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VLefty 12/24: Van Halen all songs unlocked (9/15-ish)
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:19 pm    Post subject: VLefty 12/24: Van Halen all songs unlocked (9/15-ish) Reply with quote

List of goals:


All: +1695 to 2749th
PS3: +134 to 274th
Hard: +494 to 381st (Top 500!)
Guitar: +4720 to 8190th (Top 10K!)
Drums: +508 to 730th (Top 1000!)
Guitar Hero 3: +7436 to 8539th (top 10K!)
Aerosmith: +1051 to 759th (Top 1000!)
World Tour: +540 to 2389th
Metallica: +923 to 816th (Top 1000!)

Goal progress: 20/20 Goal (ostensibly) complete!


July 7th, 2018

All: Now 4443rd
Hard: Now at 974th (Top 1000!)
PS3: Now at 407th
Guitar: Now at 12909th
Drums: Now a 1237th
Guitar Hero 3: Now at 15974th
Aerosmith: Now at 1809th
World Tour: Now at 2928th
Metallica: Now at 1738th


So, what is this new account that looks oddly similar to Voidedalive2x, you may ask yourself? Just what is he doing?

Well, for those smart ones out there who either have an inkling or have already guessed: This is my newly-made alt account. Specifically, my alt account to document my scores on Lefty Flip.

No, I did not typo. Yes, I'm serious. I'm going to be trying my hand at basically re-learning this game from the ground up on the other side, on Guitar, Bass and Drums. When I'm on this account, everything is going to be flipped (Except Vocals because you can't flip that, obviously), and that's how I'll play. I'll obviously just be sticking to Easy and possibly Medium for now, but with luck I can at least get up to Hard. That's my goal. Expert's a tad unlikely except for Drums, though, and even then that'd only be for 1-2 star/difficulty charts.

Just to be clear, though, this will not take over my main account. I will be playing a lot over there, and I'll likely just take a week or two a month and play this way just to mix it up. I will also likely not be shooting for FCs, and definitely won't be shooting for scores. Vocals will also not be something I'll do unless I actually have only Vox left for an OMB, at which point I will, but not for anything else.

Figuring out how to arrange my stats and stuff will have to wait for later, but I may very well start off the next week immersing myself into this new world. Wish me luck!

Also, may I just add how fucking weird it is to be starting a new account like this and not seeing a sig nor my Free Bird status on my name? Very weird.

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Joined: 12 Nov 2011
Posts: 696
Location: Tennessee

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

interesting concept :O interested to see how this turns out
I [mostly] play drums and GH Live.

Guitar Hero + Rock Band Expert Drums Dual FSFC - September 21st, 2017
Proud lefty who conformed to right-handed mode... show some respect! ;)
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

slashn0 wrote:
interesting concept :O interested to see how this turns out

I hope it turns out to be interesting as well. Like I said, this is gonna be a pretty steep learning curve once i get up to Hard and Expert, or even Medium for Guitar/Bass.

Over top 500:
Green Day at 487th
Band Hero at 500th0000

I thought I got both Green Day and Lego, but either I miscalculated or people got more points than me all the way down there.

I tried to get Band Hero done before the update, but that wasn't to be. Still, it should be good next update, and I'll make sure Lego is as well. EDIT: Nvm, I already had Band Hero. Lego wasn't there yet, though.

In any case, this is going to be my plan for now. I'm gonna try to get every type I have on my lefty sheet up above the top 1k and 500 before delving into going rank by rank. It does mean that some games are gonna take longer than others (and some like Gh3 aren't going to happen at all until I feel comfortable enough to play on Hard), but if I don't I'm not gonna be able to get a good measure of how well I'm doing on those boards. It kinda sucks, but that's how it is. It'll be slow going for now, since I'm on Bass and Easy (not the best combo for getting points), but more should come in once Drums are available, as well as with medium. In fact, Easy and Medium will likely be the first ones to be switched around, both to keep things fresh and because I'm going to use that to help bump my skill. I don't feel at all comfortable with jumping to Hard and the orange fret yet, but that will come with time.

