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Arvain: RB1disc voxtar fc30-40: Brainpower, I'm so sick, Pleasure, BHS
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:47 pm    Post subject: Arvain: RB1disc voxtar fc30-40: Brainpower, I'm so sick, Ple Reply with quote

Update 01/04/12

These three were pretty easy, nothing much to report. Got lucky on Main Offender, the talky worked on first try !

Except the first phrase, and the solo on Vasoline, those took 1 try yay for getting Pleasure's solo's ending.

Dani California : two tries, first one being a lolmistake before ending solo.
Wanted dead or alive : 2mins of practice to remember how to elbow strum chorus 4A, then two tries
Brainpower : 3 tries only !! Was super afraid I'd miss the phrase right after the trips due to being O__O after hitting the transition. Then suuuuuuper nervous during the last phrase, which is well known for being a picky bitchy talky !! Hell, I'm glad I only had to fc this once, because it was pretty accidental... not to mention that counting 26 ascending trips isn't exactly easy when trying to sing

Yay Choked once on Black Hole Sun like an idiot, took a few more tries to reach the solo (I missed more outside of the solo btw...), but no 2nd choke. I'm so Sick took a bit longer, due to the broken talky at the beginning, BUT since it's at the very beginning, I don't mind restarting. What I did mind, was having such an awful random path that I didn't even get GS So I refc'd it (took several more attempts to get this dumb talky), and voila, fc#40 ^^

Almost got two other, but MEH, more broken talkies. I guess 11 fc = not too bad

Update 31/3/12

Well well well, how cool is it that my LP still hasn't overstrummed ? I say very cool. So I'm enjoying this overstrumlessness (copyright) to multitask, here's what I got today.

Kung-fu fighting was easy enough. I want you back was tricky, even though bass is easy. Both took two tries.

Those two were fairly easy.

Almost missed Rooftops, I was out of breath x) And Monster was easy.

Then I went to have some fun on rb1 Worked out pretty good, as prove these pics :

Embarrasing choke on last phrase on Learn to fly, so it took 2 tries Believe it or not, Creep took 2 tries First being "omg, I only missed once", so I tried a path that Iggy made because he found in 3 minutes what would've taken me 15. Second being an fc with failed path (because mic sensitivity too high and me breathing too loud in between phrases).... So I refc'd it, but STILL accidentally messed the path So this score is my third fc of it actually, and the last activation still could've been a lot better !! xD

Can't let go is kinda awkward at times I'm surprised I didn't miss post solo on the chord changes ! Here it goes again would've been so much easier, if it wasn't (weren't ?) for this damn talky Took several tries.

I get by's bridge was soooo awkward, and the path is so weird (not that I used any defined one anyway). Took a good 20 minutes to pass this part (kept singing a bit too low, and rb1 is kinda picky regarding this), but then no choke, thank goodness. Reptilia was still as weiiiird as ever to sing, but happened in 5 minutes. Fun song.

And THIS is one of my most overdue voxtar fc !! I seriously was able to get it 3 years ago, but aaaaalways missed here or there because I was cool. And today it still took me half an hour. Reached the fast strumming twice, missed twice. Practiced to get my muscle memory back : never missed it again. Instead, I had a lot of fun missing everywhere else, including the "no no!" talky Stupid talkies seemed to work less and less, as I was restarting over and over. Taps caused several mistakes as well, so I stopped trying to fc them all. In the end, when I finally passed solos and fast strumming, I alllllllmost missed the big "YEAAAHHH" talky after the long break So yeah, fc#29, finally. Quite obviously, it happened when I messed the somewhat-path I had made, but it doesn't matter, it's a huge pain already to survive the lack of BNS and picky talkies, so I won't bother.

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's it

Update 30/3/12

These two happened during the week-end, but I had other stuff going at that time. I really liked how Antibodies took me one try and Llama 15 minutes (10 minutes to pass the first half, very intense with BNS on ), no mistake in solo, no post-solo choke wOOt !!

Update 26/3/12

Haha, yep, wOOh !!

Long story very short, things happened in that order :

- gets back home, randoms a bit, then turns xbox on
- puts rb1, practice GGaHT bass 2E for like 5-10 minutes
- checks path, remembers paths pretty easily somehow
- 1st real run.... fc.


SOOOO nervous near the end !! Fingers shaking, sweating (only happens when playing gtr... guess it's the plastic in contact with my skin that makes it worse ), so persuaded I'd miss out of nervousness on one of the million patterns before the end of the song At some point, my eyes did a quick right-left movement (this has to do with nervousness, because this never happens in any other situations, only when fearing a choke), then back to focus on screen. My heart skipped a beat or two I think, because I was surprised I didn't miss during that half second, AND because I somehow didn't miss when back to focus on the screen

So yeah, pretty happy I didn't have to suffer through an awful grinding, especially on such a loooong ass song !! It's kinda cool, no time to get bored (except intro), but 10 minues is just too much

That's it. Talk about something unexpected !! fgfc#25.

Update 25/3/12

Myeah, so I only had Freebird left, which I got without too much trouble so I'm happy with it. The rest was just 15-20 songs left, that I played yesterday, and here you go.

Expert fgfc#24 now

ALSO.... Something about you omb fc#300 !!!

Don't remember drums bass or vox, happened a while ago. But guitar, ughhhhhhhhh, so annoying For some reason, m88-89 = lolno Then today, when I finally realized I hit these two quick parts by playing super early, I tried to calibrate. The game said 24/37 (I've never played with anything else than 0/0), so I tried...... got it first try, but then choked m93 .... then another time Then eventually stopped choking !

Fiiiiiiinally reached 300 omb fc About time, jeeeeeesus...

So ummmm, yeah I guess it's kinda cool Now I can keep track of the omb fcs on rb3, but I won't go too far until I get a keyboard =P

Owell, still happy I reached 300, considering I don't think I even have 400 songs available overall

That's it, carry on ^^

Update 24/3/12

Yep Two days ago, I sucked majorly, couldn't hit anything after we got Roudabout. Yesterday I randomly practiced a bit... then, these things happened :

Caught in a mosh fc#81, on first try (if you don't count my guitar running out of batteries right after the intro sustain ). Kinda nervous during the verse post-solo, but somehow didn't choke.
Jerry has a dumbass chart fc#82 YAY !! Jesus, this took away so much of my patience !! Not this time though, because it only took like 4 or 5 restarts, all being before 2nd verse wOOt for zero choke ! I really... despise this chart.

Freebird fc#83 wOOt fgfc ! This took only one actual attempt as well ! Of course, I had my fair share of restart during the first minute or so, because I can't seem to be able to look at my tv Have to look at my computer screen, move my ass on the sofa and miss, have random mysterious fretmiss from time to time (this is weird, but thankfully doesn't happen too often).

THEN, since we're cool (iggy mostly ), we went back to squeeze Antibodies to get the GS. This cutoff is like super high, and it took us 2 refcs, with 2 disconnections inbetween, and lots of restarts because of dumb mistakes (from me on vox mostly because I was trying too hard to squeeze). But since Iggy is abnormally consistent with this hellish outro, once I finally got proper squeezes, it eventually happened !

Soooooooooooo yeah Now what ?

Update 20/3/12

ZING (three tries, 2 without BNS, 1 with it, but all with my hand cramping at the end ). ZING² !!! Such a BS SONG / CHART, seriously UGHHHHHHHHHH !!!! Today, I was unexpectedly super consistent with this dumbass pattern... BUT, I proceeded to miss in the chunky riff (halfway through the song) several times, AND once m 81,25, twice m82,25, and once m86,75 because I'm cool as hell

So yeah, considering I've got a few more bass fcs with iggy earlier today, now the only annoying one left is Roundabout. But now that Jerry and Antibodies are out of my way, nothing's stopping me from getting this fgfc.

Ah and speaking of fgfcs, I eventually finished rb3 Hgtr this week end. It was my 93th fgfc (if you count rb1 H and Xvox, because I sold out, became cheap and fc'd Next to you on rb3 out of laziness, which is kindof a huge shame for me, but mehhh).

Inb4 94 soon (60 fcs left on Xbass though )

Update 18/3/12

fc#9 fc#10
fc#11 fc#12
fc#13 fc#14

I Wanna Be Sedated was trickier than expected. I fc'd Rehab three times to finally follow the path I wanted to follow The others, including Portion for Foxes and No One Knows, took one try each Cool I guess ?

Then, for the lulz, fc'd The Killing Moon on voxbass Took a whole 20 minutes I guess... a few tries to fc the stumming bridge, then LOLMISS on vox because not really familiar with the outro yet And a last try, which was the fc.

Then I got back onto my hard drive and played some rb2 : Peace sells voxbass fc#33. Thennnnnnn played some other stuff, but that's part of my super-top-secret-owell-noone-cares project So more details on that when I get it done.

Update 11/3/12

I tried to come up with some a bit more epic, but I'm terrible at grinding Xgtr lately and can't drum. So whatever Caught in a mosh wasn't as hard as SOMEONE tried to make me believe, and Llama was pretty easy, although pretty confusing with BNS on

Update 6/3/12

Yeah he rocks a lot Not only does he fc stuff on first try most of the time, but our random ass paths are sometimes randomly awesome xD

Well, this time, I was on guitar though ^^

Both took two tries My LP was pretty cooperative.

Then we got The Beautiful People as fc#70. After iggy had a choke 4ns from the end the last time, I was afraid the same thing would happen to me (wtf is wrong with this chart ), but fortunately it didn't (damn close though !!!). So yeah. Now we need SNAFF, Here I go Again, 20th century boy, and BohRap... and maybe 1 or 2 more, because Iggy hits a lot of notes on this game

Then we must find a way to get GS on Freebird and 25 or 6 to 4 (we used a path + iggy did like MINUS THREE on this and we still didn't get enough ), then it should do.

Update 4/3/12

Plop. Saturday night's alright fc#71. BULLSHIT. Hate this song, and although the chart is WAY less agressive than on gh5, it still sucks massively. I had to strum all the because for SOME reason, it would always randomly miss one of those. Not the , not the , nop, I got those 100% of the time.

Whatever, done with it.

Llama fc#72. This took like 2 minutes of practice post solo, because yesterday I lolmissed near the end because BNS + not familiar with this part = lost. Then first try.

Tragic kingdom happened last week end. Nothing too hard, outside this damn solo which admittedly took me an hour, including a nice choke at 70ns from the end Cool song though.

Update 24/2/12

Note how Iggy hits notes like a boss

Those awesome, AWESOME paths we have... gotta love it

Iggy isn't really friend with alt-strumming, but he conquered those chord changes on Viva la résistance, and PWND the hell out of BiF !

Just one little restart caused by dumbtrills on Cold as Ice. First try for Space oddity.

Is it me, or are those two supposed to be really easy songs, but somehow the engine is very picky and makes you MISS out of nowhere ?!

1 try for The Killing Moon 2 for In a Big Country I think.

Thank goodness Crosstown Traffic took one try. I hate this song.

Those are very badass songs

LOLZ ! Good Vibrations took one try and a half (first half being a restart because I tried the first chorus in original octave and failed big time ). Hadn't retried this since my Xvox fc, so I was like "yay let's miss in outro or somewhere random"... and I just didn't xD but it was soooooooo damn close from the "ba baba babaaaa bababaaa" to the very end "omg I'm singing the second to last phrase, inb4 chooooke ZOMG NO CHOKE, wOOh !!"

I thought Sister Christian would give me trouble, but no, first try...

