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8/16 DLC: Tonic & Vertical Horizon!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:05 pm    Post subject: 8/16 DLC: Tonic & Vertical Horizon! Reply with quote

This week, tracks from Tonic and Vertical Horizon will come to the Rock Band Music Library.

Tonics track, If You Could Only See, will be available this week as Rock Band DLC. Bassists will get to strut their stuff as they play a consistently moving bass line throughout this song. Satisfying harmonies in the choruses are great for vocalists new to the scene.

Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon joins the Rock Band Library this week as well. Drummers can get into the groove with this engaging drum chart, authored with subtle variations to the beat to keep you on your toes. Guitarists, dont be deceived; The guitar line during verses are intricate. Keep an eye on those strumming patterns

Available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on August 16th, 2016

(Most tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation 4 system approximately 3 days after listed date)

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

Note: As of this post, above tracks marked with are available for the Xbox One and tracks marked with are available for PlayStation 4; these tracks are not compatible with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii.

Rock Band Network

Due to popular vote, the following 50 songs this week have been enabled for score-tracking:

  • Santa Fe (RB3 version) by Blackberry River Band ($1.00)

  • Haben Haben Haben by Dampfmaschine ($1.99)

  • Overdriven by Left Spine Down ($1.00)

  • Show Me a Sign by Azania ($1.00)

  • Revolution is Now by Halcyon Way ($1.00)

  • Need by Edenshade ($1.00)

  • Redirect by Your Memorial ($1.00)

  • Revolution is Now (2x Bass Pedal) by Halcyon Way ($1.00)

  • Return to Strength by Terror ($1.99)

  • Integral Birth (2x Bass Pedal) by Cynic ($1.99)

  • Santa Fe by Blackberry River Band ($1.00)

  • The Way You Move by The Audition ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Anybody Else by Audible Mainframe ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Ice Cold by Audible Mainframe ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Sunday Suit by Connor Christian and Southern Gothic ($1.00)

  • Radioland by Audible Mainframe ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Charmed by OWL ($1.00)

  • Anna Maria (All We Need) by We the Kings ($1.99)

  • Rain Falls Down by We the Kings ($1.99)

  • iPhone by Rhune Kincaid ($1.00)

  • Flesh Pull by Mystic Syntax ($1.00)

  • Violent Center by OWL ($1.00)

  • Let It Change by Mystic Syntax ($1.00)

  • Blasphemous by Mystic Syntax ($1.00)

  • Those in Glass Houses by Of Mice & Men ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Electricity is in My Soul by Steam Powered Giraffe ($1.00)

  • Rotten Cat Halloween Rat by Boney Mean ($1.00)

  • Promised Land by Rotary Downs ($1.00)

  • Collision of Fate by Nightrage ($1.99)

  • Hey Baby, Heres That Song You Wanted by Blessthefall ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Reaping Tide by Mile Marker Zero ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Reviving a Dead Language by Askari Nari ($1.00)

  • Cluster #2 by Askari Nari ($1.00)

  • Deny by Betrayed by Sorrow ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • The Devils in the Details by Aesthetic Perfection ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Queendom by B.et.a and The Neon Panthers ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • 3 In The Morning by Teflon Don feat. Antonio Cooke ($1.99)

  • City of Corruption (2x Bass Pedal) by Amberian Dawn ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Say by The Asbestos ($1.00 / $0.99)

  • I by Before Nine ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • You Only Live Once (2x Bass Pedal) by Suicide Silence ($1.99)

  • Conquer Me by Damone ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Give by Mystic Syntax ($1.00)

  • Tired Climb by Kylesa ($1.00)

  • Genuine Penguin by Askari Nari ($1.00)

  • A Tadg30 Song by Askari Nari ($1.00)

  • Superfohn Bananendate by We Butter The Bread With Butter ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Say Sayonara (Japanese version) by JOANovARC ($1.99 / $1.99)

  • Apple Martini by Shelita Vaughns ($1.00)

  • Keep on Running from My Love by Danny and the Lost Souls ($1.00 / $0.99)

Note: As of this post, Rock Band Network tracks marked with are available for PlayStation 3, and tracks marked with are available for Nintendo Wii. All others are currently exclusive to Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3 on the Xbox 360. Rock Band Network tracks are currently not compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or Playstation 4.

If you voted for one or more of these songs, update your votes by selecting new songs for next time. We will try to enable up to 50 per week, the more songs are voted for, the more get added!
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