(Hey, Cirri. If you could fix that stupid problem on "Scores by Game=1000" page where it doesn't load at all, that'd be great! Or anyone, for that matter)

I would like some input in regards to whether or not I should mark my 5*s or not along with FCs. I know that on Drums I'm going to 5* most of those with no problem, and it appears that on Easy I may not have as hard a time as I thought, but it might be worthwhile to track those on Medium, and will likely be required on Hard and Expert. maybe I should keep those in my sig?

Anyways, that's all for my first official update. Stay warm during winter!
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Joined: 25 Sep 2011
Posts: 1333
Location: Canada, Eh?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

pretty cool, looks like you typoed one of your scores however; A-Punk on Easy Bass (LRB) you put 200k instead of 20k
Current Goals (long-ish term)
Get 1 Billion Points on user stats board(s)
King Diamond wrote:
I was born on a cemetery, under the sign of the moon!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Derp. Thanks for catching that!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ranks over 500:
Keys, at 307th
Band Hero (definitely!), at 495th
Lego Rock Band (also definitely!), at 496th

And Your Bird Can Sing
Drive My Car

Young Gun! For, I think, the 3rd time? I don't recall if Voidedmen or Voidedman25 reached more than 10 posts (though, the less we dwell on those, the better).

Band Hero and LRB are confirmed over top 500 now, without any sort of ambiguity. I also decided to take care of Keys, since that was easy enough (I suspect that the RBN (RB3) low scores are from Diachylon), though in retrospect I should've done it on RB3 instead of RBN. oh well.

Beatles is halfway through as far as scores, but there's still 4 million left. it's to be expected, as TBRB is very point-starved and has more plays than GDRB does. I'll likely have guitar, bass and drums scores inputted before it's all said and done.

But, although there aren't enough points at the top 1000 for Easy and Medium, there likely is enough for the top 500, which is likely where the next points will be. I kinda have to, since the Games category literally can't go to the top 1000 (else a lot of these totals would be easier). Getting on the boards will take a good while, and I suppose I can try to mix things up if I want, but that isn't quite as appealing to me. We'll see.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

no new top 500s this week, though I kinda stayed off playing on lefty for awhile until this week.

Unfortunately, a lot of the other top 500s are in the 10s of millions or higher, which, quite frankly, is not conducive to speedily getting through all the games. And I'm well aware I'm not gonna be able to do any squeezing without some way to move the whammy bar to accomodate lefties. It's still kinda fun to do, though, and it reminds me of when i used to have it rough when I started (although it's a LOT rougher on lefty than it was on righty, even accounting for essentially being forced to start to learn on Expert instead of Easy). With that in mind, I've got a simpler system: I'm going to simply go by increments of 50k or 100k each time, more or less rotating the instruments and playing easy or hard as they come. I may shift E and M to be more than that (500K, maybe) so I'm not necessarily stuck on one forever, but at least this way I'm not plodding on on game the entire time. I can afford to as 2x, but not here.

But, I will be keeping track of when I pass top 500 marks as well as FCs, and whenever I do pass the top 500 I'll just maark that game off the list until they're all above 500. May not be updating often, but I will be updating. Stay tuned!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's quite a few goals for VAlive, yeah, but I have some goals and markers for the lefty side, too.

1. 10 tracked scores in the top 500
Current progress: 5/10

The first and foremost goal on my mind for this account, starting out. The lack of being able to look at the top 1000 for the games is really annoying, so I have to go for top 500 on all of them. THere's also the fact that I am not that enthused about sticking to one game for over 100m points at this stage--it's slightly more bearable when I'm in the top 5 and it's necessary to get past philansemo or sjay, but it here it makes this sort of venture a little boring since I'm learning from the ground up, more or less.

So I've broken it down to something like this: The 3 instruments (Guitar, Bass and Drums; Keys is already over 500 and I will only care about Vox if an OMBFC/FGFC is imminent since you can't lefty flip it) will be worked in increments of about 300k or 500K; Easy and Medium will have increments of 500K, and if I feel like going up to Hard that will be 250K; and the games themselves will have increments of roughly 200k. These increments will continue until all the games are over the top 500, at which point the normal way I rank through the user stats will go into effect.