Props to Iggy for not choking during my second to last phrase on NOK a second time =P

And that's 49 fcs so far, in 5 sessions. Most of everything has taken us 3 tries at MOST, and 1 try most of the time.... most

We'll try to get more, since we're not done playing everything yet, but it will become tricky soon enough.

Update 19/2/12

HAAAhahaha, do I look like someone who would even BOTHER learning those fills in PI with a downstair neighbor who can hear me when I sneeze, and an injured wrist ? It was tricky enough to hit this outro anyway... owell.

Runnin' wild was surprisingly entertaining on drums. Peace of mind was a srfc on drums not bad ! Guitar was a sightread CHOKE on the very last stupid hook, a few weeks ago...... and today it took me a freaking HOUR :\ dumb mistakes, LP overstrums, getting all those 30 hooks in the same run, UGHHHHHH huge annoyance !! Good thing that on vox it was pretty fun !

So it appears I was able to play drums after all. Dawn patrol was soooo hard...

Also fc'd this and that on career (on this and that instrument ) AND started something else (filled with a lot of badassery) but I'll get into more details later. One thing at a time.

Update 12/2/12

Very cool songs, a bit awkward at times, but nothing crazy My camera ran out of battery after Misery Business, so I had to remove batteries from the controller to put them in the camera to take the picture : that's why there's no 2nd player connected on the picture...

Other than that, well, still my wrist, still playing a bit of Hgtr, but it's still obscenely cold in here, so I spend most of my time off work under the covers, in my bed, not playing much xbox at all !

Update 5/2/12

Alright, so I finally gathered everything. A bunch of pics of the latest omb fcs I've gotten.

So if my calculations are correct, that's 291, over the 345 songs I've played at least on one instrument. There are still a bunch of songs I haven't played yet at all on patu's HD, and probably some that I forgot to count in my not-fcd list, but owell... Also not sure if I've counted Sabotage (or even if I should, given that I vox fc'd it on rb2 like the cheap gay that I am )

RB3 isn't included, because yeah, haven't actually started Xbass or Xkeys yet. I'll get on that sooner or later.

Update 29/1/12

I'm so cool, forgot to take a picture for When I'm Gone voxtar fc

^ was way easier than I thought. Took 2-3 tries.

( on video as well, fun as hell)

As you can probably guess, today was kind of a boreDay, so instead of doing nothing at all, I did a few voxtar fcs AND then nothing else at all.

Next step : updating my omb fcs. Been getting a lot of fcs recently, but not on drums, so omb fcs = not many lately.

Update 21/1/12

Yay, I fixed my LP, so I could fc some stuff on Xgtr, no overstrum so far. And since I'm still playing on patu's HD, might as well get more fcs on his dlcs ^^ Was looking for something cool to fc, but meh, I ended up picking random songs that were not in the last 2 tiers (rare on patu's hard drive).

Siva was a srfc, pretty awkard at times. Indestructible took a few tries to pass the intro (wtf unfriendly chords) but then got the solo on first try, without hyperspeed Hitting quick bits of solos without BNS isn't my thing !
My curse : last set of fast double chords, near the end, got me 6 freaking times for no reason but I eventually got it.
Perfect insanity : LOL sightread solo with no BNS = massive plinking Put BNS, practiced 2 minutes, fc happened on the next attempt.

On Xgtr I also fc'd Mr Brightside, Hammerhead, Ocean avenue, Promised land, Runnin' wild... AND rb3 fgfc on Hvox too

OMB stuff later. For now, I'm busy being busy with other things.

Update 15/1/12

Yeah, the last one was... Lego Xdrums I guess

Soooooooooo, I'm done with rb3 Xvox. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez that was a HUGE pain !! When it wasn't boring as hell (srfc for most songs), it was the biggest annoyance ever. Good vibrations took me 45 freaking minutes, ughhhh I hate sightread songs with a terribly stupid chart and inaudible phrases. I despise the song... very much.

Anyway, DONE Started playing at 12, stopped at 10pm, took an hour to eat something. Got the remaining 43 fcs on X, even got 10 more on Hvox...

More to come LATER. Sick of this game for today.

Update 14/1/12

Myeah I'm ranting today, whatever. I despise this game on vox SO FREAKING MUCH deal with it, rb3 lovers I want to thank patu though, because 1 he's awesome, and 2 he lets me play with HIS copy of the game (me spending money on a copy of this game = unlikely).

But here's a list of what makes me hate this vox engine already (not completed yet, because I barely started, so I'm sure to find other things that'll make me throw stuff at my tv)

- the multiplier INSIDE the pie = stupid idea.
- the pie filling with blue on a black background = stupid idea.
- the arrow pointer = fail. RB2 vocal pointer was perfect : only the tip of the arrow was following your pitch. The back of the arrow was going up/down, and turning red/green, indicating if you were singing at the right height. Now this one is FAT, so it's hiding the pitch line, it doesn't turn red/green so you don't know if you're right on pitch or a little off (and you can't hear either because you are singing at that moment) and the whole arrow moves in one piece, almost bouncing at every pitch change, which makes it move in a total epileptic way. Also, the little trail of green smoke that was leaving the rb2 arrow : no more. Just a tiny tiny trail of gold dust that you barely have time to see when sightreading a song, so with this and the invisible pie, you don't really have any indication to tell if you'll miss the phrase or not.
- vibrato. MASSIVE ROFLING there It sure helps to sightread fc stuff, when a long note comes up at the end of a phrase you totally missed, so that's the only reason why I'll survive it. Other than that, I already noticed how it could COMPLETELY mess the rankings... therefooooar, I am not even thinking of trying to even attempt to follow paths or squeeze on this game, but that's more a personal choice than a problem with the engine for me.
- TALKY GLITCH, REALLY ???? I was already mad yesterday when it took me 7 tries to fc The beautiful people (yes, really ) - after taking only 5-6 tries with 2 minutes of practice to fc BohRap - only missing talkies for no freaking reason (I also restarted some other songs because of it), but then I discovered the real glitch when the only phrase I missed on Llama sightread was the last one Three times in a row. Since it looked really suspicious, I came here to search, and yayyyyy, many people had this problem already -____- Unplugging the mic = worked once, so I fc'd Llama... next try, re-glitched. Restarted the game to fc something else. Got pissed and stopped playing, hoping that I wouldn't have to restart the game between each f*cking song on vox sighhhhhhhhh... at least, rb1 talkies (outside Sabotage and NtY) were glitchy because you were supposed to sing them "just like the singer", but on rb3 that's not working any better.
- Aside from that compilation of FAILS, the songs are really easy. Outside BohRap, it took 1 try (2 at most if my horoscope was bad, or something) to fc songs that I already played on other games, and I srfc most of everything that does NOT have talkies in it But I'll take my time and won't grind, because I have no time to do this + don't want to end up breaking the disc in half, it's not mine + I'll only add 20 fcs a day (every game/ instr / diff combined) + there's no rush.

- thank goodness, even if the setlist in itself isn't thaaat great to me, I still like a bunch of very cool songs

Yay for only 1 positive thought about this game =D

Update 11/1/12


It's been forever, hello again, people ^^ Switching sides from time to time. Got a bit sick of hitting circles, so now I'm hitting a few rectangles.

So.... what's happened recently :

- rb1 Hgtr fgfc. Tried to use proper path, but didn't kill myself too much over it. That's why I am 1st on xbox, but not x-plat, owell (twice in a row my LP overstrummed on GGaHT, between solo 1 and solo 2... fun times)

- rb1 Hvox : reached 56, then since I'm cheap I just played Sabotage on rb2, whatever. Not trying Next to You anyway.

- since my wrist is being a pain (literally), I played all my dlcs on Hvox and Xvox (not many songs, but I'm also playing on patu's hard drive : he has a whole bunch of dlcs)

These random things happened since last update here :

- omb fsfc on Medium on the GH side.

- a bunch of voxtar fcs : New wave, Hier kommt Alex, Space truckin, Ocean avenue, Godzilla, Going under, Fix you, etc etc etc...

- This calling drum GS on rb2 yay !

- A very nice score on Chiron where I basically fc'd the monster fill for the first time ever in full speed, on a first try No idea why it felt so easy that time, but quite obviously, I was unable to do it again owell.

- They're red hot drums optimal wow, I do remember that it took me a whole total of..... 1 try I randomly picked that song for fun, happened to get the front end, then didn't miss while hitting the back end, and didn't choke xD cool I guess !!

- a bunch of OMB fcs, since I played so many new songs, but I may still have one or two instruments to play to complete these omb fcs. I'll get on this later.

- rb2 Hgtr fgfc Visions is annoying, and Get clean is weird as hell.

- and uuuuuhhhhhh... I think that's about it. RB3 stuff too, but I'm not even done sightreading on every instrument, so I'll do more later.

Still don't have Short and Sweet Xgtr But I tried a few times, and there's still only two annoying spots, so with more practice and less nervousness (and less overstrumming LP ), I might get this damn omb fgfc eventually...

That's it.

Update 21/05/11

Talk about some ninja !!

I have nothing to report on RB, since I didn't approach any RB game since my KING SIZED FAILURE, but thank you so much !

*is a bit too tired to type anything clever atm, goes away a moment to try and wake up properly*

Update 11/05/11

... if it weren't so fucking painful and so NOT EVEN MY FAULT !!

I am too tired and depressed to even bother adding anything, the video speaks for itself.

Update 10/05/11


1371 ns (1559 notes on the song). Because m252 is so easy that I decided to miss out of nervousness T____T sighhhhhhhh

That said, yesterday, The final countdown omb#44 happened on third try post practice. You know what's ironic ? .... that I actually had to tap those stupid zigzags because my hands were not warm enough

SOOOOO yeah. Now I have this awful feeling that you usually have after a choke : "noooooez I'll never refc up to this part agaaaiiin"... even if statistically I know I will. pfffffffffffffff O.O annoying.

Update 08/05/11

Stumble and fall omb fc#41 Took a whole bunch of tries and dumb -1s, but when I finally reached that stupid ending roll without missing before, I got the fc ! Forgot bass and vox, but guitar was sightread

Let's dance omb fc#42. Top 3 worst songs of this game (with KFF and Fire). For some reason, I could NOT get the small fill in verse 3, so I went to practice.... wtf practicing this garbage. And it still took 3 more tries today !! The rest was ezpz sightread. Hate this song.

Fire omb fc#43 DRUMS FGFC YESSSS !!!! Here's the video with some hilarious failness in it : Fire Xdrums optimal + rage;

DONE WITH DRUMS !!! Oh yeah, cause I also got Short and sweet drums, took 3 tries (one of the two restarts was in the middle of the song painful). And I STILL messed up the last two activations, causing my score to be pretty meh, but WHO CARES, this song is 4th in the worst songs of the game !!

The final countdown and Short and sweet left on gtr.

Update 07/05/11

Yeah, I played a bit more yesterday night : happened to get Every little thing she does is magic on 1st try

I choked with a +2000ns on Short and sweet (the song is starting to hate me more than I hate it), failed to get Let's dance (again !), and Stumble and fall is the biggest annoyance ever. Tried this one (with BNS, which is the equivalent of Hyperspeed 97456316357 on GH ), SOMEHOW managed to miss the first activation fill (for real), and fc'd it. The score isn't great, but OWELL It didn't make me skip anything hard, so F that !

Then practiced TFC a bit more. This fill in Bridge 2 = dumb. Got it first try, then choked (2nd time it happens ),but thank goodness no 3rd choke : got it on video too (fear the quality)

41/45 on drums, 43/45 on gtr. Damn it'll be anoying.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Yeah, need to do drums now I went through 34 songs on Hgtr today. Was easy because I cleverly remembered to play the fail songs first. So today, almost only cool songs to play. Then voxtar'd for a bit.

