass and High Tides

I considered trying this for the 2500th FC, but I hadn't re-downloaded RB1 imports yet so it wasn't immediately available to attempt. There's no reason that I couldn't do this, but I doubt I'll ever have the patience.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 1-100 (4 songs)

Ride the Lightning
Working Man

Since the last time I posted a list of all my non-FCs, I've FCed The Number of the Beast, Action, and Shockwave from this section, leaving me this final four. I could see myself getting at least 2 of them...I was really close to Working Man at one point and Ride the Lightning probably isn't that hard. I'm sure I could hit Thrasher solo 1, but I seriously doubt I have anywhere near enough strumming consistency to FC the rest of the song anyway.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 101-200 (4 songs)

Aesthetics of Hate
Constant Motion

This section has similarly been trimmed to a final four, but I've had to FC four songs to do it: Working Man (Vault Edition), B.Y.O.B., Clouds over California, and Rio. I guess I'm doing pretty good when Aesthetics of Hate is the easiest song left (that's probably the only feasible FC for me of this group). Actually I have hit Afterlife solo D but I could never figure out how to transition into it.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 201-300 (7 songs)

Two Weeks
Wake Up Dead
Devils Island
Good Mourning/Black Friday
Bad Omen
I Aint Superstitious
My Last Words

A bit more left over here...but this is the group with Peace Sells, so it's ok. The only song I've FCed off that album is The Conjuring. Two Weeks is hard, but doable, and seriously, the same is probably true of most of those Peace Sells songs. Anyway, I've FCed three songs from this group since last time, all of which contributed towards my Dr. Feelgood FAFC: Slice of Your Pie, Sticky Sweet, and Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 301-400 (3 songs)

Caprici Di Diablo
Damnation Game
Red Devil

Kinda funny how it's just the one pack, and no other songs. I could at least do Red Devil if I tried; the other two are probably out of the question though. Since last time I've FCed Holiday in Cambodia and War Zone from this group.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 401-500 (14 songs)

Rude Mood
Dirty Pool
Why Go
Warriors of Time
Waking the Demon
Chinese Democracy
There Was a Time
Riad N the Bedouins
Ocean Size
Had A Dad

That's a lot of hard songs...most of them are doable, but none would be easy to just go get. As many songs as are still there, I have made some progress here too since last time, in the form of FCs of Lucky Denver Mint, Renegade, Standing in the Shower Thinking, and Idiots Rule.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs songs 501-600 (18 songs)

Idealistic Types
Under My Wheels (Live)
Vengeance is Mine
The Great Satan
The Trooper
Wasted Years
The Number of the Beast (Original Version)
Run to the Hills (Original Version)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)
Back From the Dead
East Jesus Nowhere
Conquer All
Hammer Smashed Face
Empire of the Gun
Black Magic
This is Exile

Another big group; it was at 29 before though, so I've trimmed it down a bit by getting Pigs in Zen, My Old School, Schools Out (Live), Kids Dont Follow, LiesLiesLies, Wolf Like Me, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Clairvoyant, Fear of the Dark (Live), Iron Maiden (Live), and The Flood. I could probably get a lot of these...most don't sound so bad. Several of them I was very close to at some point. I clearly remember 100% overstrumming This is Exile.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 601-700 (2 songs)

Pick Me Up

Damn...this group was 11, and now it's just two thanks to FCs of Hell Hole, Runnin Down a Dream, Bat Country, Supersonic (Live), Girlfriend is Better, Get Ready 2 Rokk, 666, This is Thirteen, and The Wagon. I could feasibly FC both of these too...if I'm ever going to FC one of these arbitrary groups this could be the one. Not that Crawl would be easy, and I'm sure Pick Me Up is hard too...but compared to the other groups, they're easy.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 701-800 (10 songs)

More Than Meets the Eye
Show Me the Way
Satch Boogie
Surfing With the Alien
Icarus - Borne on the Wings of Steel (Live)
Best of You
Icky Thump
(You Can Still) Rock in America

