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VLefty 2/24: Bass, M, SH, 5 top 1K; 15/15 top 1000!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 63

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +1797 to 8501st
PS3: +128th to 717th
Medium: +151 to 1122nd
Hard: +2207 to 4064th
Guitar: +1250 to 20702nd
Bass: +207 to 1058th
Drums: +428 to 2367th
Guitar Hero 3: +604 to 18776th
Aerosmith: +157 to 2890th
World Tour: +460 to 4124th
Metallica: +109 to 2150th
Smash Hits: +139 to 1491st
Guitar Hero 5: +141 to 1207th
Rock Band 3: +97 to 970th (1000!)

Goal Progress: +1 to 11/15

Guitar Hero Aerosmith MFCs:
Cat Scratch Fever (1/41)

I almost confused myself because my previous update to Aerosmith sid I went to 2046th, but this update on the wiki only had me at 2889th (2090th, really, but if you aren't within the set amount of listed rankings, excluding the highest number, it drops you one rank for some reason; if you want to be properly listed in, say, the top 10, you have to be 1st-9th at the very least, though I think being 10th might be fine. 11th just puts you down to 10th if you aren't tied in points). I realized I typo'd and that the previous update took me to 3046th, not 2046th, so crisis averted.

Speaking of rankings, RB3 is my 11th rank in the top 1000! Thankfully my hope that the last 66 ranks needed less than 500K was a good one, though it's going to be considerably harder to get to the top 500, I think. It's only about...11mil or so, but with RB points that's a long way away.

Both Bass and Medium are going to fall this update. Actually, I'm probably gonna have to step it up for a couple of other ones because I do want to get to top 15 by March like I originally thought I would. Granted, it's not a really big deal if I don't, but I'm just persnickety like that. GH5 and SH are the prime targets for this.

So, the gameplan for the week should be to get Medium done via GH3 and GHA, HBass with Metallica and SH (and probably with some HGuitar thrown in for SH itself), and then Drums for WT and 5. I probably won't get SH and 5 by the end of this week since SH needs about 6mil and 5 needs 5mil, but I will try to invest more into these two games than the others.

On a slight tangent, I wonder if something's up with the way I hold the guitar because my thumb feels like it hurts to bend it certain ways now. It's just in the thumb and nowhere else so I'm fairly sure it's not carpal tunnel or anything, but it's annoying that I can't bend it every way I usually can without it hurting.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 63

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +2662 to 5840th
PS3: +200 to 518th
Hard: +2291 to 1774th
Medium: +236 to 886 (Top 1000!)
Guitar: +3757 to 16946th
Bass: +269 to 780th (Top 1000!)
Drums: +651 to 1717th
Guitar Hero 3: +711 to 18066th
Aerosmith: +335 to 2556th
World Tour: +374 to 3751st
Metallica: +157 to 1994th
Smash Hits: +489 to 1002nd (Really?)
Guitar Hero 5: +207 to 1000th (Top 1000!)

Goal Progress: +4 to 15/15 (Goal complete!)

Guitar Hero Aerosmith MFCs:
#2 - All Day and All of the Night

Completed difficulties:
Guitar Hero Smash Hits HBass
Guitar Hero Aerosmith Medium

Okay, yes, it's not technically completely, but I'm 2 fucking ranks from 1000 on Smash Hits. I'm not going to be so pedantic about it that I'll waste this upcoming week on that. I will at least drop it down to under 1000 today (and likely do the same for GH5), but as of today the goal is complete, and it's time to switch over to 2x for awhile.

One thing I've noticed is that I feel an...I guess an oscilliating sense of desire for either side. Leading up to 2018 I was feeling kinda eager to jump into lefty because I was getting a little worn out from pushing so hard for the top 10 rankings. Recently, though, I noticed I was gaining a growing desire to come back to 2x instead, though not because I was worn out. I guess I was feeling a desire just to come back, or something. It's not a bad thing until I start feeling extreme weariness pulling me to one account or the other, but I thought it something to point out.

I finished inputting scores for two different games this week, too. I could have stopped with SH since I was only halfway there at the start of the week, but I was also looking for points and though I could get most of the way there. I very nearly did get it with just the rest of HBass, but not all the way. As for GHAM, I pretty much only had the Vault plus the two songs I couldn't get scores inputted for, so it really wasn't too much hassle to go through, like, 7 songs.

So yeah. I'll play a little bit longer on SH and 5, and then I'm back to righty mode again. Don't expect a reply today unless you get one in fast enough.
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