Failed to get Check yes juliet after 2 tries, got annoyed, that'll wait next time. Choke on Walking on sunshine... choke on Life is a highway...

BUT, got So what

Three tries, because I'm so cool that I missed the fast strumming twice (note : I sightread fc'd this on guitar). Outro is a bit tough and feels awkward with those slow triplet chords, BUT the song is super badass, so it was ok

Update 01/05/11

Yep, that's right, I'm done with Xbass and Xgtr. But since I'm laaaazeeeee... no picture (yet). I took them all, but editing, uploading, adding the links, that takes forever, so I may or may not add them later today.

Suddenly I see omb#16 : Very fun, fairly easy.
So what omb#17 : favourite song ! So cool ! Optimal drums, and sightread fc on guitar (I was using my WoRtar at that moment wtf !!)
Tick tick boom omb#18 : felt like déjà-vu, and pretty easy compared to ghWoR.
We will rock you omb#19 : nothing special there, short and easy.
Thunder omb#20 : hmmm don't remember this one
Swing, swing omb#21 : the song is cool enough, and easy (nothing can beat Move Along anyway )
In too deep omb#22 : fun and tricky at times (iirc), and guitar has that little cool-tricky solo, which took me a few tries to get right. woot.
You give love a bad name omb#23 : I did manage to miss once 3ns from the end.... good thing the solo was easy.
Song 2 omb#24 : alright, this one was ezpz x)
We are the champions omb#25 : ughhhh, annoying path !! And this gtr chart was so dumb !! random quick little zigzags, I hate that (especially with no BNS)
Walking on sunshine omb#26 : I like this song for some reason. Gtr took me 3 tries instead of 1, for a reason that I couldn't identify. Drums WAS sightread fc, with a sneaky little roll near the end, woot !
Dreaming of you omb#27 : easy I guess, don't quite remember.
Word up! omb#28 : weiiiiiird song, weird chart Gtr has that intro slow/off trill, and a raaaaandom solo at the end, oooh that was an intense sightread fc !
Valerie omb#29 : Nothing to report there.
The passenger omb#30 : Oooooooh this one was annoying !! Guitar took me 2 tries thank goodness, bass as well (don't remember), but drums had that duuuummmmb green roll (lolcowbells) in the intro. I choked 3 times. Once on the red roll near the end (that I didn't see coming), once on the blue roll, 5-6 ns from the end...... and once inbetween those two, which got me pretty mad. Other than that, the song is cool, but SO LONG !!!
Girls & boys omb#31 : Nothing special here either.
Ghostbusters omb#32 : sightread bass drum and vox... guitar took me 25 minutes this morning... Don't ask why, I have NO idea.
Ruby omb#33 : cool and pretty easy on everything, nothing special.
Rooftops omb#34 : ughhhh, for some reason, drums took like 45 minutes. Why ? Again, no idea. I just suck. Vox was sightread, obviously, gtr as well, and bass had a sightread overstrum caused by MASSIVE boredom, so I didn't see a little gap in the middle of a green streak. doh.
Dig omb#35 : I did gtr this morning, but I forgot already. I remember drums took two tries though, because I'm so cool that I like to ruin sightread fcs by mising in the last 3 seconds of a song.
Make me smile omb#36 : oooooh that one was annoying too ! This stupid little solo with random strums and 2 irregular fast strums !! Took some practice, and almost 10 tries
Grace omb#37 : I only remember how drums was annoying !! Those last two fills, ughhhh !!!
Ride a white swan omb#38 : Weird song but cool. Sightread on everyth...OWAIT, no, again, I'm so cool, I missed around 95% of the gtr solo at the end. sighhhhhhhHHHHHHHH !!!!
MONSTER OMB#39 : GRRRRRRRR WTF !!!! This nonsense solo is SO FREAKING STUPID !!! I was able to get it on practice pretty soon, but the path requires to activate right at the beginning of it. Problem : the first set of green notes ends on an upstrum, causing my brain to just freeze, collapse and sink into the depths of failness !!! I had to try and move the activation a bit before (but made things awkward and I missed), or a bit after (yeah right, hitting Select right in the middle of this MESS!!!), pffff so in the end I got lucky enough to get it. But no, I choked m 126. I didn't see those green strums coming and didn't have time to altstrum !! BNS sucks so much on this game !! Not to mention the fretboard is transparent and I get blinded by the stupid bright/colourful background !! wtf is that fail !! Eventually I managed to get this damn solo again, but choked m 107 for NO REASON I just saw my multiplier going back to x2 (it was during an activation). THEEEEEN, eveeeentuallyyyyyy got the solo AGAIN, but I did NOT choke !! GRRRRRRRRR since when do a song with STRUMS hold me back from an HOUR ?! dammit.

So you might be wondering (if you've read this far) : "woot, what are you missing now ?"

Bump post will give you a hint.

Update 30/04/11

(bass-vox fsfc on GH + BH drums + BH gtr + rb2 vox + Lego vox + Lego bass = 19)

Big. Fat. Deal. Short and sweet took 2 tries one too much. *slash wrist*
RB1 Xbass would be #20 ideally BUT... not yet.

This is way cooler already The song is pretty easy, it took me 2 tries (first being a random path, 2nd being a path messup xD).

Others will come, but I need to be way more familiar with vox first. Not to mention today I was playing with my WoRtar (which is the biggest fail in the history of guitars when it comes to whammy bar being misplaced, strumbar being a FAILbar, and frets requiring a 2t pressure by square inch to register), sooooooo.... yeah.

Also, on a random note, this bass fgfc made me reach 5800 fcs overall-ever.

And uhhhh... yeah I also got 3-4 new omb fcs during this week, but since I'm too lazy to edit the pictures, and update with only that few news, it'll wait for me to reach 30/45 omb fcs.

Update 25/04/11

Yeah, that's a bit tough to read, but I wasn't going to put (1024x768)x15

Summer of 69 : Pretty easy. Drums have some weird fills, and the song never ends, so it got me pretty nervous, but luckily, I didn't miss.
Real wild child : Ok let's be honest there : it was tough to learn on vox ! Took 5-6 tries chokechokechoke. Forgot guitar, but it was sightread. Drums as well !! Intense drum solos xD
Naïve : Heh, at least I knew the song from BH, so vox was easy. Weird bass. Guitar was ok, but a bit annoying, took 3-4 tries, because I proceeded to choke sightread, like the noob I am. Drums took two tries, because outro + double pedals > me

Life is a highway : aaaaawesome song ! On everything, vox included, SO fun !! Only a few tries to get it. This game caused me to DL the song and listen to it all day at work. AAALL niiight loOOOoooOooOoooOOOOONG !!!
Kung fu fighting : alright, BIGGEST annoyance in the game !!! Granted, vox took me 1 try (after wasting FOUR HOURS of my life getting the fc on BH, last year ), drums took 4-5 tries, cause I was choking on this fake-fast roll at the end -_- Guitar took two hours, FOR REAL. Nightmare. Doesn't help that I dislike the song a LOT to begin with.
I want you back : haha, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how I knew this song by heart already (and it wasn't from the jackson 5), so let's just say vox took me 1 try. Bass was cool. Easy drums, and all my restarts on guitar were caused by me failing to execute the path

Crocodile rock : sounds a LOT like SNA(FF) (which makes sense I guess), but at least it's shorter, and somehow a bit better, and way easier.
Crash : Surprisingly cool and fun, nanana nana na nana nana naaaaaa, you're gonna craaaash !!
Check yes Juliet : reminded me of Hands down for some reason. Nothing special, just a cool song.

Free fallin' : wayyyyy cooler than American girl and Listen to her heart. Easy at least x)
Breakout : Foo Fighters agaaiiiiiiin !!! ughhhhh I really don't like it. But at least it wasn't as annoying as Best of you on ghVH. And there was that one fill that required practice and BNS, otherwise I just couldn't get it.
A-punk : heh, easy enough. Funny how they put strums in the sections where gh5 put purple notes

Aliens exist : VASTLY overrated on drums. Passing the intro took me a whole 5 minutes because I am like.... physically unable to do several double pedals in a row (even when there's only one, I can easily miss... wonderful choke on The final countdown), but after I passed intro, I got the fc. Fun on everything anyway.
Accidentally in love : yeah, this gtr solo with grace notes right at the end was TOTALLY necessary Had to turn BNS On to get it. The rest was easy and cool.
Two princes : Sightread bass, sightread vox (I had heard the song a few times years ago, so it sounded familiar. A few close calls though), sightread guit... OWAIT No, I'm too cool for that, so I choked. Took 3 more tries, tsssssssss... Drums were pretty hypnotizing !!! Took a few minutes to figure out the intro, but not more than 5-6 tries to fc the song, wOOt !

SOOOOO, that's it for now. Some random side notes :

- choke on The final countdown drums...........
- wrong SECOND TO LAST front end on Short and sweet drums, causing insta-combo-break, and random -1 right after that... 1900+ ns -___- pfffff.........
- Fire drums sucks extremely bad. I managed to miss three times... after the fast triplet roll pfffff....
- Stumble and fall drums annoyingly feels like Uncontrollable urge. And it has the dumbest outro ever, bullshit bpm changing all the time.
- I still don't have Let's Dance drums (and I'm at 39 fc atm). And trust me, I tried several times already. I just failed to get it.
- Short and sweet guitar miiiiiight be possible on LRB after all. Tried it today, missed once in the first solo, twice in the second (one of which was stupid). Tough, but somehow doable.
- Hardest song on drums is CLEARLY Every little thing she does is magic. Like....... wut ?!! I missed GS on sightread, and after 3 runs, I'm still >20k below the fc score. wtf fail chart, there are still.... 2 parts iirc, that I still haven't been able to READ !!

Update 22/04/11

Still over 265 total possible. I got a bit more on Lego Xdrums, but nothing too exciting yet, only 28/45 so far, so I'll start counting LRB when I'm done with the Xdrums career. Anyway...

Damn, practice worked this time ! After failing pretty bad at DFTR (for a change ), I went to practice a few fills :

LRLRLRLRLRLRLRL (bold being left hand crossover)

Tough. But afterwards, I never missed it.


Normal sticking for this one, but it's pretty long, and since it's fast + near the end, you don't want to lose focus (which I did, twice, missing there only).

Everything else was ok. I still managed to get a -1 at 1963ns (on the last fill ), and a -1 at 2023 ns, on the which is the very last fill of the damn song.

And the FC happened............... that's right, on the very run where my camera ran out of battery (right after the last tough fill).

Whatever. FC#55 on drums. Now I'm stuck with DFTR RttH and TKaR Kill me.

Update 21/04/11

First try in months o_O Cool I guess. But I messed up the path so badly (for no reason, cause the path is easy as hell) that I ended up skipping the only fill that was tough. Didn't want to restart because yeah, no. And happened to never miss afterwards. So yeah, kinda cool to have it, kinda lame and cheap to have it like that, and still the song is overall pretty tricky anyway... OWELL that'll do.

Perfect, first try as well today (didn't even get GS sightread). Guitar was the 2nd run ever, and happened last week or so. Awkward charting during the solo, but somehow didn't miss. Drums were extremely annoying on sightread, but today i decided to double stroke those red notes, and it worked.

So yeah, that's 230 omb fcs now, over 265 songs available for me. Yeah, not counting LRB yet, haven't started counting omb fcs on that.

And uhhhh, yeah.