I can't believe I SRFCed Best of You in GHVH and I still haven't gotten it in Rock Band...I'm sure it's harder in Rock Band but still. Anyway, I've only FCed 3 songs from this group since last time, they are Hey Dude, Salute Your Solution, and Refugee (Live). At least Refugee is a damn good FC though, probably better than a few of the ones still up there.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 801-900 (5 songs)

Holy WarsThe Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Five Magics
Tornado of Souls

Down to just 5, and they're all Megadeth...pretty solid. Lucretia and Holy Wars are probably the only ones I have a shot at. Songs I've FCed since last time are Blue Jeans, Take No Prisoners, Poison Was the Cure, and I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 901-1000 (11 songs)

You Got Me Floatin
Bold As Love
Guns of Summer
The Broken
Rapid Fire (Live)
The Great Southern Trendkill
Hole in the Earth
Crazy Babies
I Dont Want to Stop
Let Me Hear You Scream
Soul Sucker

Cut this group in half since last time by FCing Darling Dear, Spanish Castle Magic, Wait Until Tomorrow, Grinder (Live), Steeler (Live), Drag the Waters, Suicide Note Pt. II, Living Through Me (Hells Wrath), The Underground in America, Rock Ready, and Diggin Me Down. There are still definitely a lot of FCable songs up there.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 1001-1100 (5 songs)

Seize the Day
Stand Up and Shout
Among the Living

I always intended to get Stigmata; even made a practice video for myself showing how to hit all of the strumming. Maybe I'll go back for that one sometime. Anyway, since last time, I've FCed 1969, No Fun, Fijate Bien, Mala Gente, and Madhouse (Live). Those first two were first ever/first proofed FCs of very, very bad notecharts. "No Fun" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Rock Band 1/2 DLC songs 1101-1140 (3 songs)

Metal Thrashing Mad (Live)
Listen to the Music
Fire (Live)

The only arbitrary group of Rock Band 1/2 DLC that I've made absolutely no progress on...even if you count just working on a song. I haven't worked on any of these in a long time, if ever. I may have practiced Fire (Live) at some point, but I don't think I ever seriously attempted Metal Thrashing Mad (Live) or Listen to the Music, nor do I remember what's hard about them. I'm updating my Guitar Hero thread at the same time as this one (only one new FC that I got months ago, but I did this "list off the un-FCed songs" thing over there too) and I noticed that I have exactly 1140 Guitar Hero FCs. There are 1140 Rock Band 1/2/ DLC songs. Funny coincidence there. I must never FC a new song in Guitar Hero ever again.

Rock Band AC/DC (4 songs)

Jailbreak (Live)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live)
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)
Let There Be Rock (Live)

I guess I just never had the patience for Jailbreak. I know I tried it though. Since last time I've FCed Thunderstruck (Live), The Jack (Live), High Voltage (Live), Highway to Hell (Live), and For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live).

Rock Band 2 (5 songs)

Shoulder to the Plow
Peace Sells

I will let it be known that I have choked Painkiller in the 2nd solo before. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that before but if not, now I have. I know full well that I could FGFC this if I tried hard enough. Since last time I've knocked off Let There Be Rock, Get Clean, Souls of Black, and Panic Attack. I'm particularly happy/relieved about that first one, because while it's not the hardest of the tough songs, it's certainly the most tedious. And having to play it on RB2 sucks.

The Beatles Rock Band (0 songs)

I seriously don't get why people think Taxman is the hardest song in this game. I FC it just about every time I play it (which is not often, but I do still pop in TBRB every so often). However, I have only ever FCed I Me Mine one time, and I had to work for it too. On the infrequent occasions that I play TBRB, I usually run both songs (among others) and I have yet to re-FC I Me Mine. Probably never will.

The Beatles Rock Band DLC (0 songs)

This section consists of three albums, one of which I SRFCed in its entirety. There's actually a few tricky songs though...Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, All You Need is Love, and if I recall correctly Lovely Rita are all respectable FCs. And of course the Abbey Road Medley is a huge PITA if you aren't rock-solid on The End's guitar solo. Oh yeah, and don't forget about Her Majesty...I did that once. It wasn't a good time.