This distribution allows me to be diverse in what I play so I'm not too bored of any one instrument, gives me time on easy and Medium (and I might very well add Hard for the challenge, though I definitely won't have high hopes on that), while the lower values for the games lets me play through multiple in a week, potentially going through every single one in a week if I have the time. It will naturally dwindle as more of them reach the top 500, and the non-game categories will have to continue like regular stats when they hit the top 500, but by then I will hopefully have enough of a grasp I can play and FC songs on easy more often than I don't.

2. All tracked scores in the top 500
Current total: 5

Basically the natural ending for the above, so all that up there applies.

3. 5 Easy FGFCs
Current FGFCs: 05

Don't get me wrong, FGFCs are currently neither a priority nor a possibility. I still have trouble moving my right-hand fingers the correct way on the frets, and I haven't been tested as far as strumming goes yet. But I do think that these are possible and worth having as a goal, even if it may be over a year before I can even do it. (well, I could do it on Drums, but that's why one of the added caveats that there has to be at least 1 FGFC of all 4 instruments, with one extra as a sort-of wildcard

4. 1 Medium FGFC
Current progress: 0/1

This is even less likely because adding my pinky to the mix is even harder and more mangly than I originally thought. Still, it's good to have something here to shoot for, right? Just maybe don't expect this to happen soon. (Hard is not happening for the foreseeable future, btw. Don't even ask. No, not even RB HDrums, except MAAAAAAYBE The Beatles. And that's a big "maybe")

5. Appear on Bushi's Easy boards (Guitar and Bass, RB and GH)
Current progress: 0/99

These are more of an eventuality than anything, and considering I have no means to actually pursue SP paths (my inability to FC even the easiest easy songs notwithstanding) it's not like I'll be able to pursue a lot of advancement. However, getting onto the boards (sans the O211 for now since I only have Gh3 available to me) is well within my reach, and I'm reasonably sure I can get into the top 30 before I have scores on all the on-disc songs. Maybe the top 20 for the RB side because of the lack of stuff.

6. Appear on Bushi's Medium boards (G/B, RB/GH)

Ditto the above.

It's not as big a list as for Voidedalive2x, that's true, but it's never meant to be. But I do want something to go for here so I'm not just wandering aimlessly and then eventually set this aside. I will probably set this down first before I'm done with 2x, to be frank, but I think I will enjoy it for at least a year or two.

Also, no, I have no intention of doing any pro instruments here.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SO! With a new year comes new things, and in this case a kinda-needed change of pace. So I'm just gonna dawdle on through lefty mode, hopefully at a much more sedate pace than what I put myself through in VAlive. I'm not going to officially start until it's Jan 1st central time (which is in roughly 4 hours), but I can at least start some of the groundwork.

Current Goal:
Get 15 stats above the top 1000

Standings: 5/15

Not really any other way to start, in my opinion. I'm not really interested in sitting through one single game for this, especially in cases of high DLC volume (coughRBcough), so I'm instead just going to play each game as they come, on Easy or Medium (and possibly Hard, though I definitely won't focus there until I have to), by each instrument as I come to them (with the exception of Vocals, which I won't play at all unless I'm going to try for OMBFCs/FGFCs). There are some I expect will reach the top before others (such as The Beatles or Van Halen), so this might not actually take as long as I think it will.

As I mentioned before when I laid out some basic goals for this account, I've set some point thresholds for each of these so I'm not sticking to one game or another for too long. But, I'm going to modify the totals compared to that one, so these are the new amounts:

Difficulty: For Easy, it will be 1 million points; Medium will have about 700K; and Hard, should I ever need/want to play on that difficulty, will have 400K. While Medium and Hard have more points available to them, I will not be playing them as much nor get the same amount of points from them as I would for Easy, so their thresholds are much lower. If any of these difficulties happen to reach the top 1000 I will still play them, but if I get to the top 500 I may consider moving off that difficulty for the time being. Expert will not be under consideration for the forseeable future, and I honestly never expect to get to the point where Expert is even possible, even for the most basic songs out there.