Update 19/04/11

I played the song 4 times today, in like... an hour of playing. It went like this :

-plop, let's play. *turns on xbox, plays rb1, picks DFTR, fcs drum solo* ...... LOLMISS, m169-170 (end of the last activation), OBVIOUSLY. 2464ns.

- alright, let's practice the drum solo a bit, cause that was too random to happen again. *practices, goes back to try* missed m109 because I'm so cool, and I KEEP looking at the score to see if I got a squeeze or not, even if it's during a fucking fast roll !!! .... fc'd the entire solo, MOST OBVIOUSLY.

- *restarts* ..... fc's drum solo AGAIN.... *proceeds to miss m130 * for no good reason.

- *throws something on the wall, restarts* ...... yay drum solo fc agaaaiiiiowait... no, there was still a part I hadn't missed : m122. YES, that's correct : right after the last pedal. Didn't think it was possible ? Well you guys keep saying "arvain can do the undoable !"... so here it is.

SERIOUSLY, WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT ??!!! Is this all going to be like WGFA ?!!! Man I can NOT believe I fail SO MUCH !!!

And I can't even punch my desk like I used to ('cause it caused injury to my wrist 6 months ago, still not completely healed), or even scream because my neighbour is here today (surprised she hasn't come knocking at my door yet, telling me she had called the cops).

F*CK !!!!!!

Update 18/04/11

wOOOOOh !! Finally !! The song is... ok I guess, but soooo sloooowww !! Reached the outro fill once, missed the last note of it (yes, the blue note) because I hit the rim of the pad Restarted a time or nine thousands to reach it again. There is nothing particularly hard to miss before that, just me looking at my pads instead of the tv approximately once every 5k (yes, I counted... lost count after 15 times when I was only halfway through the song). So I just miss a note that I didn't see coming I have no idea why I do that, but I do it all the time, and it causes at least 60% of my restarts.

ANYWAY, so I reached it a second time, got it, didn't choke, woot omb fc#50 !

Then, since only Tom sawyer was left in the "somehow doable" category, I did one run.... and got -2 m60 and m75 because double pedals/weird pattern. Insisted a bit more, practiced drum solo for a few minutes, then first try post practice, POOF, FC !!

YAY ! Note : my sticks hit each other on the green note m80 Barely time to realize I had not broken combo and to grab my stick before it fell of my hand, almost missed the very next blue, m81 omfg, nervoussssss !!!! No choke either m82.5 (weird stuff) or 89.75 (double pedal), or m110 ultimate choke spot there !

Soooo I went to play the remaining 4 songs.
Green = happening I guess.
Orange = blahhh, need too much luck and pracitce, but possible somehow, hypothetically, maybe, one day.

Don't fear the reaper : Well well well two runs. 1st run : missed m120 badly, but nothing else (except TWO bad front ends, which breaks combo right when you activate, so no new highscore...). 2nd run : missed m118, fc'd m120, but missed TWICE during the outro because I'm so cool
Train kept a rollin : mehhh, broke combo once during the red roll, and missed a green note inbetween the red rolls later on (yes, fail). If I can manage the bpm changes during the red roll, fc is mine. Unfortunately, it's fast, and very long, so I can't grind.
Highway star : aaarrrrgh, 4 fills are very annoying ! Needs a lot of practice, and even then it might not happen. Too fast, too long, too tricky, blehhhh.
Run to the hills : 2 runs. 1st run 272k, mehh almost died during the bridge, post gtr solo 2nd run : gs ! No new highscore though : I missed only THREE times until I decided to make sticks hitting each other twice during each of the last 2 choruses

Sooooooooo... yeah

Update 16/04/11

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!!! WTFWTFWTFWTF SO AWKWARD !!!! Seriously, people must not try this I tried to add the lyrics in it, but it was atrociously tricky !! So deal with it.

after -1 n°1, and -1 n°2 (this one was hilarious ), ACCORDING TO YOU GTR (and omb) FCCCCC !!!!

UGHHHHHH THAT WAS PAINFUL !!!! My biggest problem : the damn zigzag at the beginning of the solo. Seriously, I can NOT do that normally (on the second -1, it was a total accident), nor can I tap it (way too fast, and I don't tap zigzags anyway). So what I did was :


Yes, for real. And even this way, I got it only 4 times today !! So fast. Seriously, I'm glad the song is awesome, because it was a huge pain !!! And yeah, omb fc

Also got it on voxbass for the lulz (no, not trying voxtar !!)

AH also !! Ummmmmmm....

LOL ?!!!! Colony of birchmen VoxTar FC#73 !!!! Failscore since it was my 2nd try (first being a stupid mistake in the orange strums before the hopo zigzags in the solo), and I didn't feel like executing this annoying path. wOOt though !!!

The second voxbass FC I got today was pretty cool too :

Was tricky !! I failed pretty bad at the strumming, but after turning BNS On, that helped to focus yay !!

Today was an okay day I guess !

Update 10/04/11


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tricky ! omfg I just spent the last 45 minutes on this !!! Miraculously, it happened on a run where the broken window (for my second activation) worked so the score is ok, wOOt !! Toughest part : the slow part Awful. Plus it ends on a which is terribly intense to downstrum when you're singing !!! The last fast strumming part (YB chords) starting with YBOYBO hopos : hell Near the end, right before the last set of blue notes, I was starting to see the notes disappearing a bit early (like when you're strumming a bit too fast and/or early) and I was like "we're HOWling we're HOoOoOooOWWliIiIIiIinnnng ooh ooooh" sooooo nervous when I hit the last note !!! Cause I was totally seeing myself overstrumming the last yellow hopo or something !!

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez !! epicness !! Shafted, good luck if you want to go for it ! Even on rb3, that's probably going to be tricky imo.

Also, random notes :

FC'd all my dlcs on Hgtr Constant motion was obviously the toughest. Took me... 2 tries. Ride the lightning and Sleepwalker as well (I don't have that many tough gtr songs anyway, I hate impossibleness) RB1 (+ 9 EU exclu) and LRB left. That'll take some time

Club foot voxtar FC : very easy (for real), 1try. Poker face voxdrum FC : easy as well, one try.

Monster voxdrum FC : way easier than I though, 2 tries. Just dance voxdrum FC : as easy as expected, woot ^^

Hella good voxdrum FC : wow, yay ! Nothing too hard, until post-solo where things get a bit more awkward ! Bad romance voxdrum FC : HHHGNNNNNNNN AAAAARGH TOOK AN HOUR !! Maybe I should've turned BNS on instead of restarting 9000 times for messing up

Also... I got -3 on Shoulder to the plow Xdrums yesterday lolwtf, it's about to get into the "not happening yet technically possible" category !! Maybe I'll redux a bunch of songs, in order to reach 16.2 millions on drums, who knows

Update 08/04/11

EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTREMELY BADASS SONG !!! I hiiiiiiiiighly recommend it !!! It's so impossibly impossible on guitar, but still it's hella fun to play. Same on drums (fcable though if I skip that one fill). Vox is awesome (and easy), and bass.... was kinda very intense ! But wOOt for me fc'ing it 1st try post practice !

YESS !! Got that a few days ago. Pretty fun, but hooooooooooooooooooorribly confusing on bass !! This 2/1 time signature makes things atrociously awkward !!! Especially the section before fast strumming. It all looks so easy, but it SO IS NOT !! Gtr happened last summer iirc, but drums.... nop. There's that one fill (unskippable) with constant pedals + triplet fill Impossible. Got that by accident, ONCE, at 50% speed. This is like... no.

Ah, also, Iggy and I managed to get Lazy eye gtr-bass FC on 1st try the other day Pretty badass, considering we had just failed @ easy songs before.

Update 07/04/11


Drums : 2 tries
Vox : lol
Gtr : lol
Bass : lol

Click on the picture for drum fc on video ^^
Vox : 2 tries.
Bass : sightread.
Gtr : took a whole bunch of restarts...
Drums : omfg drum solo Intense double stroking there !!! An hour passed between the moment I started practicing and fc !!

Vox : sightread
Drums : sightread
Gtr : sightread (so hard)
Bass : 2-3 attemps, then 15 minutes of practice to get the strumming, 2nd try post practice

Gtr : sightread intense.
Vox : sightread.
Bass : somehow easy to miss anywhere in the song.
Drums : optimal. Only had one outro choke, thank goodness. Hardest part : intro x)

I also have a bunch of voxtar/voxbass fcs, and 2 pretty nice bass fcs, but we'll see that next time.

*rushes to bed*

Update 21/03/11

yayyyy 1st try today !! Each time I played this song, the 1st try was always the best. Today was no exception. wOOt !

Got lazy, skipped both rolls. Very cheap, but meh whatever : it's not on-disc, and Tao was the one deciding to dl it with the msp he bought for me, so heh. Plus I got Love spreads before, so my conscience is ok haha !

Ah, and got Alive as voxdrum fc#58, but with the worst path ever, ended up 30k below my -1 score. mmpf whatever.

Update 20/03/11


I am not dead, sorry Been playing rb games on and off lately, getting more random vox-stuff fcs, new easy dlc omb fcs, and playing on Hard.

In the middle of all that, I may or may not have gotten Kids in America voxdrum fc#....57 I guess Suddenly became very consistent with this fill in outro A with basic RLRL sticking, so I went for it. Didn't go too crazy, didn't play any taps during the whole ending ! Had to hit Pause during an activation fill to put the mic out of my reach so I wouldn't be tempted to try and hit the taps and miss

Also, after a coop session today, I randomly voxtar'd for a bit. I tried Almost easy... fc#70 on second try (missed the last 3 notes of the solo on the first attempt). loooooolok.

Had sorted the songs alphabetically... I thought "heh, let's try Spoonman... owait, while I'm in the A's, there's still Any way you want it, let's do 1 run"

ROFL, voxtar fc#71 on 1st try YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!! 2 voxtar fcs back to back, wtf.

Failed to get Spoonman or Souls of black... not in a "S" mood today, "A" was more successful x)

Ah, still got Souls of black voxbass fc. Very awkward to play ! Got all the taps too which doesn't make things any easier !

And uhhhh.... that's pretty much it for now. Got a few other little things (including some fgfcs), but we'll see that another time.

Note : those crappy pictures are the best I could get : one set of batteries in the controller, another one in the guitar.... the other 2 sets I had died on me recently, 1 week apart from each other. Need to buy new ones. So I had to use my webcam, on my laptop. Screen of my tv = too bright for it, and no way to change that x) fail.

Update 07/09/10

Won't get fooled anymore @____________@ DONE WITH IT, FINALLY !!!!!!!!! Won't get fooled again omb fc#49

I randomly wanted to play rb1 and get that. Just practiced bridge and jam B twice each, and directly went to try.... 1st try : choke m257 of course fuck. Took several tries, all being -1 on Jam B (miraculously consistent with Bridge this time !!). Then i missed bridge once... i said : ok last try, cause if i start missing bridge, i'll get mad. THEN Drum fc on video happened.... followed by a second fc in a row (and redux ) to get the hands view for my video WTH wOOt !!

The score is pretty good i guess I see a tiny probability of Tom Sawyer happening, but... really tough. Also, i still don't have Black hole sun, and don't feel like having it yet.

So yeah. wOOt ?

EDIT : ROFL, realized while submitting the score, that it was 1st place MAJOR LOL !!!

Update 07/09/10

Ok, so BASICALLY, today was RIDICULOUS In such a SHORT session, i got :

Mountain song voxdrum fc#54. Extremely awkward and dumb. Took 5-6 tries.
Cool for cats voxdrum fc#55. 2 tries.
Man in the box voxdrum fc#56... wtf, where's the picture ? 1st try anyway. 80 voxdrum fcs now.