Lego Rock Band (0 songs)

Hell yeah...since last time I have FCed Monster to FGFC this. I know the voting probably won't go this way in the current breakdown thread, but I plan on making a push for Monster as the hardest song in the game. I FCed Short and Sweet multiple times before I was even close to getting Monster. And I consider Monster to be one of my best FCs ever, whereas Short and Sweet is kind of just another good FC.

Rock Band Network 1.0 PS3 Songs 1-100 (17 songs)

For the Love of God (Live)
Stick Stickly
Burn It Down
He Sleeps In A Grove
We Are Not Anonymous
Get the Hell Out of Here
Day of Mourning
Battle Royale
Henchmen Ride
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
River of Tuoni
Crushed Beyond Dust
Descend Into the Eternal Pits of Possession
We Are the Nightmare
The Crying Machine (Live)
Hook, Line, and Sinner

I imagine these groups will see less progress because the songs are newer, harder, and I didn't pursue them as much for FCs. I've only knocked 3 off this group since last time, they are Undone, Battles and Brotherhood, and Unfurling A Darkened Gospel. I can't believe I never got Stick Stickly on RB3; I'm pretty sure I tried. I almost got We Are Not Anonymous before but I was never consistent enough on the riffs.

Rock Band Network 1.0 PS3 Songs 101-200 (32 songs)

Swallow the Razor
Packet Flier
Riot Act
Now Demolition
Death Quota for Purification
Infected Nation
Shallow Waters
In Memory
Life Unworthy of Life
You Aint No Family
A Drug Against War
Curse You All Men! (Live)
Fight to Kill
Living In A Whirlwind
Head Up High
Bled to Be Free (The Operation)
Guitar Sound
Inno A Satana (Live)
Hold On
Wake Up
Deliver Us
Thank You, Pain

So many hard songs...damn RBN was brutal then. All that I've managed to FC from this group since last time is Valkyries, Hanuman, and The Waiting One.

Rock Band Network 1.0 PS3 Songs 201-239 (11 songs)

For We Are Many
Dark Horse
Fate of the Maiden
Kokko Eagle of Fire
Modern Mathematics
Whatever Is Wrong With You
Flag in the Ground
The Hounds of Anubis
Hey Baby, Heres That Song You Wanted
Stay Here Forever

I'm not sure why I subdivided it like this, but I feel like there was a good reason, so I'll keep it like this. The only song from here that I've FCed since last time is 10 Signs You Should Leave.

Rock Band Network 1.0 PS3 Songs 240-300 (12 songs)

Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With a Monkey Face)
The Fire and the Fury
Evil Inside Me
Devoid of Thought
Plague to End All Plagues
Surprise Valley (Live)
Cimmerian Shamballa
World on Fire
The Omen
Dawn of a Million Souls (Rock Band Mix)
Oye Vaya
The Resonance

A Christmas Rock Medley, the only song I've FCed since from this group, is literally song #300. So I was THAT close to no progress...

Rock Band Network 1.0 PS3 Songs 301-329 (6 songs)

Persistence of Vision
Chasing the Light
Second Sight Blackout
We Collide

...but I would have had progress here instead. As it stands, no progress, but there's not so many songs so it's understandable. The only song on the list that I remember anything about is Chasing the Light, because it had a run in the high 20s (NPS-wise). The song name seems fitting.

Green Day Rock Band (0 songs)

Just a bunch of chordfests. There were a few tricky ones, but nothing big-deal; I might actually rank this FGFC below The Beatles Rock Band because of I Me Mine. I can't remember for sure what the hard ones were, but I want to say Brain Stew/Jaded was the worst...and Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy sounds like it was one of the annoying ones too. My last FC was actually Letterbomb (if we ignore Song of the Century), but I think that's just because it was the last song on the setlist. Yeah, looking at my FC list for the game I noticed that it's in the exact same order as my database listing the songs (game career order/tier order). I'm not sure, but that was probably on purpose.