Instrument: Each instrument will have about 500K-600K allotted to them, which works out since only Guitar, Bass and Drums are under consideration. I doubt Keys will ever get enough players to even have 500 stats up, so it's not going to matter until we get to proper stat rankings.

Game: Each game will get about 300-400K, although I'm considering giving the GH games up to 500K simply because they have more points than the RB games do. While I'm cutting out RB1 and RB2 due to imports, I haven't decided if I want to do anything on them when the time comes for FGFCs besides FCing any non-importables.

And, since I might as well mark where I'm starting from, here's my stat rankings for the start of the year:

All: 31,401st with 5.8 million points
PS3: 2,744th with 5.8 million points
Easy: 2,612th with 4.4 million points
Medium: 8,600th with 1.2 million points
Hard: 20,279th with 109K points
Guitar: 40,375th with 1.2 million points
Bass: 2,562nd with 2.9 million points
Drums: 6,640th with 1.5 million points
Keys: 315th with 26208 points
Guitar Hero 3: 30,418th with 136K points
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: 4,320th with 391K points
Guitar Hero World Tour: 7,456th wth 342K points
Guitar Hero Metallica: 3,644th with 870K points
Guitar Hero Smash Hits: 2,857th with 278K points
Guitar Hero 5: 2,902nd with 231 points
Guitar Hero Van Halen: 1,238th with 267K points
Band Hero: 502nd with 1.1 million points
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock: 1,713rd with 250K points
The Beatles Rock Band: 1,096th with 764K points
Lego Rock Band: 501st with 461K points
Green Day Rock Band: 496th with 148K points
Rock Band 3: 1,668th with 263K points
Rock Band Network (RB3): 274th with 220K points

I'm not going to bother listing Bushi's boards because I know the only board I'm on is the EBass board for...I think every category. GHLive and RB4 aren't included since I can't even play those yet.

So that's where I start. We'll see just how long it takes for me to do this. For now, I'll make sure the edge cases are definitively in the top 500, then work from there.

Welcome to 2018 everyone!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +4971 to 26431st
PS3: +491 to 2254th
Easy: +496 to 2117th
Medium: +2499 to 6102nd
Hard: +3125 to 17155th
Guitar: +5446 to 34930th
Bass: +220 to 2343rd
Drums: +1155 to 5486th
Guitar Hero 3: +5105 to 25314th
Metallica: +321 to 3324th
Smash Hits: +438 to 2420th
Guitar Hero 5: +440 to 2463rd
Van Halen: +180 to 1059th
Band Hero: +8 to 494th (Top 500!)
Warriors of Rock: +150 to 1564th
The Beatles Rock Band: +86 to 1011th
Lego Rock Band: +8 to 494th
Rock Band 3: +181 to 1488th

It does feel weird to be marking rank-ups like this, and somewhat time-consuming, but it's not like I have any other way that I can think of to do it. Granted, it'll be easier once more and more drop into the 500's, but still.

On a related note, GH3 may not even get there since I'll still need to play all of Easy, Medium and Hard (OD+DLC) and I might still not reach the goal. Games like RB3 feel like they have way too many points to get through despite having less than 2000 scorers.

I've found myself being distracted by the strangest things, sometimes. One distraction I knew I'd face is the whammy bar because it doesn't like to stay straight up where it won't get in the way of my left arm or have the metal part touch my skin. One I didn't really expect was that I couldn't figure out if I had my palm open with my other fingers resting below the body, or if I had them balled up. The balled-up position was really hurting my fingers, though, and a quick glance at my natural righty position showed me palm open, so that got fixed. I still don't really have a good position for alt-strumming or activating properly sometimes (my palm likes to completely miss sometimes, it seems like). And, of course, fretting is still a work in progress. RB chords in particular are really hard to do in 1st position, for some reason.

On drums, my left foot can't seem to keep the pedal depressed all the time for some strange reason, though I don't know if that's weakness or if it isn't used to it yet. I've also still have the habit of starting with my right instead of my left. Drums are still the best point-grabber, though. Despite these it's the easiest to transfer between the two sides, I've noticed, while Guitar/Bass are a really big paradigm shift.