Colony of birchmen gtr fc#76/omb#75 FIIIIIIINAAAAAAALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARGH ANNOYING SONG IS wayyyyyyyyy too annoying !!! Third try (i had missed twice at the end of the fast red strums) Can't believe i'm finally DONE with that stupid song !! @____@ (omb#213)

Ride the lightning bass fc. A few restarts. Nothing big here (and i messed some activations), but it's the second to last score EVER for me to submit on scorehero for rock band (all included) Last is Constant motion bass... and because i'm so cool, i got -1 sightread.... sigh....

At some point, my mom was there when i tried Round and round on voxtar... I told her i'd probably fail on both solo... And obviously, i didn't wtf, Round and round voxtar fc#69 on 1st try !!!! =O Should've had that one so long ago, but i would always miss on solo 2 ! YAY !!
*she leaves*
I pick another song : All of this voxtar fc 1st try !!!! WUT ?!!?!!!eleventwelve!!?

Next song (but took 4-5 tries, including a choke post solo...) : Chiron voxtar fc WOOOH !! ¯\/¯ My fingers just had no particular problems with that solo today !

Next song, 1st try : Less talk more rokk voxtar fc YAYZ ! 162 voxtar fcs !!

+4 or 5 random voxbass fcs on easy songs, first try as well.

AND O.O.O.O ... for NO reason at all, i went to play some rb1 i was randomly playing solos on practice, got GGaHT's solo2E on bass 3-4 times (over 20 minutes fail).... eventually tried some TKaR... consistency on solo 3-4-5 came back pretty fast... consistency on solo 1-2 ... i never had such thing, but today it was worse. I passed the very first solo 4 times i think (even after figuring out what the problem was)
1) missed in solo 4... yes, m115. you CAN miss there. + end of last solo
2) missed in solo 2, but i messed the activation anyway.
3) YEAH RIGHT, missed in the semi-trill RYRYRYRYR right after solo 1
4) Train kept a rollin fc#57 O_____________O YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, i'm DONE with rb1 gtr now too !!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH !!!!! So nervous on the last measure of the last solo, and that little trill on the outro..... YESSS !!!!!

Update 06/09/10

Well, i guess i had a pretty good voxtar day on both sides This morning, i randomly played some vox-stuff, and ended trying Lazy eye Which isn't such a good idea (like.. trying impossible glitchy songs... way to ruin your mood). But in the end, i missed Lead 1 and fc'd Lead 2 on second try, WUT ? Ok cool, i mean... i've hit Lead 2 before, but not out of nowhere ! So i restarted a bunch of times, missed a lot on Lead 1 Which i'm usually more consistent at... and a few times on lead2... And then WTF it happened, i passed lead 2 again OMG nervousness inb4 i miss like an idiot in Loud part X________X

Some how, i did NOT !! I am so thankful that this song is so easy on vox At least i could concentrate on hitting Loud part properly !! Passed it, started shaking...

Solo : at least, since i played it on guitar not so long ago, i knew where i had to be careful !! So i was ! But not so crazy : i only got 20-25% on the taps which is the only place where my score lost a bunch of K, because i raaaaaandomly activated, and still got a very good score !! I guess the path was stuck in my subconscious or something, cause i had no idea about what i was doing xD!!

So yeah, Lazy eye voxtar fc#68 YAYYYYYZ !!! I was so shocked that i went to check if my xbox hadn't magically turned into pal50, but no it was still on pal60 (i even recorded a video of my score + me checking the settings xD you can never have too much proof)

Random note about that : i've read a lot about that on the TSG after b-fuzz made me think about it, to be sure i wasn't speaking nonsense. It appears ntsc isn't that much different from pal60 (noone has found anything big). Biggest difference is clearly between pal50-pal60. On pal50 this is sightread fcable with some luck. For the lulz, Pal people who can do that, go try pal50 and you'll see why ntsc and pal60 may be close, but pal60 =///= pal50 haha and THAT is pretty huge !

Ahem, so i also got A dios le pido voxtar Badass song, but very air-consuming during choruses !!!

AND, took only a few tries this time : All of this gtr/omb fc wOOOt !!! Extremely tricky solo, that chart is WEIRD !! Especially the GR chord they seem to have dropped in the middle of those hopo sweeps

Hell, i need to REkeep track of the omb / vox-stuff fcs...

Update 04/09/10

FAIL ! I just... fail. Note : it was on the activation right before the bridge roll. I overhit because i activated a bit too late. Not even trying to squeeze the hell out of it, just.... activated too late and of course the front end was out of the activation fill...... OBVIOUSLY, i fc'd the roll, (the only times i fc that roll is when i miss something before and don't restart), and fc'd Jam B (only missed Jam B ONCE today : the one time i fc'd Bridge and didn't miss anything else). I am sick and tired of this song. Really, i'm way more consistent on Jam B now, but i've lost every tiny bit of semi- consistency i had on the bridge (on real run of course, because on practice i FREAKIN NEVER MISS THAT STUPID ASS PART !!!!! infuriating !!!!!!)

Oh, and i got rid of Kids in america After failing on rb1, i put rb2, immediately went to practice mode, picked that song, fc'd the fill a bunch of times, and got the fc on video on second try. Pretty good score. Never playing that piece of sh*t again.

Pissed off, you think ?.... YES !!!

*goes away mumbling, ranting about everything*

Update 03/09/10

YAYYYY !!!! Happened two days ago, but Visions bass gs#84 !!! Man, such a STUPID chart/song !!! It's so much harder than everything else combined that it's not even funny. Like if Panic attack is tier 6, then Visions is tier 14... lame. I fc'd everything outside of bridge (including the green streak) countless times, but gs require to get at least a x5 - x6 multiplier in that crap. Which i EVENTUALLY did, without messing up the ending and "choking" BLEH, glad to be done with that !!

Today i got Ace of spades as omb fc#73 wOOt !! After failing one more time on KiA , i tried AoS... and got like -2 or -3 after two runs. Insisted and became more consistent on those stupid red rolls by starting them with a double stroke (and changing red-yellow pads, cause my red pad starts being a bit too sloppy for quick double stroke ). A bunch of tries, a few chokes... and here you go !! wOOt !!

Also got All the small things voxdrum fc in like what... three tries ? cool !
Almost got Ashes to fire (wtf xD!!), and got Science genius girl voxdrum fc wowowowait, WUT ?? LOL that was such a random fc, i tried for funz, and saw only a few bits would be tricky, so insisted a little, and eventually got it !! YAYZ ! (i think i don't even have it on voxbass yet =D)

Note : i got a nice 396k on Painkiller, with... -3 i think... missed both weird red rolls, and the very end of the fill before outro.

Update 31/08/10


Outside of that, to make that post a little cooler :
Aqualung drum FC two days ago You know how many tries that took ? TWO ¯\(o_____O)/¯ I was randomly playing some drums and missing notes Tried Aqualung : -1 AFTER the quick red rolls -_______- and -1 in some DUMB unexisting place, outro fc... 2nd try : fc YESSSSSS OMB#71!!!!!!!!!!
Lazy eye gtr FC !!!! OMAGAD omb#72 !!!!!! That happened yesterday night : FIRST try : i missed in Lead 1, fc'd Lead 2 DOHHH !!! Restarted, took a bunch of tries, but somehow i was lucky on lead 1, and magically, hit lead2 again the third time i reached it !! Just to miss MEASURE 77 !!!! AAAARGHHHHHHHHH I SUCK under pressure !! Then took a WHOLE BUNCH of restarts to get Lead2 for the third time ever on a real run !!! Somehow i didn't miss in Loud part (although it was extremely close, like always, and i tilted for that activation, i didn't want to screw things up because of a squeeze ). But then i almost missed FOUR TIMES into the gtr solo (cause i hadn't played it in ages !!). At the end of a red streak : ends on an upstrum, which i almost forgot !! Then activating on the GR chords : for SOME REASON, i was on an upstrum on the first chord so i activated on the 4th chord, 0.25 measure later (which is no big deal considering my semi path-execution). End of the activation : almost overstrummed at the end of the GB chords, but this time it was THANKS to me watching the score (= i basically would've strummed an extra-note, but i "forgot" to do that extra note, thank goodness !!!). At this time, you have no idea how CLOSE to death i was !! Probably stopped breathing for the whole time !! And then almost messed up the end of the blue strumms, almost missed the orange hopo X__X damn damn damn damn, aaaaaaaaah !!!!! In the end i still got a pretty good score : i tilted at a good time during Loud part, the activations before were ok, during solo : lol , and at the very end : full OD, so i guess it's hard to miss it.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh i can't believe i'm DONE with it !! Such a great song, but i HATE being held back because of a glitchy chart !!

Ah also, right before i started with Lazy eye, i got -1 on first try on CoB guitar.... 5 notes before the gtr solo..... that i fc'd Obviously, i couldn't get it again after that. grrrr !! Just like AWYWI, some dumb prechoke !

Today, i was randomly playing, and got Typical omb FC on first try, what the hell ?!! Some days ago i was pulling my hair out because of those two double stroking triplet parts, and i got it first try ?! My mom was there at that time, watched me going all "tsss i'll miss a stupid part" but i didn't , and wOOt, i got optimal Told her why i called it "optimal", and in 2 minutes, she understood how RB drum squeezes were working ! win ?

Update 21/08/10

The climb omb#201. Stupid song, dumb chart, boring. Passed those stupid red rolls 4 times (grinded for two hours )... choked TWICE on that fast roll in outro D Missed once something SO RANDOM because i was looking at my pads instead of the screen (i live in an eternal fear of hitting the edges / missing the pads...), and then finally fc. On an optimal run. GOOD enough with that crap, i hate that song. On vox isn't so easy that it's not even fun. failfailfail.
Ah well, that crap + World go round + Different people + You can do it + Tragic kingdom + Sixteen + End it on this + Hey you + Happy now? + previous update = All No doubt songs OMB FC wOOt ! Took long enough huh ?

Update 20/08/10

So, i'm going through the bunch of dlcs that i got recently. I had lost track of the omb fcs, but i spent some (huge) time gathering pictures and editing them, so i could count properly, and i realized i was very close to hitting 200. Here are some other ones i got (with a lot of 1st places, due to the fact there's like 5-10 scores submitted for each ._.) :

World go round omb fc#197. For some reason, i hadn't done vox. Now it's done (and i don't like this one).
A dios le pido omb fc#198 Extreeeeemely fun song to play on everything ! Drums have some LOLAWKWARD SOLO but so fun ! Took some tries.
Wolf like me omb fc#199 Vox was sightread (lol, obviously, i sang it enough on gh5 x__x), bass has impossible gs (due to that weird bpm), drums took 2 tries (which is already way too much, very lame chart !!), and guitar took... 5 tries maybe. Overrated strumming, like always. Biggest choke spot was the strumming at the end of the long bridge And the hopos before last activation. Outside of that, easy. (still you don't want to lose focus !!)
Stricken OMB FC#200 wOOt ! Here's the video for the guitar fc (yeah, drums = 1st try fc somehow O.O but i didn't feel like redoing it ._. )

67 (rb1 + 9 european exclusives) + 84 (rb2) + 96 dlcs = 247. wOOt for having less than 50 omb fcs to get (lol, as if i was able to get them all )

Also, that took LONG ENOUGH but i FIIIIIIIIIIIIIInally managed to FC Sin wagon on drums !!! Before that, i had a bunch of runs where i only missed the red roll.... Even one where i missed right before it and fcd it + the end Another one where i missed the second to last red note of it Then it FINALLY happened, although my sticks hit each others on the I almost had a brain freeze, i was absolutely certain i was missing when i heard the HUGE noise of sticks hitting (really hard, cause i was going quite fast, but no And miraculously, i didn't miss either on the ending YB roll !!! And icing on the cake : it was on an optimal run !!! wOOt for being tied for 1st with ES and Joe !! Definitely a fun song, but really tough !! Guitar may happen one day if i find a way to be consistent, but for now, i'm FAR from being consistent at anything on any section.