Rock Band 3 (3 songs)

Crazy Train
Caught in a Mosh
Rainbow in the Dark

Apparently I was horrible at RB3 when I last did this, because there were 13 songs on that list. Thirteen! Songs I've FCed since are Antibodies, Foolin, Here I Go Again, Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting), Beast and the Harlot, Before I Forget, Roundabout, Llama, 25 or 6 to 4, and Free Bird. Eh, most of those are good FCs anyway; Before I Forget is the only one that really strikes me as odd. Wasn't it easier than GH3? Anyway, RB3 is similar to RB2 in FGFC difficulty to me: there's no ridiculous crazy-hard songs anywhere (RB on-disc in general doesn't really have that outside of AC/DC and Blitz), but lots of tough songs in each game. Even RB1 was like that, though the tough songs were a bit easier (Train, Creep, Highway Star, etc.) and the hardest song was nigh-impossible until RB3 fixed the strum limit. I'd say RB3 is the hardest of the main games because of the stupidity of Caught in a Mosh (which I strongly believe is the hardest song in the game after making good progress on Rainbow in the Dark recently) and the broken lanes in several of the hard songs. Fortunately the two hardest songs (CiaM and Rainbow) don't have any lanes, but several of the other hard songs do have them.

Rock Band 3 DLC songs 1-100 (3 songs)

Love Me Two Times
Sweet Home Alabama (Live)
Dame Aire

I'm going to go ahead and say this might be the easiest arbitrary group of RB3 DLC, because those 3 are all quite FCable. I could be wrong though; there's a lot of easy RB3 DLC. This list was twice as big last time; songs I've knocked off are Tuesdays Gone, Keep Yourself Alive, and Now Im Here. Tuesday's Gone was my 2000th FC.

Rock Band 3 DLC songs 101-200 (2 songs)

Through the Fire and Flames
Operation Ground and Pound

No progress here, but it's kind of hard to do anything when all that's left is two DragonForce songs, one of which has never even been done. At least I've passed Operation Ground and Pound legitimately though.

Rock Band 3 DLC 201-300 (12 songs)

Hot Blooded
Mr. Crowley
Flying High Again
I Dont Know
Welcome to the Family
Nothin But A Good Time
I've Seen All Good People
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Child in Time

This was only songs 201-266 before, because that's all there was last time I did this. Now it goes all the way to 300, which adds four more songs (the last four on the list). So even though I've since FCed King of Rock and Bark at the Moon, this group has two more un-FCd songs than it did before. Subsequent groups of RB3 DLC will have no "progress" because they didn't exist last time.

Rock Band 3 DLC 301-400 (14 songs)

Pulse of the Maggots
On the Backs of Angels
Ghosts of Perdition
In Waves
We Built This City
The Spirit of Radio (Live)
Rebel Love Song
Long Hot Summer Night
Gypsy Eyes
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live)
2112: Overture, The Temple of Syrinx
2112: Discovery, Presentation

In this group, I see lots of stupid charts, one borderline impossible stupid chart that nobody has ever FCed, and a few songs that I just don't like playing. I'm not a fan of 2112 at all really; even the segments are too long for me not to get very bored with. I have FCed all of the 2112 parts in GHWoR, but they're charted much harder in Rock Band (and the segments are longer). And no I haven't FCed the last part, it's just that it's song #401, pushing it out of this group and into the next one. The only song in this group I could see myself actually going for is We Built This City, though grinding that would get boring. Voodoo Child is fun as well but it's too hard.

Rock Band 3 DLC 401-500 (16 songs)

2112: Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, Grand Finale
Falling Away From Me
Public Enemy No. 1
Raining Blood
South of Heaven
Seasons in the Abyss
Killing in the Name
Phantom of the Opera
The Prisoner
Flight of Icarus
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Scream Aim Fire
Not Again
The End of Heartache

There's that other part of 2112. Falling Away From Me might be vulnerable to my now-increased strum lane-fighting skills. Maybe even Raining Blood too (Flood! becomes strum lane city in Rock Band). I think a few others of these were also lane songs (i.e. songs that would be easy if not for the presence of lanes); some are definitely legit hard songs though. And I just have to say this: Scream Aim Fire's chart is retarded. Not Again's chart is too, to a lesser extent.