Band Hero and Lego Rock Band are back above 500 where they were. Beatles and Van Halen are the closest ones so far, both being right on the cusp of 1000. That'll be 2 more. After them, I think Metallica and Smash hits will come, then probly WoR or RB3. These are just guesses since I can't really see the scores beyond there. It'll all depend on how fast I climb the ranks and how few point differentials there are.

I'm surprised that I'm feeling some fatigue when I'm only a week in, but I'm certain it's not fatigue from this but fatigue from something in my life that's dragging on me. I don't know what that is, though, but I have to admit I don't really care much either. *shrug*
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +12549 to 23883rd
PS3: +243 to 2012th
Easy: +412 to 1706th
Medium: +259 to 5844th
Hard: +2440 to 14716th
Guitar: +3092 to 31839th
Bass: +203 to 2141st
Drums: -1 to 5485th (well, then...)
Aerosmith: +381 to 3940th
World Tour: +915 to 6542nd
Metallica: +208 to 3117th
Warriors of Rock: +176 to 1389th
Beatles: +73 to 939th (top 1000th!)

Goal progress: +1 to 6/15

I got 10 million points now! Woohoo! Now I'm on the climb to 100mil for sure. Might not make it before I switch back to 2x, but yknow, lofty goals and whatnot.

Could've sworn I did more Drums than that, though I guess it was only enough for that one rank-up. Shame. Guitar had a big jump, though we try not to compare things to the All stat. We know he's the braggart of the bunch.

The Beatles is the first game to drop into the top 1000! It was the one I expected to drop first, honestly, but I had though I put some Van Halen songs in this week. I...might have forgotten to put those scores in, though, so that's probly on me. So, technically both VH and TB are in the top 1000, but it'll only show next Saturday.

I'm beginning to notice that Easy is becoming more....ah, not routine, but I think I may be at the point where I can play Easy and not miss, like, 98% of the time on about 97-8% of all songs (the 2% being the songs that still have some tough points even on easy like Ernten, TTFaF, etc.). I probably won't go into straight "FC or nothing" mentality like I am with 2x because that's born of a self-confidence that I should not be non-FCing easy or Medium songs with damn good reason (i.e MLM(L)'s broken chord, RB songs with broken talkies), but so long as I don't screw around I should be able to FC most of them.

As for projections, ignoring Van Halen, it appears like WoR and RB3 are in contention for being next in reaching top 1000. The instruments will likely come around in the 2nd go, and while Medium or Hard (which I think I will try to do more in, if in a limited fashion) aren't gonna be there yet Easy may likely fall in the 2nd go, or the 3rd. It's up in the air right now.

Enjoy the weekend.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +4550 to 19334th
PS3: +417 to 1596th
Easy: +116 to 1591st
Medium: +1985 to 3860th
Hard: +3609 to 11108th
Guitar: +1993 to 29847th
Bass: +299 to 1843rd
Drums: +928 to 4558th
Guitar Hero 3: +2326 to 22989th
Aerosmith: +287 to 3654th
World Tour: +748 to 5795th
Metallica: +254 to 2864th
Smash Hits: +231 to 2190th
Guitar Hero 5: +405 to 2059th
Van Halen: +101 to 959th (Top 1000!)
Warriors of Rock: +82 to 1308th
Rock Band 3: +92 to 1317th

Goal Progress: +1 to 7/15

RB3 MBass FCs:
Should I Stay or Should I Go

So there's the Van Halen update that was supposed to happen last week. I'm making progress, yay!

I've been getting the feeling that, while going for long than either a 6-song set (for WT-like games) or maybe 5-6 songs (for non-WT-like games) is good enough either for a passing the next score threshold or just for playing for that day, playing just to the next threshold and no more is a bit too constricting. I obviously don't want to load myself up too much each day, so sticking to a max of 10 songs a day is a good limit, but doing less than, like, 3 songs feels like a waste. 5-6 a day is a good average, though for RB3 I will have to dip into doing 10 songs at times.