AND (that happened before), i got some more voxdrum fcs...
Seven nation army (such an easy but badass song !)
Get it on. Easy.
Woman. Remain focused, and it's easy.
Fly on the wall. Not so easy, pretty awkward at times !!
Feel the pain#50 on disc wut ? 1st try with a path that i couldn't figure out (it didn't cover the RYYp fill !!), and 1st place x) what the hell !
Welcome to the neighborhood#51 on disc Very intense and tiring !! Took me longer than it should : got several -1 OUTSIDE of outro roll
Call me.... Nothing close to easy at ALL !!!
Get ready 2 rokk ROFL wtf 1st try ? man the path was SO BAD (and i didn't even activate at the end, full OD bar wasted...), but that wasn't too easy either !! Wonder how i didn't miss any of the tiny fast red rolls xD!
ABC Stuff i missed the most : talkies -_- LAME !
Inside the fire wow, nice i guess ! First try was REALLY close ! A few restart here and there to figure out a path and stop missing randomly. Then got a choke on the BBB B (RGp) at the very end, of course.... fail. Got it the very next run ! You have no idea how playing those pedals (good thing i'm consistent at getting them all !) is AIR CONSUMING !!! Finding a place to breathe : hard ! Hitting those low notes during pedals : shaky voice !! Trying to hit them an octave higher : nop, consuming even more air xD!

So yeah i guess now i'm at..... hmmmm 64 voxdrum fcs...

Update 18/08/10

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!! Excuse me Mister OMB FC (with drums optimal ) !!!!!!! FINALLY !!!! Oh my goodness, that took so loooooooooong !!!!!

Important note : it's the 1st release i'm talking about obviously ! 13 songs. Concerning the other songs released a few months ago, i'm still not done with vox (lol ) and drums i'm still missing 1 or 2. And voxtar, blah, i don't even think it'll be possible (Different people, You can do it )

Anyway !! YAYYYZ all 13 songs omb fc !!!! (lol @ me still missing some vox pictures all the time ) Getting the full voxtar fc took me the whole afternoon (and it was an eternity ago), but getting the full omb... Some of them were really tricky (Underneath it all, Sunday morning, Simple kind of life, Hella good)... but Excuse-me Mr was WAY more annoying than the others !!!

Today after getting some more random fcs (i got a bunch of new dlcs recently) and increasing my amount of voxdrums fcs (i think that'll be into my next update, by that time, i'll probably get more), i tried some hard songs... Failed to improve Aqualung / Visions / Panic attack... messed KiA.... didn't even want to try CoB on gtr or Round and round voxtar.

Long story short, i picked EMM :
1st try : outro choke obviously.
2nd try : same...
3rd try : missed the red roll post bridge -____________- fail.
PRACTICE because i couldn't fc bridge anymore Practiced both outro and bridge... semi-consistency, but nothing that made me too confident, knowing that i can either fc something 1st try post practice, or fc it 100 times in practice, and fail in a real run.
Next try : OPTIMAL omg @________@

Can't believe that finally happened.


Note : i lost track of the amount of omb fcs... crap.

Update 26/07/10

Long story short, FAIL, so by the time i get a new one, no more rb BUT, luckily i've been able to get some little things last week, while Taozack was here with me (and sleeping until noon ). There's some cool score/fcs, but mostly it's about multitasking

American music OMB FC Unbelievably crazy bass outro !!! I was playing that, showing to Tao how impossible it was... Somehow i didn't miss anything stupid... Reached the outro o___O' fc'd it first try O.O YESSSS !!!
Chiron drum gs finally ! -1 intro... Got the OD at the end of the crazy fill ...and missed only the end of the last fill (and got the ending roll too). yay !
Bounce voxdrum FC
Like a fool voxdrum FC Awkward !
Me and my gang voxtar FC YAY first try ! awwwwkward !
Seven nation army voxtar FC , so badass !
Fly on the wall voxtar FC ;p
Don't stop believing voxtar FC
A jagged gorgeous winter voxbass FC
All of this voxbass FC Great song !
All the small things voxbass FC
Almost easy voxbass FC yay !
Am i crazy voxbass FC rofl @ no GS... that happens sometimes with random paths haha !
Any way you want it voxbass FC
Bathwater voxbass FC
Bounce voxbass FC , 3 combination fc
Chop suey voxbass FC, 3 combination fc as well
Don't make me wait voxbass FC, so lo-oo-ooooong !!
Empty walls voxbass FC
Flathead voxbass FC
Fly on the wall voxbass FC that small fast strumming section is kinda awkward for some reason.
Geraldine voxbass FC 3 combinations FC haha!
Get it on voxbass FC
Get ready 2 rokk voxbass FC
I wanna be your man voxbass FC
Like a fool voxbass FC 3CFC too !
Me and my gang voxbass FC
Sin wagon voxbass FC no gs...where's my picture o_O
They're red hot voxbass FC , and no, i'm not planning on getting that 3cfc

AAAANND !!! the wtf fc that i didn't see coming at ALL yesterday, before Tao left to go back to where he lives, i randomly picked a song saying "bah, watch my random fail".... and happened to gtr FC#74 Souls of black on 1st try o.O.O.o OMB FC#69 !!!! YESSSSS !!!!!!!! (missing vox picture, and i can't redo it now as you know good thing i got voxdrum)

phewwww, long update, tons of links, that took forever !!!

I'll go count the omb/vox-random fcs i have, brb...

Update 05/05/10

Tragic kingdom omb fc 1st ever omfgomfg lololzorz wtfbbq -_____- pffff "1st ever"s... that's so useless when it's not coming from famous people.

Sorry i'm in a mood for a few reasons, nevermind. Do not enjoy that fail video with crappy quality. It's my birthday soon. If anyone wants to buy a cap card for me, or a camera that's not 5 years old, go ahead.

Also, got 3 other omb from No doubt, which is why TK is 187. 187/237.... 78.9%. meh, need to at least reach 80%.

Update 04/05/10

wOOh !!! Yay !!! Today i downloaded the songs from No doubt, so now i have 22 from them I like them all, and got 3 sightread fc on drums, 3 dumb fc soon, 2 other that'll need work, The climb may not happen (too loooong, too many VERY fast rolls, near the end ). Played only 3 songs on vox (2 sightread fcs, one after a second try lol), no bass yet. And played 4 songs on gtr. Two -1s, one no-gs (wtf) and i failed on Tragic kingdom that solo owned me hard! After some training i could fc it (lolzomg arvain can has tapping skillz on rock band ?!) but couldn't fc it on real run. Possible, but quite hard.

I'll get more later ^^ Those songs are so cool !

SO, after that, i went to play more random stuff (lots of -1s on Excuse-me mr ), Kids in america...pffff !!! Then right before dinner, i played Desperate times desperate measures and happened to get it on first try SO GLAD i remembered the path xD!! That's OMB 17/20 from the free pack and#182 overall. Hate that stupid song ! Banner looks nice though :

After dinner i randomly picked Everlong for NO reason, because i couldn't reach the second verse lately First try (after 9000 restarts because i couldn't find the right speed and reach the first pedal), i missed a RANDOM (Bp) in second chorus cause i was looking where my hands were (to avoid hitting the edge of a pad) ... great. But i missed the end of the roll following the yellow roll anyway (right before last chorus). Restart, OMB FC#68 O.O wOOOOO[...]OOOOOt so overdue !!! Finally, that stupid song (that i hate as well) has FINALLY fallen !! boooo, hate it !! fc#72 for rb2 drums. And YAYY for fiiiiinally being able to use this one :

Oh also, yesterday, i voxtarred for a bit. Not that long, i only got two songs : More than a feeling (lol, first try, so hard), coming after frustration on Kool thing FC !! That one took over half an hour, partly because it's EXtremely awkward at some points, and partly because i choked TWICE on the second to last phrase... I wanted it to be a talky, but it isn't -_- So obviously, fail. And when i finally got it, i managed to hit the green fret like 2-3 seconds before taking the picture, while my camera was auto-focusing on the screen I always keep my guitar around my shoulder, and put BOTH arms over it. And everytime i think : watch out, your elbow is dangerously close, if it slips on the neck, it'll hit the frets, it better not hit the green one ..... this time, it did FAIL !

I may (or may not è_é) redo that another time !! Anyway, that's...hmmm 151 voxtar fcs.

Update 02/05/10

Yep, Dani california omb#45 for rb1, drum#48. Took approximately 1 try after 3 minutes on training You were right megallica ^^
After that, i got a wonderful choke at 1915ns on Flirtin with disaster -_- sigh... -1 on Black hole sun, i hate that stupid fill (that i got 9000 times on practice)....that's all i got in 1h this afternoon.

BUT Run to the hills GS#58 !!!!! wOOOOOOOOHOOOO YAYZOOOORZ !!!!!

Tonight i played again for an hour and a half, was enough to get a pretty cool +12k on Tom sawyer o_O (no fc happening, way too hard, but i still got several hard parts !), +3k on Highway star (same), +6k on DFTR (same as well). AND then i played RttH. for only 45minutes =O I always thought that would happend after hours of endless grinding in a row. First run : fail, i couldn't keep combo during bridge Then two runs at 244k.... a few restarts, my arms were actually getting better, 273k.... several other restarts (some being painful cause i messed badly after having a first mistake around 900ns !!), then it FINALLY happened I can't even tell "i missed this, that, but got this and that", cause i'm inconsistent at everything on this song It just takes a luckier run than usual ! Anyway, my first mistake was still after the first chorus =O OH, and i happened to fc the second half of the part where there's 3 pedals, and ALL OF THE part with the endless red roll before the last 2 choruses 2-3 mistakes during those, but still i heard the magic little bell ringing a few seconds before BRE !!!

AAAaaaaaah this is DONE, FINALLY !!! gs#58/58 !!!! (omb too, if you don't count Vasoline and I'm so sick vox)

Update 01/05/10

Detroit rock city drum fc#47 I don't know why it took me half an hour, but IT DID Restarts because of front ends causing overhit and/or disappearing OD, restarts because of dumb mistakes, restarts because of TWO chokes on the very last roll (which isn't hard at all but i love to miss unmissable stuff...)...... sigh, i hate that song in the first place. That's omb#44 for rb1 and #180 overall Flirtin with disaster i got -3 outside of any roll, just in the regular/easy/slow pattern -____- Outside is possible as well (need to find a way for the stick to NOT bounce in weird directions and hit each others/the edge of the pads). Black hole sun became somewhat possible, but annoying. And Dani california i don't know i haven't tried.

Anyway, so after failing to get anything else, i went back to voxtar rb2.
Am i crazy fc veeeery cool song, definitely !!
Empty walls fc on video ^^ Love that one
CHOP SUEY FC#67 !!!! Dammit that took so LONG !!! My choke on vox (boooo i suck) happened on may 31st 09 !! Since then, i couldn't even pass second verse -_- And yesterday, after reduxing some easy voxtar dlc, the doorbell rang right before i tried Chop suey (was my mom ) so i gave that a try, missed everywhere EXCEPT the two trickiest parts...Instantly restarted, and got it 2nd try wOOOh !! Man, that should've happened before A jagged gorgeous winter......If you look down the OP, on the ondisc-voxtar list, that'll give you an idea of how OVERDUUUUUE this one was. So that's uuhhh... voxtar #149

Update 30/04/10

omg arvain is still around ._. I actually played GH games most of the time, but still play rb2 from time to time =)

First, two vids : Constant motion drum GS, More than a feeling voxdrum FC. Not that big of a deal, just songs that i like.