Rock Band 3 DLC 501-578 (3 songs)

Cry Thunder
More Than Words

I don't think this is easier than the first group (Love Me Two Times, Sweet Home Alabama, and Dame Aire), but it seems close. Cry Thunder is DragonForce, but it's really, really easy for DragonForce (that's not to say it isn't a hard song, because it is). More Than Words and Rosanna are hard, but definitely FCable. I doubt I'll ever FC More Than Words though just because I hate the song, it's long, and the hard part is at the end.

Rock Band Network 2.0 PS3 Songs 1-100 (27 songs)

Fight for Greatness
Veil of Illumination (Part 1)
Veil of Illumination (Part 2)
Chameleon Carneval
The Curse
Thou Shall Not Fear
The Depths of Memory
Angela Surf City
My Star
Another Step
Queen Bee
Curse of the Werewolf
What's Left Of Me
The Battle of Lil' Slugger (Remix)
River of Glass
Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor, Third Movement: Zero Hour
Pray for Plagues
Turning Sheep into Goats/Systematomatic
Expert Mode
Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You
The Space For This
Willow of Tears

This one went from 13 songs (when the total was only 30) to 27 now. I have not FCed any of those first 13; they're all still there. It's definitely an improvement percentage-wise at least (27/100 un-FCed > 13/30 un-FCed). One thing I noticed here that is totally unrelated to song difficulty is that RBN2.0 seemed to have a lot of very long song titles. I used copy-paste on several occasions when adding new songs to this group. Also, in my database, the RBN2.0 table is the only one in which the combined length of the longest song title and band name stretched beyond the width of my computer screen. The longest band name is "MC Lars feat. MC Bat Commander and Suburban Legends," and the longest song title (which is even longer than that band name) will appear in a later group; I will point it out when it shows up. On a note related to FCing, I 100% overstrummed Lil' Slugger once, and the overstrum was in one of the fast HOPO runs that I was strumming parts of for reasons unknown. So I would have had that FC had I not been retarded during my best run of the song.

Rock Band Network 2.0 PS3 Songs 101-200 (25 songs)

You Only Live Once
Children Surrender
Perfect Weapon
Heaven's Calling
Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex
The Thief in the Night - Part 1
Riptide Resort
The End of Progress
The Way it Ends
Ziltoidia Attaxx!!
Without Morals
Turn Around
Heavy Weather - The Storm ov the Undead
Lethean Tears
The Epic, Part 3.7 (RBN Remix)
My Frailty
Can 'o Salt (Remix)
Diamond Eyes

I forgot that Nemesis and The Way it Ends were in Rock Band. Also, Heavy Weather is a cool song. I could never make any sense of Diachylon's hardest part in real time, despite knowing exactly what it is (I can only actually see it if I pause a video).

Rock Band Network 2.0 PS3 Songs 201-300 (34 songs)

Gravitational Lensing
The Cascade Effect
Over the Top
Time Bomb
Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun
Never... Again
Back Through Time
Force Feedback
Beer, Metal, Trolls, and Vomit!
Martyr to Science
The Fall of Psilanthropy
I am S/H(im)e[r] as You am S/H(im)e[r] as You are Me and We am I and I are All Our Together
Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation
Reap (Radio Edit)
Field of Serpents
By Your Command
Creatures ov Deception (RB3 Version)
Desecration Day
Mouth Without a Head
Death of a Dream
A Blinding Light
Until I Feel Nothing
Come Now Follow

"Psilanthrophy" is the idea that Jesus Christ was only human (i.e. not in possession of supernatural powers) just in case anybody was wondering. Time Bomb is one of my favorite songs that I've discovered through RBN. It's pretty fun to play too; too bad I always sucked at it. I am S/H(im)e[r] as You am S/H(im)e[r] as You are Me and We am I and I are All Our Together is the song with the longest title, which is responsible for stretching out my database table to a ridiculous length. I remember it being long and annoying, and I think I only ever played it once.