Guitar and Bass are still a little iffy. My strummng hand can't seem to get comfortable, and trying to alt-strum (or just hold my hand so I can do doublets quickly) is still awkward. I don't even remember how I eased into it as a righty, so there's no help from that side. It's not like getting used to it is impossible, but it still kinda chafes--even though that's just because I can do it as a righty and it's somewhat annoying I can't do it as a lefty really fast, either, despite how dumb that sounds.

As for drums, if I thought I had no endurance in my right arm, I have less than none in my left. Just trying to get through 1979 on HDrums required at least one pause because my left arm got so tired. Even then I'm still needing to try and force myself to lead with that arm for rolls or for more denser patterns (like patterns, for example; it's not the same visual as on Drums, but you get the picture, I hope).

Speaking of Hard, I'm feeling slightly more open to playing on Hard on Drums and minimally so on Bass. I'm a little iffy on doing so for Guitar because I'm don't quite feel ready to start really adding in the orange fret, but it's getting there slowly. HBass isn't quite as heavy on the fret or all the chords, so it's a nice stepping stone. MGuitar, meanwhile, will provide a good amount of chord practice, since chords still feel very awkward and hard to fret.

Easy continues to feel more and more, well, easy as time goes on, so I will likely pull back a little on the score thresholds there and at the same time bump up the Medium thresholds. Hard will likely see a slight uptick as well, though not by a lot.

FCs and scoring are still on the backburner, though I won't say no to an FC here or there. Getting on Bushi's boards isn't until later, and I'm thinking that after that point I might start considering some EFGFCs. There are some options. At the same time, I have been thinking about lowering the goal down to 10. On one hand, getting to 15 seems like a stretch when there's only about 22 actual stats to track here (and two of them, GH3 and All, will definitely take the longest to get near 1000, much less 500) (also, 23 currently tracked, plus about 4-5 for Expert and GH1, 80s, Live and RB3). On the other hand, part of the reason for switching to lefty was to take a break from 2x, which is where I do actually try very hard and do set some lofty goals. I don't quite want to do that yet, although I know the first thing I will do is finish the last two top 10s I didn't manage to last year. And I don't really like to do non-even-like numbers (3, 4, 7, etc.) unless I have to. I may have to make a final decision when I do reach 10/15, if I want to stay on Lefty or move away, if temporarily. Leaning toward Lefty at the moment, but that might change.

WoR and RB3 are still the front-runners for hitting 1000 next, although PS3 and Bass are catching up as well. All things considered, it does seem like I'll hit 10/15 by February at least. Probably in 3-4 weeks, I imagine.

Until next time!
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +3884 to 15451st
PS3: +311 to 1286th
Hard: +735 to 10374th
Medium: +915 to 2946th
Easy: +697 to 894th
Guitar: +4304 to 25544th
Bass: +87 to 1757th
Drums: +531 to 4028th
Guitar Hero 3: +1143 to 21847th
Aerosmith: +257 to 3398th
World Tour: +434 to 5362nd
Metallica: +202 to 2663rd
Smash Hits: +281 to 1910th
Guitar Hero 5: +312 to 1748th
Warriors of Rock: +101 to 108th
Rock Band 3: +93 to 1225th

Rock Band 3 EGuitar FCs:
Don't Stand So Close To Me (#1)

Goal Progress: +1 to 8/15

I actually thought I'd typo'd on Easy, but on double-checking I went extra on Smash Hits this week and clocked in over 2 million points from WoR, SH and Metallica. So, Easy's the surprising 3rd one to fall below the top 1000. That was...surprising to find.

So...I guess I'll be playing on Medium and Hard for the rest of this. I don't know for sure now if Medium will last me till 20, but I hope it will. Hard will need more investment, though, I think.

Picked up an FC, oddly enough. I don't think I have more than 20.