Second, on a raaaanndom session out of noooowhere on rb1 drums, i got Day late dollar short as fc#45 in a few tries and Say it ain't so as fc#46 on first try O.O wOOOt !!! omb#42-43 for rb1 yay !

And the day before that, i downloaded three new songs, one being Am i crazy (free dlc that i had never seen, no idea when it came out lol) : very very cool song, some french lyrics (wtf i didn't know that, i heard it while playing drums ), easy. BUT extremely annoying ending cymbal roll and obviously, i got it after messing with the Squeeze-out -___- sigh.... Don't feel like refcing right now.
Other song : Empty walls Awesome song !! Drums fc on third run O.O wut. Confuuuuuusing chart !! omb #179 i guess ^^

Third song : American music So far, that's the 2nd bass ever that i couldn't fc O___O if you don't know why, watch this and you'll understand why it took me several tries to gs, and why fc may not happen so soon Anyway, very cool song, i got guitar and vox in a few tries, drums were a bit tricky but ok. Bass .______. cool but impossible.

So ummm.... that'll do, i'll be getting some more random dlc voxtar fcs probably ^^


Update 12/02/10

PLOP ! I'll make this a little update, matching my semi-good skillz -_-

Saints of Los Angeles omb fc video requested by the one and only taozack =) Did guitar and drums forever ago, bass and vox today.

Also, after a 5-min training session, i finally got Sons and daughters stupid song ! And gs on DTDM drums....racing for the trophy of WSE (worst song ever)....

Most interesting part is that i FINALLYYYYYYY got Don't make me wait YES !!! That song is SO cool, but the drum chart is SO nerve-consuming !!! In the end, i even had to one-hand all the verses x__x No choke post bridge though, so i'm happy with that !!! 175/224 wooh !!

Notes : Kool thing -2 ;___; Ride the lightning -1 (TWICE, one random note, then on the fast double pedal at the end T_T), Excuse-me Mr choke on the outro fill (it had to happen, right ? )

So yeah....

Update 09/02/10


The other day after so much voxtar rage, i went to play on rb1. Got Say it ain't so, Blitzkrieg bop, Celebrity skin, Nightmare, Welcome home , Tom sawyer (that's 19/58 on disc i think), and Countdown to insanity along with Hysteria wooh ! Makes 146/224

AND yesterday, i managed to finally get my Sleepwalker Bass fc ^____^ I always knew it was possible, but never actually got around to do it ! So i sat there and played it...a few times...... took an hour actually, cause i would always miss something random for no reason Got the 7th activation wrong though, too bad i lost 3k there...ah well, still cool ! Then had some fun and played it on vox, which is really hard, but so easy compared to any other instrument xD!! The right path is kinda hard to figure out.

THEN My red fret lost all its ...hmmm... resistance ! When my finger would push it, i wouldn't feel it going down/back up ! (like part of the slide bar of the WT guitar ). Still working, but it was so confusing, i was missing everywhere ! As my guitar is old (bought it on ebay in may 2008 with gh3, who knows how old it was before), i had my idea about the problem. Opened the neck, and i was right : the rubber piece under the frets, that usually "plops" down/up, had worn out, it broke =/ The yellow broke when i barely LOOKED at it It was so thin, i guess it had to happen after hitting SO many notes ! And the other 3 were close to break too ! Some idea occurred to me Opened the neck of my Kramer, from gh3 ps2, and luckily enough, the rubber piece was the same (a little thicker, more resistant i guess), so i just put it into the LP's neck and it works just fine again ! Well now the frets are a little too hard to press, and it'll take me some time to be able to hit quick solos, so i'm happy it happened AFTER i got some crazy songs on guitar ._.

Today, and because of mokette , i downloaded Lucky denver mint with the few points i had left after dl'ing The metal and MamG. And it appeared to be a way cooler song than i had imagined I just knew it was annoying as hell on guitar and eaaaaaaasy on the other instruments, so i had imagined some awful stupid solo. But yesterday i watched a video, and wOOOt, some chord/strum fest ^_____^ Spent 45 minutes to get it on guitar, quite a lot of training to get the strumming down, a few real runs, got it =D (no choke either). Drums took 2-3 tries, the outro drum solo was LOL Vox sightread, bass too (optimal, hardest ever). So yeah here you go, Lucky denver mint omb fc 173/224 !! wooh !

Update 05/02/10

PLOP ! Random stuff today...Yesterday night i got The metal voxtar fc cool and easy, but i accidentally activated on vox, screwing the second act... lost some points there, but whatever, not that big of a difference. Got it on video, the camera was recording me i don't know if i should upload it or not, what do you guys think ? x) (warning : i make weird faces/don't sing loud cause it was 11pm)

Today, annoyed with Excuse-me Mr (i fc'd the ending like 4-5 times overall, always missing the bridge before, or some random notes -_-), and Sons and daughters (including some random miss + all the fills fc ), i went to play some rb1. Turned out pretty well, i got Ballroom blitz drums optimal on second try o___O first was a choke on that stupid ending roll with pedals on left hand !! Got it by just double-left'ing the beginning, so Right + Pedal would be together, but off beat =O weird, but i focused and got it right ! omb fc#40 ^^
Then, after some grinding, i FINALLY fc'd the whole intro of FP/LT !! And thank goodness, thank badness, thank anything that exists or not, i did NOT miss anywhere else (which i was sure would happen) !!! wOOh!! Awesomeness !! omb fc#41 .... now i should get Say it ain't so ._.

Then i went back to rb2, choked on Round and round voxtar (once more ), failed on AWYWI voxtar, missed THREE TIMES IN THE SAME SPOT of the solo on Chiron voxtar , PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !!!!!!! And got a WONDERFUL 880ns on Saints of Los Angeles voxtar on first try.... yes... I managed to get it on second try though =D I know some Tao who likes that song a lot (along with The metal haha !), so here you go i hope you're happy i got them both ! But don't request to see me voxtaring The metal plox, i fail so much ! xD

hmmmmm, i'll count, brb... 172 omb fcs, and on voxtar...hmm i'll update the list and count.... 138 now ^___^

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-Perfekte welle FC________________________-Welcome home FC
-Gimme shelter FC________________________-Call me FC
-Master exploder FC______________________-They're red hot FC
-Carry on wayward son FC_________________-Chop suey FC
-Chop suey FC Performance mode____________-Any way you want it FC
-Eye of the tiger FC_______________________-Tangled up in blue FC (broken activation ^^)
-Master exploder FC Performance mode_______-Shooting star FC
-Aqualung FC____________________________-The trees FC blindfolded
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-Manu Chao FC___________________________-Sunday morning FC
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-American woman FC______________________-The trees FC
-Spiderwebs FC__________________________-Geraldine FC *100th vid!*
-Alive FC________________________________-Don't fear the reaper FC
-Pretty fly for a white guy FC________________-Supreme girl FC NEW !!
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-Chop suey Drums CHOKE!!________________-Panic attack Drums 5*
-I get by Drums FC_______________________-Kool thing drums 5*
-Nine in the afternoon Voxdrum FC___________-Run to the hills Bass FC
-Today Voxdrum FC_______________________-Master exploder Voxdrum FC NEW !!!!
-Peace sells Bass FC_______________________-You oughta know Voxbass FC NEW !!
-Livin' on a prayer OMB FC__________________-Lump OMB FC
-New kid in school OMB FC__________________-Like a fool OMB FC
-Call me OMB FC__________________________-I'm gone, i'm going OMB FC
-They're red hot OMB FCCCCCCC !!!!!!! __-Science genius girl OMB FC

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FC#1.Livin' on a prayer *video*________________________FC#1.Livin' on a prayer
FC#2.You oughta know *video*________________________FC#2.Today *video*
FC#3.Down with the sickness *video*___________________FC#3.Go your own way *video*
FC#4.Spirit in the sky________________________________FC#4.Eye of the tiger
FC#5.New kid in school *video*________________________FC#5.My own worst enemy
FC#6.Pinball wizard_________________________________FC#6.I was wrong
FC#7.Ace of spades '08______________________________FC#7.So what'cha want
FC#8.Give it all_____________________________________FC#8.E-pro
FC#9.Supreme girl *video*____________________________FC#9.Hello there
FC#10.Hello there___________________________________FC#10.Down with the sickness *video*
FC#11.Nine in the afternoon___________________________FC#11.Bad reputation
FC#12.That's what you get____________________________FC#12.Chop suey
FC#13.White wedding [part 1]_________________________FC#13.Pretend we're dead
FC#14.Float on______________________________________FC#14.The middle
FC#15.Today_______________________________________FC#15.Rebel girl
FC#16.De-luxe______________________________________FC#16.Float on
FC#17.American woman *video*________________________FC#17.PDA
FC#18.Bad reputation________________________________FC#18.Any way you want it
FC#19.Conventional lover_____________________________FC#19.Our truth
FC#20.A jagged gorgeous winter________________________FC#20.Master exploder *video*
FC#21.Rock'n me____________________________________FC#21.Lazy eye
FC#22.Alex chilton___________________________________FC#22.De-luxe
FC#23.Come out and play [keep 'em separated]____________FC#23.New kid in school
FC#24.One step closer________________________________FC#24.We got the beat
FC#25.The trees [vault edition] *video*___________________FC#25.Pump it up
FC#26.We got the beat________________________________FC#26.Shackler's revenge
FC#27.Lump________________________________________FC#27.Get clean
FC#28.Uncontrollable urge_____________________________FC#28.You oughta know
FC#29.Ramblin' man__________________________________FC#29.Lump
FC#30.Eye of the tiger________________________________FC#30.White wedding
FC#31.I was wrong___________________________________FC#31.Pinball wizard
FC#32.My own worst ennemy___________________________FC#32.Nine in the afternoon.
FC#33.Psycho killer___________________________________FC#33.Spirit in the sky
FC#34.Alabama getaway______________________________FC#34.Come out and play [keep'em separated
FC#35.Testify_______________________________________FC#35.Give it away
FC#36.E-pro________________________________________FC#36.Round and round
FC#37.So what'cha want______________________________FC#37.Conventional lover
FC#38.Rebel girl_____________________________________FC#38.One step closer
FC#39.Pretend we're dead____________________________FC#39.Psychokiller
FC#40.PDA_________________________________________FC#40.Shooting star
FC#41.Hungry like the wolf_____________________________FC#41.Alabama getaway
FC#42.Drain you_____________________________________FC#42.Carry on wayward son
FC#43.Cool for cats___________________________________FC#43.Night lies
FC#44.Teen age riot__________________________________FC#44.Supreme girl
FC#45.Welcome to the neighborhood_____________________FC#45.Testify
FC#46.Go your own way_______________________________FC#46.Where'd you go?
FC#47.Kids in america_________________________________FC#47.Alex chilton
FC#48.Pump it up____________________________________FC#48.Souls of black
FC#49.Man in the box_________________________________FC#49.Spoonman
FC#51.Master exploder
FC#52.The middle
FC#53.Feel the pain
FC#54.Shooting star
FC#56.Girl's not grey
FC#57.Our truth
FC#58.Mountain song
FC#60.Give it away
FC#61.Tangled up in blue !!! *video*
FC#62.Night lies
FC#63.Carry on wayward son
FC#64.Rob the prez-o-dent
FC#65.Where'd you go
FC#66.One way or another !!!!!!!!!!!
FC#67.Chop suey

Voxtar DLCs FC : (i can has dlc!!)