Rock Band Network 2.0 PS3 Songs 301-400 (28 songs)

The Ravenous
Forever in Lies
The Final Act
Circus Black
In the Wake of Evolution
Moments of Clarity
The Thief in the Night - Part II
Evolutionary Sleeper
The Obsidian Conspiracy
Frontier Factory: Remanufactured
A Pure Evil
This is the Album You've Been Waiting For
Bland Street Bloom
Skinny Seventeen
The Restless Mind
This Round's On Me
Solar Winds
On Black Wings
Fading Sacrifice
Cold Kiss
Our Finest Hour
Act of War

I don't remember much specifically of Bland Street Bloom, but I remember it having some of the weirdest rhythms I've ever seen in a song, with lots of quintuplet strumming; I would bet money that nobody has ever SRFCed it. Skinny Seventeen I believe had bad guitar playing charted hyper-accurately in a solo. Dash had a really hard and not-fun solo. On Black Wings is a good song to listen to. Betrayed brought back the feeling of playing Thrasher for the first time. I don't really have much to talk about with these groups so I'm just listing a few random things I remember about some of the songs.

Rock Band Network 2.0 PS3 Songs 401-475 (13 songs)

The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part II
Just A Lie
Forbidden City
Rage and Pain
The Fractal Reason
Make the Sauce
The Duel
The Brave/Agony Applause (RB3 Version)
Rise Above
The Final Battle

I want to say that the reason there's comparatively fewer un-FCed songs here (even if you factor in the reduced group size, it's still less, percentage-wise) is because I'm better now than I was when I sightread most of the older songs, and in recent times I've been strangely hardcore about FCing annoying songs, whereas in the past I would often skip over them after sightread without even bothering to load up practice mode. I feel like I FCed lots of songs in my latest sessions that I probably would have skipped over in the past. It makes me wonder how many songs of that difficulty level remain in RBN and RBN2.0 for me. Probably quite a few, as 57.4% of all my un-FCed Rock Band songs hail from the Rock Band Network. Yes I calculated this. 205 total un-FCed RBN/RBN2.0 songs out of 357 total un-FCed Rock Band songs.

Rock Band Blitz (3 songs)

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Cult of Personality
Once Bitten Twice Shy

I think I would have a decent chance at Bang Your Head and Cult of Personality if I tried hard enough. I actually almost FCed the entire first solo of Bang Your Head one time; I think it was in practice mode. I have hit every part of it individually, though obviously I'm not very consistent or I would have FCed the song. I hit the hardest part of Once Bitten Twice Shy on 80% speed once, but even that felt a bit lucky and no way could I replicate that on full speed.

Over 13,000 words later...normally I proof-read my posts, but it's just too much here. I'm just going to post and check for any egregious errors after the fact. First though, as a bit of summing up, here are my total rhythm game stats as of now:

Guitar Hero FCs = 1140 (204 un-FCed)
Rock Band FCs = 2595 (357 un-FCed)
Rock Revolution FCs = 43 (10 un-FCed)

Grand Total = 3778 (571 un-FCed)

...and that's what I've always loved about these games. You can always get better, and there's always more songs to FC.

And now, before I post, I'm going to check and see if anybody noticed my updated thread title (unlikely because this thread was not on page one...but possible I guess) and necro-ed me.

...and in doing so, I read your post slashn0. Thanks, and yes I do still play, albeit sporadically. I was playing pretty hardcore these past few weeks to finish all those sightreads, but now it will be pretty casual. I could see myself getting 2600 FCs, though probably not too soon since each new FC will take work.

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Even if this will end up your final post in this thread, it's great that you finally had a wrap-up, in-depth post detailing all you've done. Although I didn't read the whole thing, I did skim through it. I honestly find it awesome how you've kept track of every FC, (it must be a huge pain. I can barely account for my 1000 overall FCs, and here you have 3,778 across GH, RR, and RB... all on guitar) but yeah, even if this is it, amazing job.
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