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11/24: 3 BILLION UNIQUE POINTS| FGFCs/OMBs: 173/19 | FC/OMB: ???
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Seeing as Cabanon made a goals list for 2019, I thought I'd take a page from that book and try to figure out what goals I want to do in 2019.

#1: Input all on-disc Drums/Vocals scores
#1.1: HVox FGFCs on all, HDrums min.. -15 on all, try for XVox HGFCs

This is my current goal (albeit one I didn't actually outright say I was starting on). My main goal is the make sure all the WT-onward games have all scores inputted for their On-disc songs for both Drums and Vox, since those are the two instruments I haven't done that with.

1.1 is a subset goal that I intend to try for as well. I'm not counting E/M FGFCs due to my policy of always FCing songs on those difficulties (barring legit un-FCable stuff like The Catalyst MGuitar), so the only issues are Hard and expert. I do feel like HVox on GH is a matter of trying to understand and work with the Vox engine, so I do think that, with enough time, I can get HVox FGFCs like I want (or at least be about -5 or so to a FSFC), I also want to get XVox FGFCs, but for these I may just try for half-game FCs and then go from there.

HDrums I know I'm not going to get a lot of FGFCs on because most games have that one song (or two, or five) that is either just in range of my skill or far beyond it at this point. The only FGFCs I expect to get are VH (I do already have scores put in on HDrums but I know I can FGFC so I'll do that when I get there) and probly BH. GHM has WE, DE, and FFWF; SH has TTFAF (and BatH to a lesser extent), and WoR has FotS/CW. GH5 might be in the same realm as BH and VH, but as I haven't seen 21CSM's chart yet that's the one part I don't know about. If I can do that, then I'm golden.

XDrums I'm not going to be as gung-ho as I would be. I'd like to try to get half-game FCs for sure, though.

#2: Do the same for RB
#2.1: SRFGFC RBB E or MDrums

The next step, then, is to get scores input for the RB on-disc songs, especially for Drums. I'm not entirely sure why I ignored RB Drums for so long, though I think I didn't have a kit at the time. That's mainly what I need to do, besides doing XVox for RB1/2 on RB3 minus non-exportables (which I actually already did for RB1, so no worries there). Other than -1-ing AC/DC (Jailbreak), that will set me up quite nicely on Vox since I'll have almost all of it FGFC'd on all difficulties

I wholly expect to get HDrum FGFCs for each game (except for maybe a -1 for RB1/2 for Visions/RttH, though I certainly think I can FC Visions), alongside the obvious E/M FGFCs. One thing I'd really like to do, though, is record at least one SRFGFC, which I've never done. My hope is that I can do it on RBB E/M Drums, or else I'd have to wait for Live/RB4 to have another shot.

#3: Mystery FGFC!

What is it? It's a mystery! Just be aware it'll be on the RB side first.

#4: 200 FGFCs (...ah, hell, 25 OMBFGFCs, too)

As the natural flow from the first two goals, I fully expect to be within 5 FGFCs of this if I don't get it from the first two by themselves. And I do think I have enough left to get it without dipping into Misc. games (DJH, DS games, etc.) Just as a check, assuming I do have 174 FGFCs right now and not caring for what I can get for this list outside of some super-obvious ones:

GHM HDrums
GH5 XBass
GH5 HDrums
GH5 H/XVox
BH XGuitar
BH E-XDrums
WoR XBass
WoR E-HDdrums
WoR E-XVox
RB1 HDrums
RB1 XVox
RB2 E-HDrums
RB2 XGuitar
RB2 XVox
LRB XGuitar
RB3 E-HDrums
RB3 XVox
RBB XGuitar
RBB E-HDrums

That's 54 still available right off the bat. Even discounting most of the GH HDrums and the GH xVox, that still leaves me over 30, so it should happen. That's my hope.

#5: Advancing on Bushi's scoreboards

I don't think there'll be enough time left in 2019 to do this one, given how long I expect to be taking for all of those FGFCs, but it will be a good segue into 2020 since that's where I'll be anyways (at least until I do finally dip into the Misc. games and can play RB4/Live). Ostensibly my goal is at least top 20 for XGuitar and at least top 15 for the others but preferably top 10. I don't think I can go for much more, both because I'm not that great a squeezer and my guitars have very distinct (if minute) whammy lag that keeps me from getting SP from just-half-bar-length phrases needed for high scores.

#6: Score stats board shenanigans +DLC score inputs

I haven't forgotten about this, but now I've gotten a bit of a hankering for going for FGFCs now, so I'm switching to that. I still intend to start from WoR and work backwards so i can cover all the SP paths I need to make, and not worry about where I get my FCs from.

As fo 2018, that seems like a pretty tame year, all things considered. It's a lot less lively (and a bit lighter) than 2017, but then again I wasn't actively trying to burden myself with constant playtime like I did in 17. I still slipped into it anyways, but the intent to cut myself some slack was still there. It also marked my real debut with Lefty, where I did get a lot more done than I expected to. That account won't really amount to more than a side project that I play on to let my interest in GH simmer instead of dying out completely, but it will be nice if I get to the point I can go for FGFCs there, too. Especially when I can play even 1/4th as well as I do on righty.

Welp, that's the plan. Feel free to tell me what you think. Unless I feel really inspired I don't think I'll change this down the line (inb4June2019melaughsinmyface), but suggestions are always welcome. And feel free to guess what magic FGFC #200 will be! I haven't made up my mind on it, given the slim pickings, but you're always welcome to make a guess!

RB accomps: 1 BILLION PS3 POINTS! 1st w/1B on 2 consoles!
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