Don't speak *video*
Spiderwebs *video*
Skullkrusher mountain
They're red hot omg H4X !!!
Like a fool got it on vid !!
Bathwater (redux with pic)
Geraldine *video*
All the small things *video
Perfekte welle
I'm gone, i'm going *video*
Bring me to life video to come...if i stop being lazy and upload it.
Flathead wOOh !!
It's my life
Hey baby
Hella good
Just a girl !!!!
Sunday morning
Underneath it all
Simple kind of life !!!!
EXCUSE-ME MR !!!! <- which makes me the first person to voxtar fc the full No doubt album
Smooth criminal
No regrets
Don't make me wait
Crazy tuesday
Databse corrupted
Ashes to fire
Get it on
Burn you down
Message in a bottle
The feeling
Inside the fire
Science genius girl
Hanging on the telephone
Doin' that rag (possibly highest score ever on voxtar after TuiB ? o_O)
The greatest man that ever lived *video*
Sons and daughters
Give it to me
Magnetic baby
The time is wrong
Dreaming of love
If i ain't got you
Move along *video* (video is 3CFC)
ABC *video*
Desperate times, desperate measures
I wanna be your man
Prequel to the sequel Making Full 20 free dlc pack voxtar fc
The metal
Saints of Los Angeles
Am i crazy
Empty walls *video*
Kool thing
More than a feeling


FC#1.Livin' on a prayer *video*
FC#2.Nine in the afternoon
FC#4.New kid in school *video*
FC#5.Hello there
FC#6.Eye of the tiger
FC#7.My own worst enemy
FC#8.Shooting star
FC#9.Float on
FC#10.Rebel girl
FC#11.I was wrong
FC#12.So what'cha want
FC#13.Pretend we're dead
FC#14.White wedding
FC#15.We got the beat
FC#17.You oughta know
FC#18.One step closer
FC#20.Down with the sickness
FC#21.Chop suey
FC#22.Lump *video*
FC#23.Bad reputation
FC#24.Give it away
FC#25.Spirit in the sky
FC#26.Go your own way
FC#27.That's what you get
FC#29.Conventional lover
FC#31.Pump it up
FC#32.Come out and play
FC#33.The middle
FC#34.Alabama getaway
FC#35.Alex chilton
FC#36.Our truth
FC#37.Ramblin' man
FC#38.Master exploder
FC#39.Cool for cats
FC#40.Pinball wizard
FC#41.Night lies
FC#42.Where'd you go
FC#43.Mountain song
FC#44.Supreme girl
FC#45.Tangled up in blue
FC#48.Rock'n me
FC#49.Uncontrollable urge
FC#50.Almost easy
FC#51.Man in the box
FC#52.One way or another
FC#53.Girl's not grey
FC#54.Drain you
FC#55.Carry on wayward son
FC#56.Round and round
FC#57.Shackler's revenge
FC#58.Hungry like the wolf
FC#59.Feel the pain
FC#60.Let there be rock
FC#61.A jagged gorgeous winter
FC#62.Welcome to the neighborhood
FC#63.American woman
FC#65.Give it all
FC#66.The trees
FC#67.Any way you want it
FC#69.Souls of black


All the small things
Am i crazy
Ashes to fire
Bring me to life
Burn you down
Call me
Countdwn to insanity
Crazy tuesday
Database corrupted
Doin' that rag
Don't speak
Don't stop believing
Empty walls
Dreaming of love
Get it on
Get ready 2 rokk
Give it to me
Hanging on the telephone
Headphones on
Hella good
Hey baby
Hier kommt Alex
I wanna be your man
If i ain't got you
Inside the fire
It's my life
I'm gone i'm going*video*
Just a girl
Like a fool *video*
Manu chao
Me and my gang
Message in a bottle
More than a feeling
Move along
New wave
Perfekte welle
Rock 'n roll star
Saints of Los Angeles
Science genius girl *video*
Simple kind of life
Skullkrusher mountain
Snow [[hey oh]]
Still alive
Sunday morning
The feeling
The greatest man that ever lived
The metal
They're red hot *video*
Underneath it all

Awesomeness#4 : 17/09/09

Doin' that rag voxtar FCCCC !!!!!!!!!!

Awesomeness#3 : 04/09/09

One way or another voxtar FC!!!!
Awesomeness#2 : 01/08/09

Awesomeness#1 : 19/04/09


Last edited by arvain on Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:14 pm; edited 289 times in total
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice to see you coming with a RB thread, Arvain!

I already checked and admired your previous stuff, but Gimme Shelter is a bitch on the vocals, congrats!

But man, you got They're Red Hot? On the RB1 talky system???? You're ridiculous!

Awesome RB stuff, and awesome thread!

Edit: Almost 1 1/2 day without any reply? This is a fucking sin.

Edit 2: Removed douchebaggery. Things like that make me want to pull a Kurt Cobain and blow my brains out with a shotgun.
sentimentalgeek wrote:
But yeah, lol @ the fact that you can say "she" in this thread and not be sure which person is being talked about. Now we know whose milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.
<3 this.

| 57 RB1 on-disk FC's, plus 4 RB Vox FGFC's. No way I don't feel accomplished! =)

Last edited by tidus on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:12 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[13:40] * chido4life293 gets the fuck out
[13:40] * EvanW492 slices wrists
[13:40] chido4life293: omg yes
[13:40] * chido4life293 slits wrists
[13:40] chido4life293: I FEEL ALIVE
[13:40] * EvanW492 hands chido a towel
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's great to see you here, Arvain!!

OMG, Gimme Shelter is still, in my opinion, one of the most difficult songs to FC on vocals ever. It is absolutely fantastic that you've made so much progress as a vocalist! Before you know it, you may soon surpass your "teacher".

Also, congratulations on double-FCing I Think I'm Paranoid! Any voxtar FC is a very worthy accomplishment in my opinion. I bet you can get more!

I look forward to hearing more from you soon!
RB1/RB2/GHWT Expert Vocal/Voxtar Vids
84/84 RB2 Expert Vocals FCed on Oct 20, 2008!
ACCS: GH | RB | RB2 | PH Balanced
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bump for approaching epicness !!

tidus - thank you ^^ i love hearing i'm ridiculous haha XD!!! They're red hot on RB1 talky system ? yeah maybe, but i almost never missed any talky haha and i survived without any reply for half a day, but that was hard so i'm glad you came here ^___^

ewan - thanks !

sentimentalgeek - hey thank you you're totally right, Gimme shelter was HORRIBLE !! verses are VERY weird, choruses awfully awkward (especially the end of chorus 2!!), and this yeaaaah line.... aaaaaah !! i had this twice actually....then choked *kills self* now that i'm kind of stuck to 56FCs (there's no way i'm getting NTY and Sabotage XD!!), i'll try more VoxTar stuff (your vids FTW!! ), so yeah, maybe some new double fcs ^^ i'm playing on the world tour for now. (if someone had seen me sightreading Mississippi queen and Train kept a rollin', that sure was fun )

also :

jej : so, any news about your FC#57 ??
me : O____O omagaad !! i have 56FC on gh3 AND on RB vox !!
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow arvain, you're freaking good on vox, thinking that you're about to FC the setlist of an entire game...it's great !!! You're good on 3/4 instruments, now go work on the drums
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow great job on the Vox! When does France get RB2 so you can dominate that?
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

haha mokette, let's not dream i'm just going through Hard carreer on drum, plus i'm not a really big fan, so yeah...but thanks anyway glad to see you came here too !

cdylan13, i don't even know /me goes to check if there's any precise day....but doesn't find anything fuckfuckfuck !! anyway, as soon as it come out here, i'll get it (game alone) and try Vox ^^
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 56 FCs is (in my opnion) already godly for RB1. The "Ow!" in Next To You is technically possible, but so unreasonable. And with Sabotage, I feel that a lot of people got the FC either by doing it hundreds of times until they got lucky, or until they got the talky glitch. Of course there is skill involved too, but the scoring engine really is ridiculous.

Anyway, it's fantastic that you finally got Detroit Rock City and Blood Doll - two songs with very annoying talkies. And then to FC I Get By twice in a row?! You must have been so frustrated when you FCed it the first time with the wrong path and -1 tambourine! Congratulations on going right back into the song and FCing it again, doing it the right way.
RB1/RB2/GHWT Expert Vocal/Voxtar Vids
84/84 RB2 Expert Vocals FCed on Oct 20, 2008!
ACCS: GH | RB | RB2 | PH Balanced
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

alors la! (yes I'll begin by this from now on ^^) I know detroit rock city was hard as hell for you so that's why I say :bravo: but with a piece of chocolate ^^

yea i'm sure you'll FC the game late or soon. nut who knows ^^ you FC hard song pretty 'fast' I said compared to TTL or BiF. anyway gratz!

I would like to develope but hey I don't do vox and I can't tell the pain you live with these hard song so sorry T_T but great!! as alwais ^^
We three king metal battleground FC on vid (hand's too)

My GH3 goal's for now:
[X] TTFAF 600k
[X] TTFAF 650k ( 657k on vid )
[X] TTFAF 700K (720k!!!)
[ ] TTFAF 750 k achievement
[ ] cliff of dover FC (-1)
[X] 50 XFC's
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bump for new stuff ^^

erin - THANK YOU !!! godly ? wow, i'm honored i tried different thing on the Ow, but yeah, nothing interesting. today i couldn't get better than "weak", filling just a half of the pie...pfff. that was enough to get +2k, but still, i'm not fc-ing this X__x i read what billtvshow said about when he had it, but you're right, that sounds sooo unreasonable !! on Sabotage, i keep missing here or there at the end. i had the 3 Listen all of y'all in a run though...might happen on some random try, who knows ! about I get by, you're right : when i figured my path wasn't right (had 200k after the vocal mosh instead of 207k), i was like : "oh nooo don't tell me, i just fc'd it with luck, i bet it won't happen again " (like Blood doll when my OD didn't activate!) so the tambourine at the end just didn't matter much actually XD!! i'm SO happy i could have it right after that !!

mario - haha thanks i say you really should try vox for real ! and don't say "no i can't sing"...if someone tells you he wants to learn guitar, you'll just say : ok, then start on Easy and Medium ^^

now that i had everything that's hard, i'll be stuck at 56fcs since all that's left is what's ridiculous. so don't expect me to getting new ones (DLCs maybe)...so i'm opened to any idea !

/me is eagerly waiting for RB2 and gh4 to come out in France, so /me can sing new stuff !!
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

34th O___________O *faint*
We three king metal battleground FC on vid (hand's too)

My GH3 goal's for now:
[X] TTFAF 600k
[X] TTFAF 650k ( 657k on vid )
[X] TTFAF 700K (720k!!!)
[ ] TTFAF 750 k achievement
[ ] cliff of dover FC (-1)
[X] 50 XFC's
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

cdylan13 wrote:
Wow great job on the Vox! When does France get RB2 so you can dominate that?

Great job Arvain! Incredible skills on guitar and vocals.
Unfortunately RB2 in the EU seems to have no date at all. Even tv adverts that state a date are now said to be false! So frustrating!
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

update for random awesomeness ^_____________^

mario - remember, you said you won't faint anymore but thanks ^^

stubbs - thank you i'll try more voxtar soon ! pfff and that's a shame we can't have any date in EU but hopefully gh4 will make me wait until it finally comes out =P
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

update ....
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