Can't think of much else this update. I do think I may have to stop at 20 in the end since GH3 and All are going to have way too many ranks to catch up on for both top 1000 and top 500 goals (and as I've mentioned before, GH3's top 500 is too high up for just E/M/H, even with DLC and if I FC'd with no-Squeeze paths). I feel like if I can get GH3 down to, like, the 10000's or so, that would good enough.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +2527 to 12925th
PS3: +225 to 1062nd
Hard: +2159 to 8216th
Medium: +739 to 2208th
Guitar: +2006 to 23539th
Bass: +188 to 1569th
Drums: +493 to 3536th
Guitar Hero 3: +1021 to 20827th
Aerosmith: +193 to 3206th
World Tour: +411 to 4952nd
Metallica: +165 to 2499th
Smash Hits: +80 to 1831st
Guitar Hero 5: +115 to 1634th
Warriors of Rock: +27 to 1054th
Rock Band 3: +93 to 1133rd

Not really as exciting an update as before, though I did pass 10mil Medium points.

But, in an interesting plus, I'm most definitely going to get a double shot this week, with both PS3 and WoR. If I'm especially lucky I might get a triple whammy, even!

Hard is still, well, Hard. But I'm getting a bit more frustrated at what feels like lag or something that doesn't register my strums even though I feel like I'm hitting them on time or a bit early. Maybe I'm just hitting them far too early. That's possible. I'm also getting annoyed with HO/POs because it feels like I'm hitting them on time yet the game seems to register them as happening too late or something like that. I can't get a good read on where they're landing so I just don't know where I'm going wrong and how to fix it.

The more annoying aspect of all this is that my damn whammy bar won't stay upright! Very distracting when I'm trying to play and the thing slides down and gets in the way of strumming.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All: +2629 to 10297th
PS3: +218 to 844 (1000th!)
Hard: +1947 to 6270th
Medium: +937 to 1272nd
Guitar: +1589 to 21951st
Bass: +306 to 1264th
Drums: +743 to 2794th
Guitar Hero 3: +1449 to 19379th
Aerosmith: +161 to 2046th
World Tour: +370 to 4583rd
Metallica: +242 to 2258th
Smash Hits: +203 to 1629th
Guitar Hero 5: +188 to 1447th
Warriors of Rock: +104 to 951st (1000th!)
Rock Band 3: +68 to 1066th

Goal Progress:
Score stats top 1000: +2 to 10/15th

Well, poo. I thought I'd get both RB3 and WoR, but PS3 came through to get me to 10 of 15!

As things stand right now, I'm gonna run out on Medium pretty damn soon, unfortunately. I don't exactly feel comfortable playing Hard on Guitar or Bass right now, but I'm going to have to in the end, though that's going to be giving me very low scores for the songs (and...potential 3-note chords...*shudders*). I'm going through 3, A and WT on Medium right now, and I will at least finish GH3 and Aerosmith on Medium, but I might have to switch things up on WT, or just do DLC/songs I do have unlocked. Metallica I'm especially worried about due to the guitar charts still being on the upper level of difficulty on Hard, and Smash Hits is just a ball of just too high for my tastes. I've been doing the three main games on Drums, so that'll likely stay the same, but I'm slightly worried I'll run out of room on the two middle games (M and SH) or Bass will be done by then. It's gonna get dicey, or I'll just have to magically get gud with my pinky.

RB3 isn't that bad since it has more breadth to it as far as picking easy HBass songs (and grinding my teeth on the harder ones). The lack of open bass notes is also very helpful as well. Speaking of, it should definitely fall next, unless the 65-rank gap between here and 1000 is more than about 450K points. I hope it isn't.

Still, only have 5 more to go for 15. Bass, Medium, GH5, RB3 and SH are the likely upcoming candidates, and my thoughts of getting this done by the end of February still look to be in view.

Just to confirm though: GH3, All and Guitar are not going to be figured into the next leg of this goal, though I will continue to track their progress. Even though the All category is falling pretty darn fast, it's still not likely that it'll even get close to 1000 before I get the other 20 there. GH3 and Guitar are even less likely. I do have some hopeful ranks for each of them by the end of this part, but I probably won't try to seriously go for the top 1000 in any of those three for awhile.

(Shame the RB side's more inactive from what I can see than than the GH side. Oh well. Oh, and I also hit pro here on Scorehero. Nice, I suppose.)
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